We are all faced with challenges in our lives. The natural disaster might have had an impact on them, lost a job, or was home to the economic climate, experienced a health crisis, lost a loved one, or ended the relationship.

When life becomes tough, I try to remember and live with these 3 inspirational quotations.

1. I just know what I can handle

"I know God does not give me anything I can not handle." I wish he would not have trusted so much. "- Teresa's mother This conviction helps to keep the groundwork and calm down when it feels like everything falls apart and makes the focus more constructive – that somehow this challenge will help my life (and anyone I feel) in the long run, otherwise it would be easy to sacrifice thinking, acting and acting.

This belief was accepted in my teens and I just read Teresa Mother While the last bit seems humorous, I wondered what she was saying when she said it. [2] Looking for a Gift

"All lies in the midst of difficulty." – Albert Einstein

When faced with challenges, I try to remember to ask what is great in this gem or learning, )

I consider this as a possible negative to all the consequences that may occur can be reduced to look at the gift in the position. It allows me to calm down and seek solutions.

3. Will you be a victim or Victor?

"During my dark hour I could choose." – Wynonna Judd at the Oprah Show

No matter what happens in our lives, we have to choose how we react. We have to choose attitude. We can choose to be sorry for ourselves and to be sacrificed or raised.

Years ago I needed a dental procedure and felt very stressful. Then he hit me – the procedure was done, no matter how I felt. I could choose to feel angry and crazy that I needed the procedure or decided to relax. I choose the latter and made a huge difference.

No matter what challenge you face, you do not have to figure it out by yourself. Find someone you can talk to for both emotional and strategic support. As a species we are very resourceful and find a way. You know it too.

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