In the midst of the enormous challenges and despite all the chances, simple observation of wisdom in the old country can be a powerful inspiration. To find yourself in circumstances where bad news and losses seem to continue to waves, remember the history of blacksmith and horseshoe. It was late at night in the office, and most people have gone home to enjoy their time with their family. Sitting behind the desk, a young man looked at the stacks of reports and tables. It seemed as if every day his work grew steadily. Deadlines were shorter. Customers have become more and more difficult. The number of new projects has been exceeded by the growing number of emerging and emerging emergencies. He had to keep up his whole time and full commitment.

Yet, the desperate workplace situation was something he could appreciate. The overwhelming challenges of work help your awareness of the circumstances outside the workplace. It would be better to concentrate on inscrutable tasks in the office than depression. You want to go home alone, face the accounts and wonder how to meet. It was a long time when his life was full of laughter, but lately the time spent at his home was as empty as the bank account. The young man sat at his desk, his concentration gradually disappeared from reports and tables. She began to reflect on the circumstances outside her work, the problems she was trying to avoid by filling the job. He took a deep breath and closed his eyes, reflecting the continued destruction of the circumstances. Practically alone in the office, and even more lonely at home, he began to think of the many painful events he was facing.

At the same time, there was another person in the building. He was a slightly older gentleman with a somewhat crooked smile and blurred glint in his eyes. As the gentleman ran slowly to the door, preparing to return home, he noticed the sad young man behind the desk. The gentleman paused in the door, then came back to sit on the lonely young man on the desk.

"This is not my business, but I hear it's been a bit rough to you lately," he said with a slight accent. "He just arrives," replied the young man. "Every time I think I can not get worse, something else does not matter, I feel like a boxer in the ring that keeps sucking, but I do not know, at least the boxer knows when it will be struggle. "The gentleman smiled and nodded consciously. There was a sudden silence between the two. There was no unpleasant silence. It was a silent exchange of appreciation and understanding. Finally, the older gentlemen leaned forward and said, "Now you feel like a horseshoe." The young man immediately imagined a rusty, old horseshoe, day. This was a good analogy. The young man smiled and nodded.

"Many people hang on the village for good luck when they wear a horse, hard enough to wear a horse and hang on the wall." "Do you try to bend the horseshoe?" Said the gentleman. "I'm sure I do not know bent the horseshoe, "replied the young man," Have you ever seen a blacksmith doing a horseshoe right in the fiery burning charcoal that is over a thousand degrees and red in color, then pulling that metal out of the fire and applying it with a huge hammer and an anvil the metal shakes, the blacksmith's knife and the metal, puts it in enough water to cool it down and put it back into the fire.The Master paused for a moment when the story came into force.15 The blacksmith will repeat this process so many times, as long as you just get the hose just in the exact shape you need with fire, water, and power through the hammer until the crude piece of metal it does not become a perfect horseshoe and this horseshoe is what it can use: it is strong enough to support the horse and regardless of how many times the horse can cling to it, it can not change the shape of the blacksmith. "

The gentleman got up from his chair slowly, and calmly beat the young man on his shoulder." You just have to figure it out, "said the gentleman, a slow and reassuring voice," what shape do you want to go when the smith is with you? I think you'll be stronger and no one else will be able to curl. that day because I believe in you. "

If there is a point in life in the midst of your own struggle, remember the statement that" things that do not break down make it stronger. "Trust in the awareness that there are others who have to bear the personal burden and the success of the old man was a personal struggle of learning the lessons shared with the young man. As the young man grew out of his struggle and discovered greater inner strength, it is time to share this story with you. keeps hope and hopefully it is inspiration for the other.


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