Google Chrome has more than one billion active users. This is the most popular web browser at all times. However, many users do not know about Google Chrome extensions. The Google Chrome extension is a small software that increases the web browsing experience. These extensions are easy to deploy and are often easy to use

To install the Google Chrome extension, you must first go to the Chrome Web Store. If you are already there, look for the extension you want. When you find it, click the "Add" button next to the extension. To use the extension, click the extension icon on the right of the address bar

Google Chrome extensions can be useful in everyday life in thousands of ways. Extensions can help keep your task safe, make lists more readily, and see how much time you spend on a site. They can help in making notes or refer to their sources. They can help shuffle your cards and pull some weight on the processor's shoulder when you run multiple cards in the background.

Extensions allow Google Chrome to run more beautifully and faster. There are extensions that can play ambient noises to help focus or relax, and others that can easily watch videos and create great images such as moving a mouse over the image you want. To take advantage of Google Chrome extensions, you might want to think about what you want from your browser and then go to the web store. However, we've saved some time and downloaded your favorite 15 Google Chrome extension 2017.

15 Best Chrome Extensions in 2017

1. Gmail offline

This extension is quite self-explanatory because it allows you to read offline messages offline and the next time you connect to the Internet, enter and queue the message. Given that more than 1 billion people use Gmail, it's easy to see why this extension is so popular. 2nd Momentum

page in your own dashboard. The new page page displays time, personalized greeting, inspirational quotations, weather reports, to-do lists, links to your favorite websites, and more.

3rd ] Ultidash is similar to the momentum, but it works for you as an internet user. The new tab page is transformed as the center of productivity. See how much time you spend on a particular site, block disturbing sites, and use the "concentration timer". The extension includes visually interesting images, weather forecasts, and inspirational quotes.


This extension is useful for busy bodies, make a list. It can be synced with other applications and desktop PCs to make flawless things to do. Add new lists, reminders, notes, tasks, all with easy-to-use drag and drop interface

5. Strict Workflow

Fighting With Expenses Is Too Much Time In Social Media, Reddit And Other Disturbing Websites? Strict workflow is an extension designed to limit wasted time on the Internet. It will create a 25-minute countdown that blocks popular, time-consuming web pages such as YouTube, Facebook, etc. If the 25-minute timing is completed, 5 minutes of free time is allowed before the timer restarts. This extension is a great way to exert strength to be productive!

6th Noisli

This special extension is in the background of environmental noises. You can choose which environmental noise you like. Some are better at concentrating, others are more relaxed. Finding the right environmental noise is a great way to increase your use of Google Chrome.

7th OneTab

If you have too many open ears in your browser, have yourself a favor and download the OneTab extension immediately. This extension compresses all open pages on a single sheet. This will release the space in your browser while retaining old pages where you can easily step back.

8th The big suspender

To download OneTab, go and download the Great Suspender. Opened pages quickly lower the processing performance of your computer. The extension of the Great Suspender suspends the need for the processor to spend as much energy on all tabs. This allows the device to work well for a long time. ninth Articles: Cite This For Me: Web Citer

For college students, this is another explanatory app. This app lets you easily reference what you read in MLA, APA, Chicago, or Harvard, and save those links to your clipboard so you can easily go back later.

10th Lights

This extension darkens the browser light when viewing videos. This makes the video even more enjoyable, while making your eyes lighter. This will also save battery life when installed on a mobile device.

eleventh VideoStream

VideoStream lets you stream videos from your computer, tablet, or mobile device to your Chromecast or Android TV without any other software. VideoStream supports subtitles and can play 1080p resolution

12. A camelizers

For enthusiastic online customers, Camelizers is a disregarding Chrome extension, visit. It also allows you to subscribe to price notifications.

13th Honey

Honey is another great extension for online customers. Honey automatically finds and applies coupons whenever you try. All you have to do is tap the "Find Savings" button before checking it.

14th AdBlock Plus

Are you tired of annoying advertisements that ruin your internet experience? Get rid of them with AdBlock Plus. This free add-on block ads for YouTube videos, annoying pop-up ads, and sidebar ads.

15th Hover Zoom

This extension extends the mouse over any image. This eliminates the opening of new tabs or clicks on thumbnails. This is especially recommended for the bad eye.

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