The worst antidote for difficult times and bad luck is the story of an inspirational person who has overcome the difficulties and dreams of life.

Everyone needs inspiration at a certain point in their life, because everybody needs to know that they are able to overcome obstacles that hinder their path of wealth. Stories of inspirational people who, despite poverty, disease, and other difficulties, have been successful and enriched in the process, can inspire you to guide your dreams.

Inspirational people who can serve as exemplars are essential to gaining prosperity, as most of us assume that our subconscious mind accepts failure. When faced with such failures as bad health, poverty and failure, the subconscious mind says that we give up and simply accept these circumstances. The story of a common man who has overcome more obstacles than you encountered and reached your dreams can offset the subconscious mind refusing to accept failure.

Fortunately, hundreds of people, sometimes thousands of historically inspired people are inspiring to survive poverty, lack of education, illness, disadvantage, political repression, racism, discrimination and other obstacles. Finding and getting to know the story of such a person shows you the strength you need to overcome the mind of the subconscious and gain the acquired wealth.

Think of role models that inspired mankind through their lives, sacrifices, and results. Think of Helen Keller, Leonardo Davinci, Oprah Winfrey, Mother Teresa, King Martin Luther, Andrew Carnegie, Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein, Napoleon Mountain, Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Henry Ford.

The classic story of such a success JK Rawling is the author of billionaire Harry Potter books, despite the fact that the release of history was the greatest success. Less than twenty years ago, Rawling was a unique motherhood for well-being, who was hard enough to find the bus price. Still, he went on and insisted on his dream of becoming a professional writer and surviving his wildest dreams. If Rawling could overcome such poverty and succeed in gaining wealth and wealth in his profession, then you can.

Another classic story about the inspiration that most of us have heard from Lance Armstrong's seven-year winner of the Tour de France bicycle race. Armstrong was diagnosed with the potentially fatal form of cancer, but he did not give it up. Armstrong not only defeated cancer, but also won several times in the world's most prestigious bicycle race. If Armstrong is able to reach your dreams of cancer, you can safely reach yours and overcome any difficulties.

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