Life in a credible life begins with heart-centered consciousness. Heart-centered consciousness is the door that leads to the divine holographic energy field. Without heart-centered consciousness, the portal does not have access to the vital energy for survival, peace and happiness. The whole consciousness of the heart is the first step to embracing the self. A monumental change has taken place in my life when I raised my credible self as I used the personal development tool known as the Mind Resonance Process. Mind Resonance Process (MRP) was designed by Nick Arrizza M.D., a former physician and psychiatrist. This is an effective tool to help build self-esteem, self-confidence, self-esteem, inner peace, and a concentrated and positive mind. Additionally, the sensation of wellness, life-long suffering, true sense of purpose, personal lifting feeling, joy and satisfaction of the life, leadership skills, creative abilities, increased motivation and enthusiasm, emotional awareness and inner knowledge – with the divine and a memorable ability, and easily expresses a true authentic self. [59] Completely aware

He's fully aware of the existence of a life lived in an authentic self. The term "Authentic Self" is defined as the one that is actually a person. In other words, accepting an individual without judging, mistakenly, mistakenly, and being able to magnify our talents, our beauty, and the credibility of the inner and outer being. By implementing Mind Resonance Process®, I managed to retrieve my authentic self. I have come to realize that my authentic self is the state of existence, state of knowledge and state of ultimate state of consciousness, which is both powerful and gentle at the same time. When my life is my authentic life, calm, centered, empowered, clear, grounded, conscious, objective, peaceful and carefree. Do I feel how to enjoy His credit with all these wonderful attributes?

19659002] Reorganizing authentic self-consciousness with self-conscious consciousness in my consciousness. This created a working relationship between my conscious and unconscious mental state. As soon as I was aware of the natural rhythm of my heart at all levels – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually – I knew I was a harmonious resonance with the Divine Holographic Energy Field. I knew this because I felt good, and I felt comfortable and I felt peaceful. These feelings felt a lot more than the feelings I felt in general, a sense of consciousness and a sense of sensation and a sense of deep peace and well-being.

The difference between basic emotions and suspected feelings is that conditioned emotions are created by emotional trauma and the basic emotions are similar to Devine Self. Conditioned emotions, for example: fear, envy, jealousy, anger, skepticism, victimization, sadness, anger, guilt, disappointment, shyness, worry and self-consciousness. These emotions appear as defense devices based on false beliefs. On the other hand, the basic emotions are love, joy, peace, happiness, satisfaction, relief, freedom, courage, abundance, fulfillment, self-esteem, self-esteem, and passion. People are born with these emotions. Dr. Arrizza says that "the result of the Divine Self, which restores the correct place of our physical body".

The difference between basic emotions and conditioned emotions is that basic emotions are clear, peaceful, energetic, free, love, expansive, and more enlightened, while conditioned emotions lead us to disintegrate our energy, feel the heavy, defenseless and because of our self-esteem and self-esteem. When I remembered my authentic self, I was awakened by my joy, satisfaction, purity, peace, empowerment, increased energy, and most of all my feeling.

So how does the recovery of vital energy come true through themselves? According to Dr. Arrizza, in order to regain the energy of the force of life force, we need to recognize what is gradually being drained. The vital energy is emptied by negative or stressful memories that have accumulated and stored in the mind and body on conscious and unconscious levels. Arrizza states that "the memories you have assumed and accepted must stay there for the remainder of their so-called life, because the past can not be changed."

Before the MRP, when I remembered, my many negative memories were automatically exhausted and exhausted in my life that had an impact on my energy power. What All Resonance Process® provided was a tool to regain a powerful authentic self that has the right to be considered a Divine Human Being.

What does MRP mean?

