Everything in life is temporary. Just think of it for a moment. The darkness of the night, the brightness of the sun, the warm and the cold, are temporary. Thunderstorms come and go like rainbows. Needless to say, our experiences, emotions and actions are temporary.

Because of the temporal nature of things, you always have to capture the moment. Now it's real. The present is called, for some reason, a gift. When things go well for you, take the time to really enjoy it because it will not last long until it changes again. Too many people are concerned about the future, always making plans, and thinking about what they will do while others focus on the past and wonder how they could change their results. The reality is that we are here and now – the past has been forgotten – the future is not coming yet, but it does matter now. Do not let the present waste for past and future problems. Take every moment of your life and live it to the highest possible level.

And you know what if the present is painful for you and things go wrong, do not worry because it's too temporary! Look, this really works in your heart. Bad things are going to go in time. Enjoy the good things that happen to you and try not to concentrate too much on the unfortunate things. All this changes again.

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