Once, there were three little eggs in a nest. The biggest egg was first unloaded. From the mussel, a chicken struggled full of definition and drive. A few minutes after hatching, this brave little girl had bending her wings waiting for her big day of her first flight. He worked hard all night and pumped his wings so that when two of his siblings came out one day later, he was by far the strongest of the three. His decision never left. While the other two practiced, he practiced. While the other two covered him, he practiced it. While the other two played, he practiced. Soon, his wings were full and strong, so he was surprised when one of his middle-siblings started to walk in front of him and never returned to the nest again. "How can my brother go but I can not?" My wings are as strong as her.

It is more determined to fly than ever when his youngest brother practiced playing his youngest brother, practicing while his youngest brother slept, practicing it! He made his wings even glorious, brighter and stronger. "Certainly, every moment, he thought, I would fly. "Still, try as you possibly can not get height." In 1969, he was thrilled when his youngest brother rose to the air the next day and flew in front of him. his youngest sister did not want to go and returned with some layoffs. "Your wings are strong. You must first release the nest."

Too often there are some things we need to fly, but we can not start it because we are afraid of sticking to what we know. 19659002] Copyright Lynn Marie Sager 2008

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