Understanding awareness is a tricky question

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Awareness is a strange thing; often gives us alien experiences. Just try to remember your dreams last night; great change in events is far too phenomenal to describe.

Sometimes we ask ourselves what actually is in control. During my evening football I was slightly annoyed as my legs passed the ball to John while my thinking mind said, Do not do it! You will be captured here! & # 39; Still, the ball passes (and captures).

Or try to remember the occasions when consciousness seems to break; Writing these sentences into a half-tired state, I get my own mind that goes into exotic places, but my hand still types like in the autopilot. Funny thing, that's our mind.

However, the question remains: what is this mysterious, yet-known concept of so-called consciousness? This is a tricky question, for consciousness is one of the basic definitions in science that seems to rule out a simple definition. However, many psychologists today are consciousness of ourselves and our environment, and that is what results in a subjective experience of life. It is not so easy to grasp at first sight and is still difficult enough after having devoted a life to it as the history of consciousness research:

It all began about 400 years ago when consciousness was first studied regularly by a wise French, philosopher Rene Descartes who has extended his vision to a number of different areas of study, including awareness. According to Descartes, there is a very sharp difference between the physical world (the brain) and the mental word (thoughts and consciousness). Therefore explanation with the other is impossible and does not have to be experimented. This solid conviction was shared by other important thinkers of the era. This, in fact, regarded psychology and biology for quite a long time as two completely different fields of research.

For modern humanity, however, enough is enough, these ideas have gradually moved into a more holistic direction; with the appearance of neuroscience in recent decades, scientists have made it clear how many different mental forms of brain-related mental processes can have different forms of brain activity. Through these new perspectives, consciousness has finally been liberated from chains of skeptical mysticism that have been linked to many years. However, the persistently busy scientists on consciousness have a long way to be able to provide all the answers (for example, to find out if these brainbugs of brain cells are genuinely awakening consciousness).

However, the increasing knowledge of the many neurological foundations of many mental processes results in a wide variety of options. One such option is the ability to perfect and enhance our own cognitive and conscious processing through the ever-growing brain supplements and cognitive amplifiers. With some luck, neuroscience gives us the answer to the fundamental question where consciousness comes from? & # 39; We know where to look: the brain. The rest is just a matter of time.

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4 Steps to Program Your Subconscious Theory

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The human mind is very complex. It's not like a computer whose output is as good as the input. The human mind is different – it makes it so strong.

When it comes to computers, some software is fast and efficient. Other software can not be and may be complicated and slow.

The subconscious mind is very similar to a computer. And thoughts are similar to software applications.

The subconscious theory is an important driving force in our lives. Encouraged children get alive because the subconscious mind gets positive feedback and encourages them to take positive steps. As children, our parents need to speed up our consciousness. However, after we become adults, we control and take steps to give positive feedback to the mind.

A healthy subconscious mind is a happy life. You will get rid of the despicable and devastating thoughts that ruin your life.

You can program your mind, and that's very simple. Here's how:

1) Control what your mind absorbs. Check each piece of information that enters your conscious and unconscious mind. Remove any incorrect information. Do not look at violent movies or cause other disruption. Keep an eye clear and positive. Do not let the bad things touch you. So the mind of the subconscious will be clean and will help you in every positive thinking in each step.

2) Network with similar people: Keep in touch with friendly friends will have a negative impact on you. You always create friends who are as thoughtful as yours. It's always a good idea to choose those who care about you and respect you. Surrounded with positive people, your way of thinking will be positive.

3) Respecting Your Self. Always talk to yourself. Do not think negatively about yourself. Nobody is perfect and everyone is committed or different. Therefore, do not value yourself. They emphasize his positive qualities and his subconscious thanks him. This is a positive and lively mindset.

4) Use the allegations. It is imperative to leak the power of the statements when the subconscious mind is listening. Your subconscious mind senses your mind early in the morning. This is the right thing to do to make positive statements. Use the right statements and program your subconscious mind for positive results.