The MRP contains a simple question and answer process that will help you consciously know and permanently erase deeply buried false beliefs that capture other restrictive negative thoughts, emotions, memories, perceptions and behaviors in the unconscious mind, body, and energy . Founder Dr. Arrizza: "Life Power is essentially the energy that gives your mind and body life, its ability to function, its optimal structural integrity and its shape, and the one responsible and imbued with many of the positive qualities many people are looking for in their lives, and often incomplete, eg self-esteem, self-confidence, self-esteem, inner peace, inner strength, flexibility, energy, courage, wellness feeling, concentrated and positive mind the ability to perceive inner truth and knowledge, , the passion, purity, creative abilities, charisma, attraction, etc. / body or energy of life, as memories of these events. "

These memories function as Arrizza's" Life Energy Parasites ", the Energy Force They are used to exhaust energy from energy. This leaves a feeling that is lacking in the necessary positive qualities that Life Force Energy provides them.

A question they are struggling with is the lack of financial shortfalls in my life. I felt that these "energetic parasites" nourish not only my sense of lack of abundance, but also in my dreams haunted by nightmares, where I woke up feeling exhausted and scared. The feeling that I did not deserve the abundance was a common topic during my childhood and my adult life. So what can we do about negative memories if we can not change the past?

Dr. According to Arrizza, the past can actually be "changed", or rather deleted completely. This means that they completely release these vital energy parasites, which are essentially holographic viruses that live in your vitality market and are depleted of you (ie feed)!

I kept the false belief that "I do not deserve the financial wealth of my life". While I should feel a true faith as a fundamental emotion of love and love, happiness and peace, in safety and security, and I must be strong self-esteem and high self-esteem; instead, this false belief served as a catalyst for the experienced experience – the lack of financial wealth. The false belief that "I do not deserve the financial wealth in my life" is actually a decline in life. He created conditioned emotions. In truth, this fake opinion is small and unprotected, angry and tearful, outspoken and weak, paralyzed and shallow.

In order to avoid returning to the same conditioned reaction when life involves financial challenges, MRP algorithm to release this false belief from bio-land. Concerning Devine Self, I make the following two statements:

1) My desire to eliminate the conviction that "I do not deserve financial wealth" from bio-land now and forever. It's so strong that I just thought my heart was singing. Loud pronunciation is even more powerful as it sends a regulation to the universe. I also confirm that [2] I wish to eliminate all the missing feelings at all levels of my bio field and body – now and forever. If I say this statement aloud, I pass my consciousness in every dimension of my being – in my body, in my mind and in my soul.

These statements, through their own powers, summon a command to the universe that I no longer want to follow, but rather want to live the life of truth while respecting my authentic Divine Self.

Is MRP a spiritual movement?

Understanding the spiritual enlightenment was to understand the "mind of God" before attending the Mind Resonance Process®. For example – how did God create the universe, how the universal life force works in the whole creation, how does each creature create for himself. This was all very brain-intellectually, and closed me into the intellectual controversy that I was thinking of enlightenment and did not feel real enlightenment. Since the release of Mind Resonance Process®, a monumental shift has taken place since I was relieved of intellectualization of how God's creation works for God's workplace creation. That was a huge change for me. A feeling like God is so peaceful, calm, reassuring, loving (I love people and everything). My life, the authentic self, is so creative. Much more open, broad, objective, relaxed, carefree, still powerful, gentle, caring, compassionate, all-knowing, and well-founded. Since spirituality is a personal experience, I must say that MRP is actually a spiritual movement – personal level. There is no judgment in the process, no blame, no accusation, just a reminder of who and who actually. MRP is a form of enlightenment.


By attending the Mind Resonance Process®, I've experienced changes in every aspect of my life as I know and experience myself. There have been significant changes in how I felt the "uncontrollable" variables of my life. At present, I have experienced the effects of a deep economic recession, and still managed to find a good job, one of which I really liked when I was paying out of my pocket for years. The MRP gave me greater purity and distinction through the feelings of objectivity and consciousness that came from my heart. I also experienced greater peace, calmness, self-esteem, self-esteem, self-esteem, resistance to lifestyle, and greater presence and longevity. I also feel better about wealth, greater passion for life, more energy and awakened the purpose of my true life. Now they are able to know my truth and feel free to live up to any criticism or judgment. This is because I accepted myself without criticism or judgment, I saw the authentic self in the presence of the divine holographic energy field. Thank you dr. Arrizza has this experience that changes life.

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