Hope and encouragement are in trouble. If we are emotionally, physically or financially difficult, we should not become attractive.

In times of great trouble, God provided caring and encouraging words for God's cause "For I know that according to my plan, says the Lord, he plans to prosper, and it does not hurt you, you want hope and a future. " (Jer 29:11)

We must understand a very important truth if we try to overcome the trials and attain our full potential: God is ours. He is not against us.

Even if our present situation stems from the discipline or judgment of our disobedience, God is still promising victory and deliverance. God will never leave his men hopeless, even if they are drifting to their love.

Do not be angry with me, terrible unknown. You may have to face a terrible situation and feel yourself hopeless; as if it could hardly survive.

But listen to this: God does not want us to be afraid of the future. Jesus often said, "Do not be afraid" and "Peace be with you" to show comfort and understanding.

In times of trouble, it is good to judge and adjust our faith and discover the deep need for the Lord. We see that God often tries to bless us more.

You may not know how God will deliver, but you can be sure He will. Have bravery and believe that it will calm the stormy storm around it and witness the smashing of the clouds. Eternal hope

The Lord always takes the best; even if we find great disappointment. God's desire for us to see the source of the only salvation and blessing. In the Book of Revelation God gives all believers eternal hope. It reminds us not to be afraid and to write God's eternal triumph. "The Lord will come again, and the coming of the Lord is the great hope of the believer, his great impulse to overcome the evil." – Charles Spurgeon Wisdom and hope to this day

Through the Word of God we get the wisdom and direction we face in every situation; today and in the future.

So, go ahead and put your part. Ask the Lord for help and reveal His will and plan for your life. Commit yourself fully. Walk in obedience to His Word, no matter what the cost. If this approach is applied, God will provide you in a way that goes far beyond human understanding. Hope and Encourage: God Is With Us

Have Your Hope In God And Your Life Is Full Of Growing Prosperity!

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