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Explosive myths about learning

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When I was a kid and Christmas pieces ran out, it was my job to replace each bulb to find out which one was burned. To enrich our efficiency in work or study, we must first forget what is hampering our development. We must ensure that we are properly hydrated and nourished. A person with only five percent dehydration has a 30 percent long lasting cognitive ability. The proper nutrition types transport the brain to the fuel – glucose. In addition, our immediate environment needs to be taken into account. Temperature, illumination, purity, acoustics and supporting materials. A compelling atmosphere is built into school format, and it discourages those who are less visual or audible than others.

Ninety-five percent of our behavior is automatic. It is driven by the subconscious mind, which introduces faithfully clear guidelines. Like computer programs, these patterns or habits were often created in early childhood and worked flawlessly as long as they changed. This can explain the self-sabotage, the difficulties associated with motivation, discipline, and attitudes.

Whether you are a student or already in the job, you need to gather information in the most effective way possible. In the next moments, suspend your faith with everything you know how to learn. Keep in mind the new concepts.

Some still believe that incoming data (19459006) is the first to get into the mind and then somehow processed so that some eventually reach long-term memory. In fact, the opposite is true. Initially, all data reaches the subconscious for processing. The brain's priority is survival. If no new information is threatened, it will be compared to existing data. If that is not necessary, it will be deleted. The remaining data is sorted and filtered. Some are given to the conscious mind for processing, and some are shipped to long-term memory. All this happens in a lightning fast. The subconscious mind is 800 times the speed of conscious mind.

Why do not people remember the times when they are upset? I'm sure you heard about the body's reaction to the threat. It's called a fight or a flight. This is characterized by rapid breathing and the spread of oxygen from the visceral area into the muscles. In addition, blood is the brain's thinking area ( frontal lobes ) moves to the part of the brain responsible for survival reactions reptilian brain . Under stress we do not just think.

By acquiring information through all our senses The three best ways we learn, see, hear and touch. Most educators do not think that learning through touch and movement is beneficial to the lower grades. In general, school systems can be used for visual and auditory students. Those who are mainstream kinesthetic (touch, movement, experience ) are at a disadvantage. This group represents most of the high school students.

The concept of different learning styles goes far beyond the visual, auditory, and kinesthetic paths. I'm sure you know most people are dominant and have dominant hemispheres. People are also dominant feet, dominant eyes and dominant ears. The wired configuration of a person can show a possible 32 unique learning styles.

Well, the trainers give you instructions on how to learn. They closely ignore the fact that many of their students do not use the same approach. This non-inclusive doctrine can be solved together with a number of simple measures. The use of flip charts instead of demonstration slides is rather kinesthetic. Encourages students to go to the lesson as they progress, not "read" and not listen to the instructor. Flip charts can be placed around the room to use as a review point. These reviews are performed at the beginning of the next class, walking in three groups ( kinesthetic activity ). The small group format increases the possibility that every student discusses points with classmates with different learning styles. This will allow the new conceptions to emerge.

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Advertising and Marketing Psychology

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When talking about Advertising Psychology, perception is the most important. Your ads are about perception, so you'll need to use each of your ads. You need to know what works and what does not, so do not waste your time and money on the wrong copy. A number of attempts have been made to determine if the white or black type made the ads more attractive. We used more than 500 people in the experiment. In some cases, the white type background was gray, but in most cases it was black. The results show that the common reader is more likely to detect the display type, which is black as the same type of display that is white.

Another laboratory experiment was done on the same subject. We've shown particularly prepared pages for a seventh second. Part of the pages appear on a white background with black letters and white letters on the black background. In other cases, half of the page was black on a white background, and the other half on the white background with black words. They produced cards in which all sorts of white and black combinations were made and manifested for so many people in such a short period of time that no one was able to notice all the cards. In such circumstances, the subjects saw what attracted their attention first and what was the easiest to perceive. The final results showed that the black letters in the black background are larger than the white ones on a black background. This is true of the other colors as well. A dark font is detected on a light background more often than a light font on a dark background. Use the right combination unless you're looking for a certain "feeling" for your ad.

