I was passionate about Henry Alex-Duduyemi Memorial High School in Ile-Ife, Osun, Nigeria. I ran to Lagos to meet the meeting time just to tell you that the meeting time was moved to the next day, but then I waited patiently. I did not passionate on my subject passionately, because mentoring sounded like a good topic that I thought of the future.

first Why did people say ideas about the world?

The popular saying has always been that ideas dominate the world, but this is a clear statement. Everything you see has been tasty everywhere because someone gave it a vision. Race and Gender Equality in America was the dream and message of the great Martin Luther King; every time you wear / use Giorgio Armani, Christian Dior, Mercedes, Chanchag Airlines or Dangote products; Remember to spend and live on behalf of someone, your dream and your passion. We love and operate with other humans created by the world. When using Microsoft products, you are in the Bill Gates & # 39; dream. Therefore, underestimating, we can say that ideas dominate the world; this is the driving force that sets the society and systems of nation-building, policy-making and business practice even for the coming generations.

2nd Who are the people who control the ideas?

Those who regulate ideas, mentors; widespread lifestyle, business models and principles. Therefore, mentors are essentially neutral – good and bad mentors. The subject of dispute was the choice of the TIME Magazine of the Year in 1939, but it was given to Adolf Hitler as the man who influenced the world of the given year. This award was not given to Winston Churchill, a man who closed the world war; it was given to the man who launched it. It may be easy to say that it has lost since it has caused more pain and loss of life, but it has changed everything – it only introduced a concept that fascinated the German masses. He therefore asked them to ask and determine their values, who should be informed about the selection of mentors. Okay, what do I say? Ideas are essentially neutral, respond to the value, thoughts, perception, and intentions of the initiators.

3rd The neutrality and influence of PC / TV

I discovered that the decision gathered by popular media center-based population measurement did not dispute who the most important person was in the last century – they gave it to television. I decided to put TV as the most important mentor of my list (a unique medium that has delivered ideas, taught and advanced lifestyles, and civilization has all the consequences). TV / PC is the medium where the shape of the world conforms to form; Consumers (e-mail controllers, movie addicts, eBook junkies, jukebox weirdo and fun enthusiasts) are both initiators (producers, designers, readers, multimedia architects, psychometric analysts, and process engineers). Regardless of whether or not the world will be influenced, it depends on the position of these media.

4th Mentors are Force Adders

I have continued to emphasize the importance of mentoring in achieving the goals set; Sándor Nagy became king at the age of 20 and in three years he has conquered the known world. Why? He was under the supervision of a man named Aristotle, whom Plato himself highly mentored. If Alexander had achieved so long in such short years, it was because he knew both great philosophers. Isaac Newton said in a famous quotation: "People said that after the generation I saw it, but if I actually anticipated it, it was because I was on the shoulders of men who were in front of me." Those who touched the peak and did it in a very young age did because they started early, learned, practiced and provided when the opportunity came.

5th Ideas, Mentors and Associations

I could not leave without telling them about associations. Those who go to wise men, even if they are foolish; they think it's wise, that's good news. The other news is that no matter how brilliant you are, if you do not sharpen your skills with people of the same mind, it will soon collapse. An old Chinese proverb says that if you do not understand people, check your friends, you will understand your future.

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