Here are some great inspirational quotations, how to motivate you and why / how to apply it in our daily lives;

first "In most cases, the power of arrogance organizations, and it is wrong to conclude that truth is on the side of a strong man."

Motivation / Summoning:

a family, a workplace or a government, then there would be a kind of power or the other. It is easy to misuse the power or use it to suppress the others. However, if you replay the quote before daily use (especially the last part … moral choice must always accompany the use of power), it would help to use force only in a morally acceptable way. Motivational quotes are strong in the right direction of the day.

2nd Motivation of Summoning / Daily Application:

Abuse of power is inevitable if there is no control by the person who entrusted the power. So, anytime and anywhere where power is transferred, be sure to set boundaries that should not be exceeded and how to use power. Often, when people misuse electricity, the tax falls on the person or persons who have the power to trust. This quotation is worth repeating in our mind every day – a great way to start our lives for the right choice of power.

3rd "They always open the jaw of power to get scared, and if possible, arms should always be extended to destroy freedom of speech, thinking, and writing." – John Adams


This leads to another quotation that says that absolute power completely destroys the & This concept of life still indicates that one thing has to be trusted with the check; if not, would undermine the freedom and rights of the subjects

4. [BrooksAdams19659002] "The power of friend is a lost friend" [BrooksAdams19659002] Motivation / citation citation:

Power intoxicates – as a result it is easy to lose a friend who is power. When this happens, do not moan, try again. This motivational quote serves to prepare your heart in case your friend coming to power behaves differently. You can also decide not to lose your friends when it comes to power.

5th Citation Motivation / Day Application:

If All We Try is All Needed & # 39; to maintain power. But if you allow the cause of nature or yourself to bring God to the summit, you will not struggle to stay on top, God himself will maintain you while you are on top.

These life quotes give you a new direction when using power when you explore and apply them in your everyday life.

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