It's safe to see that if other things are equal, then the most readable ads will be printed, the most readable ones. In many cases, the difference in the appearance of a type can be so small that even people in the choice of the type can not tell which one is the most legitimate, but the difference between their values ​​can be large enough for the advertiser to be certain which type to use.

If the question of proper use of the type is important to the advertiser, it is even more important to use the graphic wisely.

Graphics are often used as attention-grabbing and are ignored as symbolic illustrations. In some cases, this may be wise and necessary, but if we take into account the value of graphics as a symbol, we are surprised that the graphics are not used more intensively and even more thoroughly. The first form of writing was pictorial writing, the simplest and simplest form of graphics in the picture, not the printed word. At a glance we can usually read four words; that is, for example, the width of the detection of printed words is about four. In an illustration, at a glance, one can see as much as one can say on the entire page of a printed material. The perception of the illustrations is much broader than in the case of printed forms.

Illustration can perform one or both functions. The image may be a source of attention, or an "illustration", and it can provide real help for perception, helping the text to tell the story presented. In the first case, it would have been an irrelevant painting; the second is relevant. Numerous studies have been carried out to determine the relative value of relevant and unlawful illustrations. Although the results achieved so far are not as decisive as desirable, it seems that the perceived value of relevant illustrations is greater than it is supposed to be and that the irrelevant "image" is often not as effective as attracting attention than the relevant illustration. In such circumstances, it seems that the illustration in an advertisement is usually a dual function of raising awareness and promoting perception. Which of these functions is one of the most important, profitable questions for conversation, but when these two functions merge into the same illustration, the value increases twice. Irrelevant illustrations are merely made because they are expected to receive attention if they actually attract the designer and the unlucky person to whom they have to pay. Many illustrations are made and inserted into the ads because they need to help detect. They must tell about the history of the goods advertised and one form of reasoning. The designer of the illustration and the familiar goods know what the picture is and therefore is a symbol of these goods and tells the special benefits of the goods. For illustrative and non-familiar people, the illustration is not an illustration at all. Not only that, but an illustration can ignore the viewer from the actual message. Things are animated graphics that really draw your eyes and the viewer will never return to the actual message.

The advertiser is so familiar with the offer that he or she can not appreciate the difficulty with which the public receives a clear and comprehensive view of advertisements for advertisements. It is almost impossible to err on the side of clarity. A drawing illustration may seem to be an artist, but there is a danger that the viewer makes the observation meaningless and therefore does not get any other idea from them. Text and illustration must first be clear and should, in every possible way, help the prospect of potential customers in forming the right concept of the goods they exploit. This is what is about advertising psychology; so the viewer remembers your product and buys it.

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Bible translations and misunderstandings – the consequences

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The struggles between creation and science supporters are great. Evangelical churches support the relocation of Jews to Israel with the intention of transforming them into Christianity. All of these contradictions are caused by an erroneous explanation of the original Hebrew scroll of Moses, which can be found in all the books of today's religions. The misunderstanding of the original Bible gives Jews more trouble and difficulty than gathering people in the spirit of harmony and fraternity as the Bible has planned.

