Christian life is an exciting and blessed experience when we turn our everyday attention to the cross. The source of all our needs is psychologically, physically and financially. As the New Year is almost here, I encourage you to focus on the Cross freshly!

This is a great time to remind ourselves of what God has done for us. The vision she gave us – our call – and our goal. That is in the eyes of God, so we must keep the focus of our eyes and not deviate.


Do not be fooled: The enemy came together to confuse and divert it. He will do his best to throw us away. He wants us to focus on the Word and our faith in God. He wants to watch the crowd and the cross. Distractions try to steal energy, joy, and faith – do not leave them.

Determine this year that nothing the enemy can do to throw you away. Determine to renew the emphasis on the cross. If you say, "But I'm not sure what my purpose and call is?", Well, that's just another reason to get into the Word.

This year, we must live the life God means to live. And we discover that in His Word. A targeted Christian life glorifies God. The more we approach our throne and the presence of it, the concrete purpose and vision of our lives are clear.


We must constantly focus on the author and the ending of our faith. (Hebrews 12: 2) In His Word and presence, power, blessing, peace, and tendency can be found in nature. Wisdom, inspiration and the right answer comes from every situation.

Do not let crowd disturbance become attractive. People are people. God God. Remove the confusion by focusing on God's promises. You know, God is always ready for his part. Our belief lies in enabling us to live in fullness and abundant prosperous lives. Our part requires that we focus and shame the Word and realize the Word! Remember that the same Jesus, who is anointed and ascended from death, lives in every believer. That means we have the power! Jesus' sacrifice on the cross gives every believer the right to approach God's throne for help in times of need. Do not bend weight pressure and time requirements. What God has said will happen. Enter the unbelievable and the seemingly impossible. What prevents from experiencing the goodness of God this year, and a light that glorifies and glorifies it? Make a year of purposeful Christian life.

Always focus on the cross and have the mind of Christ and growing prosperity.

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