Do you think you were intellectually motivated? In order to create intellectual wellness, one must constantly think with the mind. You must always be aware of what is happening in the mind.

There are many media that have the latest knowledge – of course there are books. Then there are newspapers, magazines, websites, TV shows, news programs, movies and even music. So what type of content do you focus on? What type of communication does snail mail, text and email receive?

In this era of technological development, where so much information is available, it must be careful what we focus on. So much information can cause unjustified stress. The bad news that we have released into our consciousness will overwhelm us with negative thoughts if we allow it.

When you turn on the television, common programs are themes of violence and sex. And the news, you mostly see headlines are not positive. Consciously, they all influence mood and mindset. Often it becomes suspicious and awful when you see and hear about robbery and hijacking, wars and murder. Although these may be the latest entertainment and news, after a few hours of watching TV, the world will feel negative.

However, if we decide to differentiate what we look at, we can control what information we give to our consciousness. The indicators that reflect positivity and our value make them happy, stimulating and nutritious.

Do you believe this? I challenge you to check what information you add to your mind for a week and see how it affects you.

Choose for a week to look at or read the positive and life-value resources. Maybe in a few days you will notice that you feel positive as confused and excited. You will know how these resources can affect your life.

Understand that you have the choice of what you have put into your mind. You have the opportunity to make life much less stressful. You can choose to lead a better, healthier and more positive life.

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