"There is no Plan B, Plan B disrupts Plan A!"

I'm so tired that people are looking for excuses why they did not go to college why they did not know this job or why they feel they can not do anything! Why do you say something, then do not you do it? This is the only thing people do, which is the most disappointing thing to me.

What's the matter is that people are targeting their goals and feel they need to have a security plan, why they need a security plan when they finish their first set of targets. They say I'm going to college and if the dormitory does not work, I'm going here. ARE YOU SERIOUS! If you said you would do something, keep your word, do it. The backup plan can not exist, as it completes its first plan with all the necessary tools. The backup plan is an excuse not to complete your original plan. If I did not finish something, I said I felt bad because I did not keep my word. Women do not fill the school because they are getting pregnant or men stop working because at that time. You do not finish your business plan because you realize that the effort and the money you need to bring are more complicated than you thought. I understand you get caught, but you should not give up. Nobody said life would be easy. This baby can inspire you to go back and make it better for you. So you'd prefer to work a bit on your minimum wage or earn enough money to be comfortable. And I do not know about you, but I'm an employer, not an employee.

Take a plan and create more ways to make plan A if you have a plan B. You have no intention of completing Plan A if you have a plan B. For example, the ultimate goal of life is to be rich. They have created several different options to ensure that I am rich; I have two jobs, I invest you, and I start two businesses. Now I know it will not get richer overnight, but I'll focus on it. I decided to get there, I only have one plan and the plan is to get rich. There are no distracting factors and nothing else matters, no plan. B. Take some goals and goals, fill them, do not find excuses, be like my Nike friend and "JUST DO IT!"

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Be blessed and make a lot of progress!

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