A boy went to his father and asked, "Dad, where did my intelligence come from?"

The father replied. "Well, my son, you have to get it from your mother, because I'm still mine.

Well, the joke above is true! IQ is largely dependent on heredity, and this is one of the major factors in determining the differences in IQ. [Note] Intelligence quotient: Measuring a person's intelligence, as indicated by an intelligence test.

Here I will discuss different ways that the Heritage Impact of One of the IQs.

first Monozygotic / identical twins: – When an egg is fertilized, a zygote is created, divided into two separate embryos. There is no significant difference in the same twin IQ. This is because the twins share the same genes.

2nd Dizygotic / Twilight: – Usually occurs when two fertilized eggs are implanted into the uterus wall at the same time. Such twins do not share the same IQ level because they share about 50% of the genes.

3rd Family Relationships: – It was found that the first degree relative to the IQ is almost the same. For example, brother and parent children will share almost the same level of IQ. The genes play a vital role in determining the IQ.

4th Adoption: – Adoption does not have any role in the adopted children's IQ. Adopted children will be genes of biological parents, so the IQ, which they resemble, will be their biological parents and non-adoptive parents.

5th Inbreeding depression: -Interculture is very unusual in society, although some inbreeding cases have been reported. Children whose parents are the first cousins ​​or second cousins ​​have lower IQ values ​​than children whose parents are not at all related to each other.

6th Heterosis: – Heterosexia is opposed to inbred depression. Due to Heterosis, the offspring was awarded a good IQ level compared to the IQ of the offspring whose parents came from the same set.

7th Environmental Factors: – Environmental factors play a role in determining the IQ. Appropriate childhood nutrition is critical to cognitive development; malnutrition can reduce IQ.

Genetic factors are very important in determining one of the IQs and I hope I have verified it!

Scientists are still exploring other options that may be responsible for one of the IQs. Whatever it is about, genetic factors will continue to be the most important factors that determine one of the IQs.

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