When I talk to the therapists about online marketing, they usually belong to one of three groups. Group A is very excited about online marketing and is actively involved in it. They are looking for information and quickly adopting new strategies. Group B lashes into online marketing, but there is still some hesitation. Finally, Group C is attracted to opportunities, but feels overwhelmed or concerned about issues of dual relationships, privacy issues and liability.

So let's take a closer look at these groups.

Group A – People who are actively involved in online marketing. The danger in this group is that it is too fast to accept techniques without a strategy. I see a lot when therapists talk about online marketing in everything or nothing – "that's the only way to do it." Egypt "SEO is all wrong." Egypt "SEO is all good."

The missing piece here is the understanding that the Internet is just a device, such as a pen or paper or computer.

Group A is also in the belief that it is better than Internet marketing than it may actually be. The best way to measure the success of internet marketing is how many calls arrive directly on the website every month. If you do not get calls from the internet, Internet marketing does not work. Period.

Group B – is a group who wants to do more online marketing but does not know exactly how. This group is actually ready for internet marketing, as it is looking for strategy and technique. I want to understand what gives them the best return on their investment and strive for a balanced approach to online marketing.

For Group B, it may be beneficial to be a little more open to technology and greater attitudes to experimentation and curiosity.

Group C is people who are facing serious concerns about online marketing. This group is capable and likely to build its practice without using the Internet a lot, if so. This is fine, but this group can serve to know more about how to use the Internet. On the other hand, to overcome their fears and have good information and assistance, not the Internet as dangerous and somehow impracticable.

So where do you fall in this spectrum?

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