I like tickets. The golden distinction between truth and opinions, and this little sentence. We get so much inspiration from them and can keep us as a reminder of our lives to have a better life. My home surrounds them, on my desk, on my laptop, on my phone, in the journal. Things that remind me that my life is at the highest level and that I always have to be the person I am the person I intended. If I find something that moves and inspires, I keep it and keep it there. Then, whenever I look for insight, motivation, or lesson, I look through my stack and just think until I get the report I had to take the day off.

Well, when I rolled over it, I thought to myself, "how selfish I keep all the gold for myself." So I thought I would share some other quotes and gifts with you that would definitely affect my life and the meaning I extracted from it.

So here it is. My thirty favorite quotes I've stored over the years and the lesson I get lost.

first Jim Rohn

The people we need to get in touch with and whether they like it or not, will take into account the people, their characteristics and expectations whom they choose to spend time on. The importance of dialogue you choose to spend time and influence who you are can not be overstated. Choose people who are playing a higher level of life and who are waiting for more and more of them, who are engaged in different conversations and who can share their growth path. Make sure that if you decide to travel on a journey to make the best possible version and make your life something spectacular, you will probably lose your friends along the way and make new ones inevitable [19659002] 2. In life 2 it's time. Now and too late. -Hama

How many wait for the right time in life to work or the perfect time. There is never a perfect time, the only existent at this time. One of my mentors taught me to be ready for 70%, and I'm just ready. Grace and Aging will kill dreams

. Good day, if you have no other plan – unknown

Simple yet profound at the same time. Create a wait every single day that will be a great day today. Does it seem obvious? But how many times did yesterday's "things" for the current day? Or the weather? Or what did you have to do today? Or will he work? Or just get up on the wrong side of the bed. Every day gift, count 86,400 seconds today.

4th Everyday life is the church and religion. When you enter, take it with you – Kahlil Bigran

My mother, bless her heart, she always sent me so tiny news that she found interesting and she thought I was. This was one I always keep in my office. It just reminds me that I lose everything myself where you are or where I go. This is the only time and must be present in it.

5th Rich people do what spoiled people just think – Anonymous

Take this quote out, take the rich word and break it off and replace it with success and failure or be healthy and sick or happy and sad or whatever you want. Many people are waiting and hope that life will improve and improve and bring things that they want, but your result is 1000% to your own, then you are the one responsible, which means you have to get up and think. Successful people in all spheres are unlucky; they only do what most people think and postpone.

6th You can not start the next chapter of your life if you know the last one again – Unknown

We live so often in our past our successes and failures as well as the good and bad experiences that have happened in our lives and adhere to the beliefs about who we are and what we know. It is time to turn the page and instead of the ones you supposed to be and recognize that whatever happened in your life was somehow a gift to who you are and with whom you will be. When I release what I am, I become what I could be – Lau Tzu

Identity is what we most love in life, we do our best to keep in line with who we are, we hold ourselves, even if not gives us the desired results. At any moment, we must be ready to let go of who we are, in order to become the one who must be your absolute best self

. When the world says, "Get up," I hope you whisper, "Try it again" – UNKNOWN

There will be many challenges in our lives and we will attack and it's easy to give them all but when we meet these challenges and break the road life is recalling the way, sometimes it is the place where the most grow, with the blows.

ninth We did not succeed again and again and that's why – Michael Jordan

Honestly, how successful a man did not go back over and over again in their lives. What athlete did not stumble or the business mogul lost his money, or his mother or father sometimes lost it. The mistake is part of the journey; the most successful people simply do their extraordinary travel faster.

10th Money Does not Guarantee Happiness – But Not Poverty – Leo Rosten

Why is everyone so much about money? We teach that wealth means we are greedy and poor, somehow spiritual, or it means we are a good person. Money is not the way of happiness, but tells us what the poor are?

eleventh Success is the sum of small efforts, repetitive daily and day-to-day jobs – Robert Collier

Success is not a big thing that happens to people, it is seldom lucky or focusing on the stars or sudden discovery is brilliant for something that we could not do before. Success is the day we build and build up every day and eventually overflow like this is a success.

. Start where you are. Use what. Do what you know. – Arthur Ashe

There will never be a perfect time where all stars are aligned and the heavens shine and the friendly angel tells us that it is time to do what we dreamed and then show us the way. Start the current level of existing knowledge and resources and create a path.

13th All of us all must suffer: the pain of discipline or the pain of repentance and disappointment. – Jim rohn

You will see some of this guy here. This is because I personally love her as a teacher. Amazing. Do I have to explain why I love this and what does it mean to me?

14th Everything you should do first is worth doing the wrong thing – Zig ziglar

No one is starting to be good. Each master was once a beginner, the difference being that they went on, refined their skills and continued, despite how well they saw it doing. You will never look good and become great at the same time

15. Nothing is impossible, the word itself says I'm possible. – Audrey Hepburn

There are so many things that would have been impossible, now more than possible. Take Roger Bannister to break the 4-minute mile or record all the Olympic New World records or what the science has to prove and enable. We once thought that all that exists today is impossible as a race, but look around and take the miracle, even if you read it on your laptop or phone. Crazy is true?

