When Vivki and Vivien planned their birth announcement website, they decided to present a month's quotation. I thought it would be a good idea to build some of your favorites from the months. I like these quotes: their simplicity, their sincerity, their beauty and their ability to remind us of how beautiful our children are.

The infant will strengthen love, shorter days, longer nights, smaller bankrolls, happier homes, dresses, forgetting the past, and the prospect of living in the future.

The Unknown

If someone feels that something is needed, something infinite, something that can feel God, we do not have to go far enough to find it. I think I see something deeper, infinite and more ethereal than the ocean in a baby's eyes when he wakes up in the morning and annoys or laughs because he sees the sun shining on his cradle.

Vincent van Gogh

It's not a small thing when God loves us so fresh.


There are several quotations, but I've chosen to choose only a few. Van Gogh's description is as lively as his paintings, they paint a truly amazing picture of the kids and the joy they bring to their parents.

The second quotation is also a great reminder that, despite parental discrimination, it may sometimes be difficult for a baby to actually live.

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