Notice that I did not use the word "secret" because this work is too overused, and the term "key" is just another way to tell a method of making the law of attraction to you . I will try to explain the complicated way of a pseudo-novel, a new era, a quantum physics or a law of attraction. I will try to explain everything in the simplest possible way, so I can start using and applying the law of attraction in your life.

Determining the law of attraction basically says that whatever you are attracting is what you think.

I really think that if you apply the law of attraction, the law really works.

Probably and I could say infinite number of examples, modes, scenarios, questions, problems one could take to reject the attraction law.

For example, money and financial freedom are perhaps one of the most important and most talked-about issues in our human lives. This is something that affects us all and what is the current situation. This is something most people need and want.

So, considering the law of attraction, I can probably imagine the most common controversial question that we might ask, "If someone is sitting in a chair all day and thinking about making a million dollars, will this ever be?"

Well from a feasible perspective, the answer becomes obvious. No.

If someone is in a chair all day long and does not act, it's impossible for them to make a million dollars because they do nothing.

In the practical objective world, according to the law, actions bring results. Do not you agree with that?

I take the time to pick lemons from a lemon tree, make lemonade, then set it up and sell a drink to someone who's $ 1. The sale of your lemonade resulted in a $ 1 profit.

I mean, if the law of attraction worked, did not everyone begin to catch what he wanted? All you have to think of is what you want and start gravitating to you through the universe or genius. However, thousands of people complain that they are thinking about what they want, but they do not get it.

· I'm going to lose weight in my life, but I'm still overweight …

· I'm in love with my life, but I'm still not alone.

I'm attracting a new car in my life but I'm still driving my old junk car …

I'm attracting happiness, but it does not matter I always feel depressed …

These are all legitimate reasons, and I understand why people admire or praise the law of attraction, but eventually find themselves in a conflicting, frustrated situation. Just as I was thinking, "Hey, if I can use the law of attraction, I can attract anything in my life and purple, I'll take it." But nothing happened and I was disappointed that the law did not work, shit, etc.

Truth is the law of attraction is a tool that helps you get what you want, this is not a genie that gets rid of it and handles what you want. But there are times when you get the law of attraction right away, what you want (later we'll see).

I am a practical person myself. I believe that when you do something, something happens. If you add 1 and 1, you get 2. And if you do not, you will not get results, no matter how much you think you get what you want. You may be lucky and somehow they will be delivered to you for a day, but because you risk losing something out of your control when you get things done. He's crazy. Would you like to wait for five years until you get a new car? Would you like to wait ten years before you are attracted to a loving spouse? Not really, right?

In today's society, people want to have an instant gratification they want, they want it now! That is why the law of attraction has been so popular in recent years. They almost brainwashed the whole culture of people to believe that with the law of attraction we can get more or less what we want quickly, without doing anything. This sounds good!

Truth is the law of attraction, more or less, acts as a law in subjective reality. This means that legal acts actually work. I would say that the Law of Attraction is all about thinking because one can claim that everything from the perspective of the universe or from any other point of view is just a thought – a thought – 39, that's all.

What does this mean exactly? This means that whatever you think is exactly what you get every second.

You can laugh and you can say, "I already knew this" as I first did when someone told me the law of attraction and what you think you will get. I did not believe it because I raised all the questions, especially from an objective and materialistic point of view. Why did not I get this? And "it" is usually something materialistic – shirt, money, better quality, etc.

And even from an emotional point of view that was not happiness or pleasure, it was just a totally wrong approach. For months, a year later, when I was thinking of the law of attraction, it suggests miracles in a subjective reality. And when I got it, I just clicked. Being a handsome man, he was actually awesome, but scary at the same time. Why did not I think about it before?

And how to handle the law of attraction, it should be subjective, because if you are trying to make an objective point of view, I almost guarantee you will be frustrated and nothing will make sense. So how does this work? This is just the above.

Anything you think you'll get. To truly understand, always keep this in your mind: know what you think in the moment.

If you think about it, you feel completely different – not in a mathematical or practical way. Outside. 1 plus 1 equal to 2 but in this reality 1 plus 1 equals what you want. If you think 1 plus 1 equal to 3, then equal to 3. You are attractive 3 and you get 3. Do not try to understand it, because if you say it is impossible 1 plus 1 equals 3, that will be exactly it. If you think this is impossible as impossible and you are right.

If you're trying to solve this problem and you're frustrated, you're frustrated. You are disappointed and create your own frustration. Does that make sense?

Physical things that are in your life and the law of attraction do not depend on each other. There are two different worlds and it is important to step outside the box. Think of everything in your life as thinking. This can not be scary, even if you've screwed it up for the first time, but it's worth experimenting, because if the law of attraction decreases, your life changes drastically.

Better or worse to get up. If you can be anything in the world or whatever you might be in the world, what choice would you choose?

So you know that you understand that the law of attraction operates in a subjective reality, which means that in your present moment your current thoughts are exactly what we get as a powerful powerful tool to use the objective world, objective world, where physical things become your reality because you have chosen this.

Let's look at the earlier examples.

If someone told me:

I'm going to lose weight in my life, but I'm still overweight …

I said, "Okay … exactly what you get is overweight because you just said to lose weight, and to lose weight If you lose weight you can lose weight, but you just did not think you would not sit here, you can not do anything, you do it, and you have to be attracted to the action that you have, what you need, which leads to weight loss, such as running on a treadmill, gym, healthy eating, etc. "

If someone told me:

I'm in love with my life but I'm not alone …

I answered: It's a good thing you love love in your life, from the past that you wanted and thinking of this past on your right … it helps to find love …

If someone told me: 19659002] · New aut but I'm still driving my old junk car …

I answered, "Well, let's imagine, a junk car if you think about it. these prevailing thoughts, your feelings take over and you start making the car you want.

If someone told me:

I raised happiness, but it does not matter I always feel depressed …

I'd say it's really an attractive happiness or you say it's attractive or happily but really inside is depression? There is no false happiness. If you feel any doubt that you are not happy, then you get that. Sometimes you will be able to change your emotions when you think about your thoughts immediately, and that's what you're attracting. However, you have to admit that they must be your dominant thoughts, and be faith and patience that happiness will ever come.

If you really think about it, that's what you want, your body is conscious. The results will come when you know what you want. You can create a light path if you are attracting a light path or a hard road, attracting a hard ride. If you are groaning because you did not like the answer, then I can not stop you from becoming your reality right now. But if you think maybe that's the reason I can help you, then it will. Or anything else you just read what you think like that. The answer does not affect me, it only affects you.

I want to receive the message so that you know that we are able to choose, target and present what you want in life. This is a crossroad between subjective reality and objective reality, so the law of attraction is so difficult to explain to those who do not get it.

I hope you're thinking, really thinking about each and every thing in your life, and taking a moment to step back and realize that you are attracting or receiving what you think.

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