Sometimes life is great. It looks like everything goes well and you can not do bad. At other times, you can not imagine being worse. Regardless of which point you are between the two extremes, it is always encouraging and groundbreaking to remember the words that came before us. Let these quotes inspire you and lift up your bad days and keep it in good days.

First, quotation by Leo Buscaglia, who says he should not "spend time on why the world is not a better place". He says it's just a waste of time because he has no answer.

In fact, they do not answer the first question Leo asks, and yet we are inclined to persuade him. Why are not they like this or I wish they were like that. Just think about what we could achieve if we ignored these ideas and actively want to change the world.

Next is an offer from Buddha. "You, like anyone in the whole universe, deserve your love and love."

Sometimes we beat ourselves and maybe they deserve it from time to time. But we want to have ourselves. Only if we can be cared for and be healthy can we really love the others and take care of it.

Vivienne Greene: "Life is not about waiting for the storm to go, but to dance in the rain."

Of course, bad things happen. But let life come to us or accept that things happen, good and bad, and learn to dance in the rain.

Then the famous author, Mark Twain. "Keep away from people who try to reduce your efforts, little people are doing this, but the greatness feels you can be great."

How true is this? Personally, I can not see more at my office to understand this. I had previously worked for a man who took every opportunity. Not surprisingly, I came home everyday feeling terrible. Then I took a new job with a new manager who praised and gladly taught me and helped me improve. Stay away if you know of those who beat you. They only do this because they do not feel themselves.

Finally, put an end to some of Wayne Gretzky, the famous ice hockey player. "It does not take 100% of the footage."

If you never try, it will never succeed. Many adventures fail. Did you know that Thomas Edison had failed hundreds of times before he'd succeeded with the combination of light bulbs? If you do not shoot, you will never have a chance to win. So go away.

I hope these inspirational quotes can take rough repairs or keep it in good moments. Living is about life, so consider these wise men and women who stood before us.

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