This begins with the first sentence of the Bible's story about creation. Christian missionaries are taught that the first sentence, which speaks of Elohim (for little Hebrew word for God), the heavens and the earth are a word that has multiple tensions, and therefore Christians teach that God is in many forms. Since this definition meets their needs, missionaries will not accept that Elohim is a strange expression that metaphorically manifests itself in the multitude of God's strengths and plans a multitude of dignity. There are two proofs of Jewish teachings. The first is that the & # 39; created & # 39; singular (unlike English, in Hebrew, verbs in plural or singular tensions) and this proves that the noun represented by it is unique. The second proof is that through the bible of the Jews, God constantly repeats that He is one and is not in it, not in heaven or in the earth. Does God lie and deceive the Jews? For other religions, their Bible versions are reproduced in translations of the translations of Moses according to their needs, and they claim that there are some secret messages that, if not fully understood, indicating that God has a son and God consists of different parts, that the Jews are destined to hell. Well, that indicates that God is a misleading, reckless sadist.

But the misuse of the Bible to mislead and transform Jews that can not be known about their religion is not the only problem we see in the category of bad translation and misinterpretation.

The fundamental mistake of the fundamentalist Jews and Christians remains the claim that the world was created within six 24-hour days. Of course, this is the basis for the greatest conflicts with science.

Biblical keywords that cause this problem are "evening", & # 39; & # 39; morning, & # 39; and the sun. & # 39; Every part of the biblical story of creation ends with words: it was evening, it was morning and day (every numbered day). & # 39; The first twist to a misunderstanding caused by the traditional translation that the evening until the morning does not specify the 24-hour day.

However, the main line of punishment is that if we take into account the etymological derivation of the Hebrew words and translate them when they are used at the time of the Sinai trip, we get it:

Forms created are still interrupted .

in the morning – it also means that these (these) forms are already distinct & # 39;

day-also means it rises (moves to higher level or level) & # 39;

The most inevitable purposeful translation of the original Hebrew can be found in the quotation of the Ten Commandments. Very Christian confessors believe that they receive exactly the same translation of the Ten Commandments as the Jews at Mount Sinai, but that is not the case. Time does not allow for a detailed analysis of that part of the Bible, so I will only discuss one word and say that "you will not kill", but translation does not "kill" in Hebrew Bible books.

& # 39; Earth & # 39; and "murder" are not synonymous. When a soldier shoots an armed terrorist who wants to shake a city, a soldier takes a life but is not a killer. The murder is that they are taking their lives illegally. There are huge legal and moral differences in these two words. The Bible is full of instructions when it comes to life, and there are many causes for the death penalty. Hebrew language with very specific words both "murder" and "murder" are why Christian Bibles are read, will not you kill? What is the excuse for the original Bible being misconstrued and actually deceiving its followers?

Do you really want to know? Okay, ask the minister, and then ask why he was not trusted with the correct translation.

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What does your personal access mean?

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There is something special about preparing for personal travel to achieve something, every personal change that goes up and down and eventually reaches the goal you or someone else has set for you.

your team or community is a great achievement in achieving this goal.

What does your personal achievement mean?

1. Satisfaction

If you decide to do something, especially if you have not done anything before, you may feel a personal feeling; satisfaction when you reach what you wanted to do. It may be as simple as disguising something or removing old clothes that are no longer needed or as complicated as planning a trip around the world. Performance

Like satisfaction, but it also means that you feel that you are ending a constant change of feeling or a process. For example, if you discover how to use a new camera, you will feel a sense of accomplishment when you take photos and view it on your computer.

You know you have to learn a lot more, but you are fulfilled by completing the initial part of the process

3. Completing the change change

Change can take a long time or continue for a long time you've been planning something for years when you finally reach the destination, it's a great feeling. This could be something like finishing a university course or preparing for a retirement, and what you will do when you stop working. I can identify both scenarios.

4. When you begin to talk about the changes you hope to achieve in order to reach goals, it is common experience that some people tell you that it is impossible or will not be able to do so to do. Still, when he decides to do something and persists despite objections, he has a wonderful sense of accomplishment when you finally do it. Reward

A valuable prize may be when it reaches the goal but the actual value is not necessarily vital. For example, a certificate that shows you went to the exam is just one piece of paper, but the value of the reward is enormous and gives a great feeling of achieving personal results. Something that shows you and others what happened through change can increase your value.

