Matt is a friend who has always struggled with his weight. We became a friend because my father and father combined a business and we both worked at the company. When he spoke to him one day about his childhood, he told me he was always known as the "fat kid" and accepted that it would be so until the end of his life. Although she didn't enjoy being overweight, she didn't know there was something that could help her. The point where he became obese is £ 295. After reaching the point of obesity, most people feel that there is no reversal, and so Matt felt as he discovered his life-changing program.

For the past two and a half years, I followed the home training program called P90X. He literally changed my life, so I introduced the rest of my family just because I knew he would be able to work for them. Both my parents, who are 49 years old, have committed themselves to the program and have achieved excellent results. Shortly after my father had finished 90 days, Matt spoke one day, telling him he couldn't believe how much he felt and what weight loss he was experiencing. Matt could not believe the results and began to ask him the question. After explaining to Matt that he had the opportunity to change his life and what he had to do to do this, Matt turned and never looked back.

When Matt started the program, he knew he had to completely change his diet, which is actually the hardest part. Do not commit to training; 100% is committed to a healthy diet that starts many people starting any exercise program. We explained to him that if he really wanted to change his life and lose weight, he had to commit himself to the Nutrition Guide attached to the program and did exactly that. He literally ate pizza, burgers, french fries, cakes and ice cream every day to eat nothing but healthy food. In addition, he worked out every day and told us he wouldn't miss the training if his life depends.

What Matt completed in 90 days has completely blown up my mind and has inspired many people, including myself. Are you ready for this? After 90 days, Matt loses 79 lbs each day after a committed and healthy diet! Not only has he physically changed, but his self-esteem has grown and he feels great at what he has achieved. He is not planning to stop now and has decided to go to college to become a nutritionist. Matt is an excellent example of what can happen if you are 100% committed to a healthy lifestyle!

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