This article deals with the 4 stress management basics. The content is that by learning and mastering the 4 principles anyone can handle the stress whenever he needs it, that is, immediately. This article contains the principle of stress management.

We all know that ghosts do not exist, at least most of them. Yet, when he is sitting around campfire and listening to ghost stories, most of us, even the strong unbelievers, are overwhelmed by the supernatural ones. This is not because people around campfires suddenly become ghostly believers but because our imagination overwhelmed our knowledge and liberated chemicals in our bodies that are afraid. Our imagination weakened our knowledge.

Most of the stress occurs before the actual event, which is said to cause stress. For example, if there is a presentation to be given to your office or class, then most people will experience post-stress status before the actual presentation.

However, if you suddenly realize that you have moved to another office or school and your upcoming performance does not matter, suddenly the stress you felt suddenly decreases. This means that before the actual event, stress experience is dictated by perception. that is, your imagination.

In handling all events, how can you imagine that this affects the level of stress. You know nothing to worry about when the boss or boss calls to his office. Still, your imagination often gives you those who feel the stress.

The idea always seizes the knowledge.

This knowledge can use the power of imagination for you. If imagination can create images in your mind that can result in a stress response, you can do the opposite.

Imagine that the presentation is running smoothly, or that the audience gets caught, and forgets leaving the stage, then decreases stress. If you want to talk to a crowd, just imagine yourself having fun and fitting to the audience without catching them too much in their reactions (taking some pressure).

Imagine being rested on the beach while waiting to talk to the boss and it helps keep you safe. You have more mental resources available to solve the problem if you have it.

The idea may be stronger than knowledge, but imagination can be brought under control in many situations. Thus knowledge of the power of imagination can empower you to apply this knowledge to the right circumstances. This reduces stress in most situations.

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