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You can improve your business in 1000 ways

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One of the best things you can do for your business to provide information. The information entitles the customer and returns more. There are several great ways to provide information to your current and potential customers, which can create confidence in your business. Many people send newsletters or email online newsletters to customers. It's important for customers to know what's going on here and tell them they appreciate their patronage. Some companies send gift vouchers and Christmas cards. But there is an easier and better way. One I think you should know.

I suggest you to describe articles that you know very well, areas where you are an expert or a cross-border expert. Many companies and professionals are writing articles or columns in the industry with rags or commercial journals. Some people write articles in their newspapers. But the best way to find the word out of this fast-growing very good company is called EzineArticles.com where you publish your articles for free and people from all over the world come to see them and often re-print them on their own websites, corporate newsletters, ezines, and even read on the radio. This is especially favorable for a person like me who has a perfect face on the radio, as one of my former friends said.

Since there is no money for the post, you can publish as many articles as you want. I first tried to publish 2 articles and was surprised when I was looking for ME on the Internet and found that someone else liked my article and posted them on their website. So I thought; So he wrote 10 more. Wow, I saw three new articles on the web again, and people just got in touch with my business within 4 days. So, I'll write some more. Then I'm a robber because it's so fun. So, in the next 8 weeks, we've written 1000 articles. Today I searched and found at least one article on about 45 websites, but I'm sure there are a lot more, these are just what I found. And at this time, all of my articles received 85,000 hits or views. There were so many people who came into contact with my business, and I had to download my site from my article. But they still find it. I travel a lot; I can not call everyone back. HELP. It works really well.

As a writer, I'm not really good, but every time I write an article, I'm going better and actually some people like articles, even though my writing skills are not so great. I think everyone should write at least one daily article to get 30 articles a month and will not contact people from all over the world who are willing to engage with them at a glance. That's how it works, I know because they keep coming in contact with me.

I can not believe the power of writing articles on the web. I wish I could do that sooner. If I can do this, and I'm not even a writer, you can. I still can not believe it, I have to admit it's good enough. But every article brings me business and within 8 weeks there are 85,000 hits and hundreds and hundreds of stars next to my article on EzineArticles.com are people really what I wrote? Cool. All of these people arrive at my website and the internet traffic has grown a lot.

Every article creates new relationships and has already written 1000 articles; this has helped me to improve my business in 1000 ways. At present I have an average of more than 2700 articles per day, and this is almost 1 million articles per year; works, 1 million people read my article next year. Write more articles for everyone, increase your business today, what can you do with a million potential new customers? I think I'll write more articles tomorrow. Think about it

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Truth or Consequences: Integration

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This is a well-documented fact that at least 5 of every 5 applications contain all important works. What the employer does not know, can and will almost certainly have a huge impact on this organization!

Dr. Julian Cano, Ed., A 30-year-old clinical psychologist, once said that they all taught about birth to both lie and catch the lies. He argues that most people have the necessary skill and ability to actually lie to others and tell someone to lie to them in return. Dr. Cano adds that it can be morally and socially acceptable to lie, but at the same time it is unacceptable to tell others that they are false. This is perfectly true and describes it perfectly as a specific paradox of the lease process.

Obviously, 40% of all applicants feel that it is correct to deceive the truth in some way. The candidate can easily rationalize himself for being in his own interest and that deception does not burden the employer; nobody is injured in the lie. At the same time, the recruitment expert believes that it is not polite to present the differences in the background of the applicant, his education and his prior employment experience. In fact, some believe that the process of controlling information is not socially acceptable because it begins with the assumption that the candidate does not tell the truth.

In order to find the best candidate for a successful success of an organization, it is not essential that the employer receives accurate and detailed information about the applicant's ability and integrity? Completely! This is a Universal Truth:

Honest people build profitable societies, breaking off dishonest people.

