In our daily life we ​​are faced with so many unexpected circumstances. We tested by faith. Based on our strengths we identify them. Some of us will break our weaknesses. Some may not know where to go or where to go. Some still pray for the once great blessing. Some are sitting comfortably without empty eyes or thoughts. Some are threatened by certain situations.

In the past few days, I did not feel myself as a regular sleep. I'm not even used to eating because I'm in the middle of crisis today. Where I felt, I risk my future for an event where thousands of people are waiting. And in these last few days I realized I was weaker than anybody who existed in this world. I figured out what my purpose was.

Since my childhood I have been exposed to situations such as poverty, I have seen children who are malnourished, etc. I've always had a dream to serve and help others. I've always had the passion to change people inspiring them. And today I felt that I had to carry on and realize all my dreams. And the first step is to "Take Your Permission".

Helping other people is never easy. It lasts for days, months or even years to give confidence. Sometimes it also caused you to extend your patience, understanding, and even resources. Nowadays, we expect a future where everyone is comfortable. Zero sickness and zero hunger. When I say "grab your license," this is something we are holding. This is something we are proud of to do something and inspire other people. First you need to help yourself before moving on with others. This is a very important thing because it facilitates the mood to help others.

Creating change and part of change is my goal. Today, though I am in the middle of the crisis, I can still handle it because they believed God and me.

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