Writing in the journal is an important tool for reducing stress. I hear you think, you write more, I don't have time, I lose things and I will never follow a diary. Resistance is valid, but writing or writing information and ideas reduces stress because thoughts are now on paper and don't sit in the mind to recycle.

Reading operation is soothing. Mind, eye and hand gestures create relaxation and a sense of productivity and closure. These are all good answers. Action always relieves stress and fear, no matter how small the action is. The action is an attempt to move on.

After allowing yourself the idea of ​​journalism, where to write. You can use a computer, a special bookstore from a bookstore, a loose leaf stack, or anything that is comfortable or practical. I recommend an 8×11 spiral notebook or a cheap bookstore because it encourages you to write more often and your thoughts are special and purposeful. Your computer is always a great place; just remember there is a special folder for the diary, and i know you'll ever have a newspaper for different topics like me.

When it comes to writing, it is very important. Writing as usual, just before going to bed, your mind will be clean and prepare for sleep. You let go of thoughts and ideas. Your mind had better things and then passed the past. This is a past story that increases stress.

Writing an idea whenever we think increases creativity, but it also removes the need for you not to worry about downloading your head again. I keep a little notebook with me and later I write the information when I get back to my computer. You don't have to be a writer like me to write my thoughts and inspirations. You are a creative man, we are all.

Your biggest thoughts or most of the monumental "aha" moments can be written down. There is nothing wrong with this important action. The most important thing is to clear the mind.

I have very creative ways of writing in magazines. I usually use a computer / laptop. I will use different fonts, different colors for the text. Sometimes I change the font or color in the same paragraph, depending on my feelings or moods. You see, this makes your writing a little fun and guess what is the only one who can see the diary, why you can use & quot; bad & # 39; tongue. Express yourself the way you like it, this is the way to reduce stress!

If you choose to use pen and paper, try color inks or pencils.

I know that if you start this habitat, you will continue. Stress-free and relaxed enjoyment is great.

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