The news of my boss Andy about his two-week termination spread like wild fire in the department. Everyone who reported her was worried about who and what the next guy would be. Is the new guy better or worse than Andy? Everyone is concerned about the impact that this change will have on them, including other leaders working with Andy. Two weeks after Andy disappeared while I was working on the production floor, one of the technicians turned to me and said, "So I heard you have a new boss now."

"Me?" I examined some plastic pieces from an injection molding machine and said quietly, "Did not you get the news?" You're working with Shawn now, "he said, as his expression began to be dissatisfied.

"Is this so bad?" "I do not know how much you worked with him, but he does not deserve to be a manager," he added, "the stars lined up to the right and timing. he was right, that was the only reason he was his boss. "

I talked to my young audience at the Trinity University in Dublin I asked them that every single thing they had to date in their lives was done because of their own actions, some agreed, while most rejected their heads. part of it has described that it is fortunate that they receive something in their lives that they just received and never had to work. When I asked what they think of things they are so contented with, they use luck, destiny and opportunity

I would like to share my fortune, destiny or opportunity with my personal experience At the beginning I shared with you my boss Andy and leaving Andy deliberately decided to quit and move somewhere else Andy has created what he wants in action Andy's action but the ΓΌ res site in the department. It's crazy to say that Shawn was planning this. Shawn got his position because of his own action?

It can be argued that as Andy, Shawn deliberately decided to accept the situation, he created what he wanted through his action. Yes. But one of the complex components of the scenario is that one person's (Andy) decision influenced the other person (Shawn). This is called fate, luck or opportunity.

We all live in this phenomenon in our personal relationship or career at a certain time in our lives. Think about the experiences of your life or somebody you know. This is the kind of relationship you want with someone so deeply, but never succeeded (or when it was flawlessly hardened). In your career, a job or promotion that you have been so desperate and hard-working has never been created (or when it is exactly what it was designed). Undoubtedly, there is no control over what we experience with people and events in all of our life's scenarios. But this is the same lack of control that plays a significant role in the decisions we make (or not) that eventually dictates what we get (or not) in all areas of life. This is an unknown or "out-of-our-control" aspect of fate, luck or opportunity. However, there is a key element that keeps our destiny, luck, or opportunity alive. Only if we act, our destiny, luck or opportunity has the opportunity to work. All beings (plants, animals, you and me) follow this principle at all levels of evolution. However, if all the components necessary to grow the seed are available, however, if you do nothing that you have to do, you will irrevocably remain in the same state you were in. Whatever you wanted to "call": fate, luck or opportunity without your action, luck, destiny, or chance fate is dead.

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