Direct Answers – Column to the 29th December 2003

I'm interesting to my manager. He was the one who first showed me interest, congratulations and wonderful eye contact. She is unique and one year younger than me.

He just asked me once, and when our close friend was attending dinner and we were so entertained. I never gave him enough opportunity for a closer approach because I was not sure whether this was wise for office ethics.

My company has a reputation for its character, virtues and moral values. Over the last five months, we work side by side on the same project. Sometimes we have the chance to have a friendly conversation with our private lives, and once he says that there is no connection, because he hates being persecuted.

What she said, I figured she would never ask, because I'm afraid they think she's trying to seduce a woman under her control. So today, after struggling for many months, I offered to have dinner with him a week and was very pleased to receive it. Do you think I'm doing something? Anjuli Anjuli Anjuli, work is less artificial than dating, and it's hard to hide what your daily work is like. Many happy married people met at work. There are, however, some things to keep in mind.

Getting to know your employees involves livelihoods, so you have to respect this element. Keep your personal relationship at work. While working, focus on the job that needs to be paid. Even though you want to share the joys of your new relationship with your colleagues, you can not share this joy. Would you be happy to have a special relationship with your leader, right?

Some people suspect that your special relationship to you is beneficial to you at your own expense; others will be suspicious of you being pulled out of your job. Further, what you can say innocently to a man can be repeatedly rewritten into something else.

From the very beginning, we must recognize that if none of them want to keep in touch, they are both the uncomfortable workplace in which someone who has once been romantically involved.

The external attraction was too big to withstand the request and the ability to withstand acceptance. Minimize your risk by doing your job well and if it turns out to be more than a job for you, we will be happy to you.

Wayne & Tamara

Life without Dessert

m contacting a big girl. Sweet, beautiful, and the same interests. My only question is the weight. Not overweight, but after dinner, dessert is served. I'm sure this is a simple matter of eating habits and a little workout. How can I do this without making it sound like a jerk?


Gus, where were you? Checking the weight is just another simple matter. Two thirds of adult Americans are overweight. Thousands of dietetic books exist and some even have the extremes that their stomach is bound because nothing else works.

You can keep this girl in the hope that he will have the weight you want to keep dating, hoping it will be higher. But we all have the same successful chance.

You want to change your life to feel better when you date him. It's shallow and you know it. We will not tell you how to miss it.


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