One of the principles of Buddhism is that each of us has a Buddha; the path of the enlightened being is through meditation, attention, and concentration. Zen Stories in Japan contain the distilled essence of Buddhist philosophy; they emphasize that spiritual awakening comes not through worship or dogma, but through the direct experience of the world and by turning the eyes of man into the air. Their simplicity is misleading; there will be wisp quality qualities that will astonish and move away the new way of thinking about the nature of life. You can interpret them in countless ways; what you do about them reflects what you are …

Once a learned professor visited a Zen Master. He was trying to get to know Zen. While the professor talked about Zen and what he wanted to achieve, the master had no tea at all. He poured tea into the Professor's cup, filled it in the basket, and filled it, even though the cup overflowed. The shocked visitor watched him for a few moments, then could not stop himself, broke out. – Master, the cup can not last longer! Why do not you stop? "Are you like this thick cup until we're out to show it to Zen?" When your being is full of ego, where is the place of wisdom?

Learning – The Zen Road
The Prime Minister of the Tang Dynasty has lived, its leader, celebrated for his state strategy and military courage. He was rich and powerful, however, proud of being a humble follower of the Buddha. You often visit a Zen Master to develop your knowledge. They spend many production hours together as respectable teachers and humble students, and their prime minister's position has little impact on either of them. One day, the prime minister asked his teacher, "Master, what does the Buddha say about egoism?" The calm expression of the master has changed. His face flushed and he said in a loud, mocking voice: "What a foolish question this is?" In the insulting voice, the Prime Minister listened, his face showing anger and confusion. The Master Zen smiled. "Now, sir, you know what the egoism is. The teacher is not just a guide but an answer to all questions. Are we ready for them?

Where is the Buddha?
A monk moved to a long farewell journey to find the Buddha. It had been fruitful for a few years until it reached the river. Through the river they said it was the home of the Buddha. The monk entered the ship, excited to reach the goal. Like a boatman, the monk saw a corpse floating in their water to their ship. The body approached the touching distance, and the monk was horrified seeing the face of the body – his own! He could not control himself, stopped, screamed and cried. It was the beginning of enlightenment. The Buddha is everywhere. But how do we find it? Using our body or by replacing the body?

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