That is why pre-employment polygraphy exams are so popular. However, with the prohibition of pre-employment polygraph testing, employers were forced to learn new and more acceptable ways to get the truth from the applicants. Without the aid of technology, the science of "catching lies" and "discovery of deception" remains a mystery to almost every person whose task is to make a decision to make a decision. Myths and obscure tales describe the signs that someone is lying to almost disintegrated science.

The reality of real-life behavior is only the recent gain of university validation. These techniques are increasingly accepted and promoted in Corporate America. More specifically, the integrity interview is called the approach used to acquire truth. This is a non-confrontational and effective way to promote open and honest dialogue between the employer and the prospective employee from the start of the recruitment process. Integrity interview is a proven ethical and practical way of identifying and attracting the most appropriate employees.

The integrity interview segment is a non-accusing interview aimed at getting the candidate's real-world information and insight into the potential participant's involvement in behavior that may adversely affect the vacancy requirements. Applicants will then be able to judge on the basis of facts gained throughout the preliminary examination and on the basis of enrollment. Relevant information concerning the following cases must be discussed with each candidate:

o Previous employers not listed on the candidate's candidacy

o Earlier withdrawals and forced resignations

o Earlier involvement in criminal offenses is a criminal conviction, theft from the employer goods and cash, as well as illegal drug use

o participate issues, including excessive absenteeism, chronic delays, abuse of sick leave, time the seizure [SzámosinterjúalanyszkeptikusamikormeghalljahogyapályázókbefogadjákésvégülkizárjákmagukategyfoglalkoztatásiinterjúsoránésmagátólértetődikhogyalegtöbbpályázónemérkezikolyaninterjúraamelyfelkészültarrahogymagatartásikódexetvagyjogellenescselekményeketfogadjonelAzinterjúkészítőfeladataazonbanhogyolyankörnyezetetteremtsenamelyelősegítiazőszinteségetéseladjaakérelmezőtazonazelinordertofindtheabsolutetruthofthelawinordertogetthejobdone;thenthequestionsaskedbytherespondentstoformulatetheirquestionsandaskthemtorespondtotheattitudesoftheattorneys

Integrity interview is certainly not something new; the best employers in the country have been using these techniques for almost a decade. However, small and medium-sized enterprises, which are the largest employers in the United States, have come very slowly, mainly because they have been given very little training and often lack the internal structure to provide consistently documented training programs

Until this is unchanged, entrepreneurship America will continue to be a victim of its self-sufficiency.

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The difference between affirmations and hypnosis is immense

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Although hypnosis is both in contact with the internal waves of minds, hypnosis can only access information and adapt some aspects of perception, but the statements can change the source of information.

If your main goal is to improve certain aspects of your life, then you have to examine the allegations. This practice will be one of the most important tools for changing any conviction in your mind. If it takes time to analyze your reactions to daily situations and your opinion about different topics, it will not be difficult to see the state that affects your mind about your child.

All the experience that you have become in the minds of your consciousness, from childhood, creates solid ideas and convictions that dictate relationships and actions in life. These thoughts are the root of the circumstances in life that you are currently experiencing.

This is why it is so important to reprogram new discipline with new positive affirmations that help shape and shape all the realities you desire. But this is not so easy, many people have tried and usually do not succeed in the process. This is because they neglect adding the key component to the methods they use. Most people use these claims on their own, and expect the simple repetition to take care of everything. That's totally wrong.

Despite the claims that help shape the mindset of a new mindset, the only effect is really great and weak. This affects our language and new concepts will rise again and again in our day, but will have little impact on our actions.

To change our behavior, we need to incorporate these statements into our consciousness, just as we designed our present faith. They had to mix emotions. Why is this?

Because these are the only experiences that have a real and deep meaning in our minds. When an experience is mixed with emotions, the result is amazing. So if you mix your emotions with your statements, the results will be amazing.

