One of the most important models of achieving this goal is the cause. This model says that your goal is to achieve the effect and your task is to identify and create the cause that results in the desired effect and thus reach its goal.

Sounds pretty simple, right?

However, the main problem with this model is that almost everyone seriously misunderstood it. And this is a misunderstanding that does not know that it is actually a "cause".

We can assume that the cause of the effect is a series of physical and mental activities that lead to this end. Action-reaction. If the goal is to have dinner, you may think that the reason would be a series of preparatory steps.

This is probably the case for an external observer. The scientific method suggests that things work this way, based on purely objective observation.

However, you know in your own mind that the sequence of action steps is not the real reason. The measures have an effect on themselves, are not they?

What is the real reason? The real reason is the decision you created for the first time. This is the moment when you said to yourself, "Be" or "do it". At one time, she decided to have dinner. This decision was under consciousness, but it was still a decision. Without this decision, the dinner never appeared. This decision ultimately caused the entire series of actions and ultimately the manifestation of dinner.

Where is this decision taken? Your subconscious may come from, or if you make conscious decisions, it comes from your consciousness. Ultimately, your consciousness is the greater power, as it overrides subconscious decisions as it becomes aware.

Missing this very simple distinction has contributed to a number of unsuccessful goals.

If you want to achieve the goal you set, the most important element is that DECIDE will display it. It does not matter if you feel you are not in your hands. No matter you do not yet see how to get from A to B. Most of the resources will be online after the decision has not been made before.

If you do not understand this simple step, you will lose a lot of time. Step 1 is to decide. You should not consider or consider or ask around and see whether or not you can do it. If you want to start your own business, you decide to do so. If you want to get married and have a family, you decide to drag a companion. If you want to change your career then you decide.

I discover people think they have to do something else before deciding. People are trying to figure out a lot of months, "is this goal possible?" And that's a lot of sense when it's at some level of consciousness. But all you're doing is delaying, and you simply provide evidence that the goal is both possible and impossible at the same time. You think you have doubts in your mind, you have a doubt in the world.

From time to time I have seen evidence that not only humans but the universe realize the lack of commitment to the goal. Have you ever heard someone tell you your purpose and just feel lucky and insecure? They say things like, "Well, I'm trying to look at it and see how it goes, hopefully it will be okay." Did these evidence make a clear decision? Not far away. Do you help this person? Probably not – do you want to waste your time with someone who is not committed?

What happens if you feel completely secure in the other person? Will you help them if they ask for it? You are more likely to help a dedicated person because you can tell them that you will ever succeed and want to participate in success. They feel even more energetic and motivated to contribute to the success of people who are very clearly committed to a goal that resonates with you and which is legally for all the best.

Do not you think this process works in the same way in your mind? If your mind is shared with you, do you think that you are committed to all your internal resources with your goal? Will the subconscious know or retain any energy and creativity? Think of your subconscious as a multitasking computer processor. How many percent of the resources you spend on a task you said to execute the words: "Run a little bit and see if it works, but it will quickly drop it if it's too hard?" Now what if the processor is marked by a process, "Do it now?"

The universe works on the same principle. Think of it as consciousness. When you make a clear, committed decision, you open up the universal arcades and bring you all the resources you need, sometimes seemingly mysterious or impossible.

If you want to set a new target for yourself, start setting it up. Take the time to make it clear what you want, but just make it up.

Tell the universe: "Here is the goal.

Do not ask the universe what you want, say, do not ask it, it's very similar to prayer but do not pray for what you want Pray for what you want, you say, "Here it is. "It's like planting a seed into the ground, you do not say to the ground," Here's the seed. Please, can you increase it? "You simply plant the plants, and the natural consequences of growing plants, as grown by plants, are the same as your intentions, simply installing them.

Do you think your purpose is to appear in a way that would make the best of everyone , this is very important because the intentions of fear or lack of sense will come back to you, but this will result in a bitter aftertaste or just the opposite of what you want, but the intentions that are actually made for your own benefit and for the benefit of everyone will be prone

After declaring my intention, I will wait for the sources and the synchronicities to arrive, usually starting 24 to 48 hours, sometimes even before. These syncronicities sometimes appear to be the result of subconscious action, everywhere they were, but now I see one j light and me into becoming a resource that never noticed until I declared my intention. But it is often impossible to explain such synchronicities due to the outcome of my own subconscious action, even though I retire and pursue them purely objectively. Sometimes they come in such unusual avalanches that I can only explain as a result of the conscious action. On some levels, the universe alone is aware of my intention and is involved in order to show it. I also find that the coolest these synchronicities are, the easier they flow. At present, I mean on average about 10 on average on average, and I think it's because I have many different intentions in the process of manifestation, so I do not have a constant source of resources.

