Sir Arthur Conan Doyle views the brain as an "empty attic". He recognized the need to store it with metaphorical furniture, the choice of which remains for each individual. There are two important cognitive functions that happen in the attic, listen to and become creativity. Here are tips for lining both metaphorical furniture.


"The essence of the genius," says William James, "must know what to ignore." And Mitchell Posner's author asks "the ecologists" to have the information. Here are some exercises that will help you to "help from listening to avoid verbal pollution

Draw a circle around the clean sheet of paper and ask your friend to find a dense paragraph in an article (Or just a few Take the three words out of the verbally inflated paragraph that was spoken loudly, enter those words in the circle. What did you hear, use the three words to call your memories of the most important things you've heard of. with your friend to see whether you have captured the main points

This exercise not only sharpens student skills but the oral Ask a friend to talk about an enjoyable experience and after a few minutes stop unexpectedly, so add the last sentence and use it, ho he begins to talk about something you love to do. The other person continues conversing from one word to the last sentence he was talking about.

Then think of obstacles that can block the listening process. Can you list 20 of them? Then consider which of these you can control. Eventually, take part in a dialogue that rejects Dr. Leo Buscagli, who said, "Most conversations are only alternating monologues, the question is whether there is real listening?"


Creativity is to a large extent the result of the belief that we are creative. To develop the muscles of creativity, ask yourself regularly: "What if …?" and "What can this be used for?" questions.

Convergent responses are typical, likely, logical. For example, he asked how to get to Heaven, he would probably say something like "Follow the Golden Rule." Ask this question to a child with a divergent orientation, and you can hear "Go to hell and go to the left!" Or: "God needs lift." Or: "You have to buy a very large trampoline."

Do you consider different things about these issues:

Which number does not belong to the others?

3810 6024 4816 1452

What letter does it belong to? FMAMJASO ____

What letter is empty? OTTFFSSE ____

What national celebration are these letters?



Think about Symbols for Symbols and Colors. For example, we have put yellow ribbons on the trees to support hostages in Iran. If the head of the organization asked you to create a new ribbon then what would it be? What kind of message would be expressed? Which initial letters would be meaningful? What color?

One of the best ways to create creative opportunities is to compile things that do not usually fit together. (Anne Geddes made it with babies and vegetables.) Put ten different elements, for example "crawling" and "crawling". Find these items to solve a work-related problem or to improve an existing situation.

Keep in mind that Einstein thought imagination as important to knowledge. Try creating unique, unique metaphors to describe your workplace, neighborhood, or your life.


Building brain cells can be a tough job. To counterbalance cognitive development, occasionally, "mental junk food" should be conveniently discharged. Would you like Dr. Seuss to admit that this grace is. "I like the nonsense," he admitted. "It wakes the brain cells."

Answer: 1-, 4816, (Add the digits to the other three numbers, add 12, increase the number 19 to 4816.) 2-N. (The other letters are the first twelve months.), 3-N. (The other letters represent the first letters in the order of counts from one to eight.), 4th Christmas because there is no "L" in the list.

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