16th The rock bottom became a solid base on which I rebuilt my life. – J.K. Rowling

Oh … wow! I can fully connect. Every retrospective offers you the opportunity to re-start, never sink, never injured. Loss of hope is only a belief system, the pain of failure as the drive, to start over and over again. Rebuild, bigger and better.

17th Thinking is easy, action is difficult, and putting the thoughts into action is the most difficult thing in the world. We can only think of everything we want, but if we do not take a strategic step, these thoughts will never come to light and it may not be easy or even difficult sometimes, especially if it is the most that most people think , normal life. Every successful person has a bias towards action – let's do this part of your own life.

18th They are all a bit strange and life is a bit weird, and when we find a man whose straneness is compatible with ours, we join them and become mutually reciprocal and call it love. – DR. SEUSS

Are you a little strange? I know I'm a little strange. I like other strange things. Find other strange things and hunt with them.

19th Only dead fish will flow with the flow – unknown

Many people live in life like "dead fish," just floating on the path they all laid before us. You know what I'm talking about? Go to school, get a job, have a home, swear your eyes, pay taxes, take it, get two weeks a year and work till you're 67, then retire and enjoy yourself and try not to be too much regret along the way that he never did the things he really wanted to do and follow his passions and experience what he wanted from life. This draws attention to the need to always swim against the tide.

20th A man asked Gautama Buddha: "I want happiness." Buddha said, "First remove" I ", this ego, and then remove the" want ", this desire. See now only" happiness "has remained." – GAUTAMA BUDDHA

You can not argue with da man. Take out the ego and the desire, and you will be happy with the gratitude thank you who you are and where you are and what is possible.

21st Things do not become easier, they only become better.

Well, should I have one of them in my own? J The only way to guarantee the success of life is for you to dream better, create and bring reality to the things you want and be better prepared to handle the challenges you face. Therefore, self-development and continuous growth and learning are critical to creating extraordinary life.

22nd If you really want to do something, find a way to find no objection – Jim Rohn

I told you, you hear about Jim Rohn. There are a thousand objections to why we can not do something or why it will be difficult and how people tend to focus on it. There is always a way to do it, just look for it until you find it.

23rd Do not let the urgent need to bypass important things – Unknown

Have you ever been in places where you are running, so massive busy, firing and looking back at the end of the day? do you realize you did not exactly accomplish it? I know I was there. Get to know the critical tasks that give you the most valuable life and focus on them. When it focuses on these critical tasks, emergencies only seem to disappear unless they deal with emergency systems of other people, in which case they need to be firmly attached to their own life. Motivation and bathing are not constant, so we need every day – Zig Ziglar

I love Zig, always with the words. You never read one of the books and did not succeed. Go to the gym and fit. Success and motivation are daily activities. Make sure you fill your environment with full anchors and reminders of where you are going and who will stay in touch with your final destination

. To succeed, success must be greater than the fear of failure – Bill Cosby

The fear of failure is probably the biggest obstacle to action and the reason why most people never go to life. Every time you set a goal or creates a dream, make sure you understand why "behind" why you want it and being juicy and filling up all the things you have in your life, the emotions you are you feel the quality of life that you provide. Create a huge desire for everything you want in life and make sure it outweighs the fear you are having and then go to work. The best helping hand you'll ever find at the end of your arm – Fred Dehner

If you're not going to help yourself, why should someone else help you? Responsibility is the most important topic. The only person who is responsible for quality of life today is the one who is responsible for creating your life. People want to help others who help. If you just wait for someone to come to rescue you will be drowning for a long time

. Build your own dreams or offer someone else to build. It reminds me that every moment I have to concentrate on my own life and if I'm not aware where I am going and my goal is to catch someone who is someone else. Always focus on building your own dreams

28. Build the castles to the sky and then go to work under my bases – Henry David Thoreau

Remember that dream is great, so great that they were sitting in the sky somewhere. Think of it as a child and do not let the limitations of our conditioned adult thinking get to the really possible possibilities. Have a great dream, then make small daily actions towards the clouds

. What lies behind us, and what is in front of us is tiny things like what's inside us. – Henry Stanley Haskins

Until recently I thought it was attributed to Henry David Thoreau, although I recently discovered it was wrong and first mentioned by Henry Stanley Haskins. All we need is in us, and whatever has happened in the past, or what is in front of us, we are giants and great.

30th I do not know what my call is, but I want to be here for a bigger reason. I strive to be like the greatest people who ever lived – Will Smith

If someone has reached the size, then why not? Why would not I be like the greatest people who ever lived? Why can not I create something extraordinary and enormous contribution? Use those who have become the role model of our lives. Choose the things you most admire from the greatest people and strive to bring this magnitude into your own life.

I have a final quotation to give you all that explains why I like quotes so much and of course that he says, and that is so:

"I'm on the shoulders of the giants"

We all can take it all gifts and life lessons so that those who have left the world behind us are on their own lives and on their shoulders, and these are the lessons I stand on.

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