Owning and doing business is a great pleasure and intense work. There are times when you can get away with your daily activities and lose the big picture, dream, and vision. One should always focus on strategic goals for the vision, mission and goals of the business, and recall that it is "business" and not just "business" as Michael Gerber would tell us.

But how can this be done? I love quotes and recently found a dozen quotations I used to stimulate and inspire to focus on the vision and dream. Here are the dozens of quotes that help guide strategic thinking to your business associate.

first "Whatever the concept and belief of the mind may be, the mind can attain it."

Dr. Napoleon Hill

2. "You see things and you say, Why? But I dream things that have never been, and I say, Why not?"

George Bernard Shaw

3. "Somehow I can not believe that there are altitudes that a person can not calculate who knows the secrets of dreams of realizing dreams, this special secret can be summarized in four sections: curiosity, confidence, courage and constancy, and the greatest trust: if we believe in something, believe it completely, tacitly and indisputably. "

Walt Disney

4. "Future is one of those who believe in the beauty of their dreams."

Eleanor Roosevelt

5. "Only those who can see the invisible are able to make impossible the impossible!"

Patrick Snow, author of "Creating My Fate"

6. "You will see if you believe it!"

Dr. Wayne Dyer

7. "Make sure you really want, not what someone else wants."

Jerry Gillies, American author, Speaker

8. "The dreamer is the one who only finds in the moonlight and the punishment is to see at dawn before the rest of the world

. "

Oscar Wilde

9. An actionless sight is a dream. Action without vision simply passes.

positive difference. "

Joel Barker

10." Vision is the art of seeing invisible things "

Jonathan Swift

11." We can confirm that nothing is great in the world without passion.

George Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel

12. "Teamwork lies in its ability to strive towards a common vision: the ability to direct individual performance towards organizational goals, a fuel that allows the audience to achieve uncommon results."

Andrew Carnegie

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