Years ago I asked a friend about his favorite stress-relieving tips. Two best tips for the skull and the Bahamas vacation. Well, that's great if you can. However, the 7 natural stress relievers are free. They work tremendously and carefully to restore health, harmony and peace

1. Breathe slowly and deeply.

Breathing is fundamental to life. Our body requires oxygen. If we do not get enough air in our lungs, it does not work well. When we are in stress, tension, worry or fear, we often unconsciously restrict our breathing. By breathing enthusiastically and deeply, we consciously expel us and provide our bodies for survival and development.

2nd Practice regularly

Movement is essential. Nothing works without practice. You could eat a perfect diet, meditate regularly, pick up a lot of herbs and diets, and still have to be lifted. (This is what I know from the personal experience of the years.) Physical exercise promotes life that is vital to the circulation of blood, balanced metabolism, energy, strength and a healthy outlook for life. Forgive yourself and others.

Weighing is about the past. We chain them to something that is not real. The past is over. Let go. Proceed.

4th Laughter.

Humor is one of the best solutions to stress. Renews biochemistry, strengthens our immune system and transforms our own and others' perception. So our stress is generated by our inner concerns and feelings. Humor brings emotional sunlight to dispel anger, fear, and darkness. This gives you instant attitude.

5th Meditate.

Leave time for quiet reflection. The habit of regular meditation creates the oasis of peace and sanity in our lives. A few more minutes a day can be a big difference.

6th Pray

When we pray to God, we turn to our negative emotion and our many concerns that we think we are beyond. Practically, sometimes we gradually learn to trust in His loving mood. And when we do, our responsibilities and work do not disappear, but emotional stress.

7th Remove the sugar from your diet.

Last saved. I know it sounds extreme, but it's extremely effective. The consumption of sugar and sweets results in dramatic, unnatural highs and lows in our blood sugar. Think of buying a donut or pasta, which means buying a ticket for several hours of emotional roller coaster. Many people realize that their depression, anxiety and fears melt when they stop fading out the perfect sugar content and focus on natural healthy eating.

These 7 tips are deceptively simple. They are yours for free. They can alleviate their tension when used regularly. Are you going? It's up to you.

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