A person can be very intelligent in logic, but questions can not be resolved without intuition. What separated Einstein from other scientists was his intuition. He came up with answers that nobody else got – new answers, outside the box answers, all the answers from intuition.

Logic only repeats what we have just mentioned – straight line thinking. Intuition has no thoughts on it, we just feel where we are. It's as if the blind man felt the room and knew where the objects were.

What can we do to feel the energy change, be it strong or weak, and then we know which way to go to get the intermediate or final solution. Otherwise, there is no solution. Logic is not a solution. You get the same answer.

The use of logic is pretty much like trying to get your head to the wall and try to solve the situation. You may be shaking your head by accident, solving things. Perhaps by chance, logic solves what we could not solve in our lives.

We do not want an accident. People call this miracle. We often want to make consistency so much that no wonder. No wonder anymore.

If people are looking for a miracle, that's good, but we do not have to be there. We want consistency. We want results. We want them to be able to show the results to ourselves and to everyone – for the world, not so much to see but to experience. If everyone can see and experience it, it would be great.

Let's go back to thinking: Thinking should only be clear thinking without distorting our emotions without disturbing our feelings. With the feeling, the word itself is abusive. We feel depressed. We are happy. This is not true. We feel the feeling of depression or the feeling of happiness.

So we want emotions to be minimized, because emotions get through clear thinking. We can not think straight when we feel emotional. The feeling should give us the strong and the weak. If we do not feel strong in the weaker, we have no intuition.

The feeling must be fast. It will not all day make us feel that something is strong or something weak.

In the slowest practice of feeling, we need to be able to detect whether something is strong or weak when compared to something or compared with a weak point – all within three seconds.

And that's too long. The feeling is less than one second, milliseconds. When it falls in milliseconds, it's fairly momentary, so we can say that at present, even if it's a millisecond or hundredths of a second. As you know, if you are doing Olympic sports, one second would mean a significant or not significant difference. If it's a second late, it becomes negligible in the winner or reach you want to reach.

So you want the feeling again short and improves your feelings; and this would lead to perception. This would lead you to better perception – you would notice what is happening very quickly and it does not keep the whole day to see what's going on here, or for an hour or even a minute.

Because things change

Everything in the universe around us changes every second or even a second. We do not live in a static universe. The whole universe is constantly changing: our atoms are variable, our molecules are changing, our cells change, our tissues, organs and systems are changing.

So if we have a disease, we do not want to keep the same disease state. Everything is constantly changing and the condition of the disease is constantly changing. In fact we have to let the situation change and not try to stabilize. Stabilization generally does not have a good effect and actually makes the situation worse.

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