Mental and physical planning and action steps will come later. This is how to sort the resources received. Once enough resources have come to me, I begin to see how they fit together to achieve the goal. But if the road seems too complicated or complicated, and I do not like what I see, I have made some new intentions that I wanted the way I wanted it. I declare: "Make it simpler." I was again waiting for the synchronicities to arrive and a simpler approach would become clearer. Generally, if an approach becomes simpler then it means that there is a certain personal block inside. I have to grow to a few levels to get a simpler solution. Or, although I must first learn new skills. Thus, while being simpler, it may be more difficult at personal level. For example, with the intention to do more to help people, I have developed my communication skills. This makes it easier to reach the goal, but it works better.

It took me several years to trust this approach before I started using it for the default goal. I must be open to achieving the goals sometimes unusual. I got what I want but not always what I'm waiting for. So when the synchronicities begin to give me clues, I do not always understand how they will be involved in reaching the goal. But there is always an intelligence in the workplace, and if I trust it, it works well. Generally, for the first time, I bring new information to me, so with my own knowledge and knowledge I can increase the level to achieve the goal.

For example, if I declare that your goal becomes richer, within a few days you will see the synchronicity of spirituality. They seem to have nothing to do with the property. You think this is just a coincidence and the approach does not work. But the approach is loud and works. Probably indicates that the path of wealth requires for the first time to improve consciousness. This is especially true if your intentions were the highest for everyone. If you become richer before your energy and awareness reach a certain level, more material wealth can only fuel your problem – your goal may not yet be manifested to everyone. But if you first learn to use your energy and consciousness, the larger resources of richness are a positive expression instead of a negative one.

Truthfully, this is a simple and straightforward process. But our minds are so confused with the social conditioning conditioning fleet and jetman that it is difficult to think at this level. We are so accustomed to the fact that our goals are manifested in a certain way, because this is how it appears in TV shows or in movies. Or maybe our parents or friends did it. But this insistence on a given "how" prevents us from enabling our goals much easier. If you can relax a little bit of 'how' and just learn to make the manifestation perfectly perfect, achieving the goal would be much easier.

I often see people sabotaging their own goals because they do not understand the power of intent. It is worth noting that all the problems are actually intentions. All thoughts. So most people in their lives cramp the conflicts because their thoughts collide. At the same time he set a goal and then released it. – I want to start my own business. "I wonder how it will work." "I wonder if I succeed." – Maybe this will not work. "Maybe John is right and that's a mistake." – No, I'm pretty sure it will work.

If you want to achieve goals at the action-reaction level, that is, it focuses only on action steps, while conflicting conflicts conflict with a higher level of intent, it will spoil yourself. If you like appetite and workout like crazy while you think I'm fat, it's hopeless, it's going to take too long, then your higher-level intentions will override your actions and you'll have negative or incongruent results.

If you want to attain a goal, you must clear the "hopeful" and "perhaps" and "no" meaning of all your consciousness. You can not afford the luxury of negative thinking, and that's the intention to show you what you do not want. Of course, this practice is used, but the basic art of learning is to use your consciousness to create what you want. If you are in line with your thoughts, your goal is easily manifested. But if you disagree with your thoughts, you will show conflicts and obstacles. Like inside, so much without.

Why can you do this? Because he has the strength. If you do not believe in yourself, it simply means that you use your power against you. You are like a god who says, "Be weak" and you do not even understand. If you think / intend weakness, it shows weakness. If your power flows from the outside to the outside world, you will lose strength.

No need for anyone to have permission to do so. Natural human ability. But you need to practice to develop your consciousness to the level where you can apply it and especially to learn to trust it.

What if you decide to declare a really, very big goal that is physically impossible? The process will continue to work. It will only take so many steps and you will be able to lead many sync for years before reaching the point where your ultimate goal becomes apparent. Human life can last longer if the goal is so great. But you will certainly move forward if you use this approach.

So what's your purpose? Speak aloud right now and let the greatest good for everyone. Then he tells the universe, "Do it!" Wait for syncings and unusual accidents to arrive. Follow them where they want to drive, even if it seems strange for the first time. Enable your goal.

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