The world of music has a great impact and benefits in the development of child growth and early childhood development by experts. Studies show that music helps children's nerve cell network to be miraculously connected and improve children's skills in learning as they grow older. It also explores the children who influence the music that is most active when it comes to mental ability and abilities. The baby in the mother's womb is sensitive or readily responsive to sounds accumulated around the baby's environment. A child can easily recognize the voice of the mother's voice from another sonorous voice from another person by showing simple movements or rumors. Music helps you learn the child instantaneously to speak at early stages of childhood and thus improve children's knowledge of the outside world.

Children's musical discovery is indispensable to the intelligence of children and to their social existence or dynamic development. Composers such as playing music, acting, singing, dancing or playing play with greater confidence and thus increase the child's self-esteem, which is very beneficial before reaching their teenage years. For this reason, children's personality or their habits for people are better formulated and positive, and at times they shape their attitudes. For example, young children respond very well to heard sounds and usually mimic the sound or sentences they always hear. With this you can easily express their feelings and feelings playing with the melodies or depict sounds that are known.

Today's music today has a broader means of communicating with children as a result of our technique in the modern world. Children's music such as crèches and other educational programs is already available on CDs or DVDs. With the use of the Internet, people can download instructional songs for kids or buy musical elements or instruments for children when browsing online stores. With this music, we can easily distribute it so we can easily share the benefits worldwide, especially for children, and improve their development when they grow up.

Because music plays an important role in the child's development in the emotional and spiritual sense, it is a great step for the children to begin their early life until early learning and advancing brain development. Singing along with your child will help the child grow, while simultaneously having fun together. The child can hardly notice the difference between the good voice and the not so good singer. Presenting children to music also helps with games such as maracas or bottles or anything that can produce tones. The music will be as entertaining as if the kids were trying to perform such music as dancing or singing.

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