Since the beginning of time, people use words that come from wisdom – these are called motivational quotations. These pearls of little wisdom helped us in the struggles, sorrow, despair and depression to look at the entire side of the glass. This article provides insights into these.

In Greek mythology, there is the story of Pandora (the translator of all), the first woman created by Zeus. The story says that after people received the gift of the Prometheus fire, the angry Zeus decided to offend men for the gift of fire – which only the gods used. Thus he commanded Hephaestus to form the first woman, a "beautiful evil" who murdered the male race and then sent a box to Earth. The box was full of "countless pains," and when all the evil came to the world. Realizing what he did, Pandora closed the box and let a single batch leave the bottle: hope.

Today, though, hope is something we all need during the fighting, and hope keeps mentally sober and continues. We can say that motivational quotes can hold little hope at the time of need.

This article will not be full, with some well-known motivational quotes :

Albert Einstein – Do not try to become a successful person but a valuable person.

Sophocles – A student does one thing; because you think you know you have no assurance until you try it.

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