When using the confirmation, make sure you show what you are saying. The emotion you are trying to create is what this reality can cause in your body. You can use pictures to emphasize emotions.

Do not be disappointed if you do not see results for the first time. Part of the exercise and the most important component are patience and endurance. Your job will continue until you show the results. They can come slowly, but they will not lose their faith, swallow it, have nothing to lose.

The worst case is to get a more positive attitude in life, but I guarantee that this will not be all. Stick to it, put it into your heart and soul, and look at your sight before your eyes are shaped into physical reality.

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Ultimate Mind Power – 3 tips to liberate the power of the mind

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In recent times, many have talked about the power of the ultimate mind and how to achieve a lot of things in life. There is the law of attraction and how to display it to attract good things in life. But do you know enough to use your subconscious power to do this?

It is not annoying to know the power secret of the mind, and we can not use it?

Do I understand how you feel? I also had a bit of a chance to buy a book about the power of the mind and I read it. What you can do by inviting the law of attraction to the soul power techniques was really amazing.

But … I did not really get the time I wanted.

This was until I participated in a theoretical training of strengths and got rid of the power of the ultimate mind.

Do you want to know some theoretical force techniques that helped me?

Well, here are 3 tips that will continue to help keep the bombarding negative news that you get on a daily basis in the media.

first Imagine the perfect place to rest

Sit comfortably. Close your eyes. Take some deep breaths.

Imagine being in a place where you are perfectly relaxed. Keep in mind that this is in your imagination and you can be anywhere in the world. There is no money, distance, or time constraint.

You can be on the beach, and the breeze blows on your face. Listen to the waves as they reach the shore.

Or perhaps you can lie in the woods in a hammock. You can hear the clutter of leaves and birds. And above it you can see the leaf canopy at the tip of the sun.

And you can even play your favorite soothing music. For goodness, all in your imagination where anything is possible!

Leave your imagination and let your ultimate theory work. I'm happy and you'll be calm.

Do it if you can. After some practice, you can actually have the same peace of mind even in noisy places.

In fact, this is what you can do with the power of the ultimate mind. If all the states around you are in relaxed state, you can easily use the power of the mind so that you do not just calm down, but also direct your situation.

2. Visualization of Your End Results

You've heard Stephen Covey "of the 7 very powerful people's habits". Usage 2 is "Let's Start With Infinity". In order for the law of attraction to work in your favor, it also involves showing your ends.

How to display it? Do not just paint a picture of the end result. This is actually an exaggeration. Add color. There are plenty of people who are happy and enjoy the benefits as we have achieved it.

This is an important secret of secrecy! You need to emphasize and exaggerate (everything in your mind) to strengthen it in your mind. Your mind will intertwine with the universe and call the attraction law to bring you whatever you want as long as it is good for you and others.

Again, when you think about how to display, there is no money and time constraints, because this is in your imagination.

The end result may be a cruise to the world. Not just yourself … with your family and all your friends. You have the best food, the best accommodation, entertainment you never dreamed of, and whatever you want.

This is where some people simply can not abandon their current contracts, and even restrict their imagination to the things they can enjoy in life.

Focus on displaying your brain with all the desired positives and removing the limitations that you are currently facing in life.

This exercise will enjoy it. If you do not enjoy it, you will not do it effectively.

You will be surprised by the right people, reading the right materials, attracting the right situations!

3. Let Go

It is a very important point to note when you use the power of the ultimate mind to release it after giving your instructions with different theoretical techniques.

Typical human behavior is to make things happen quickly. When it does not happen, the immediate thought is that the power of the ultimate mind does not really work. It becomes a vicious cycle that excludes its work so far in strengthening the results.

The secret here is to "let go". Except for the visual appearance time, do not even think about it. If so, be positive.

Be your best friend. Do not sabotage your own successes.

Another very important point is that we know that his ultimate theory best knows. There are times when they do not want to happen.

There are two reasons for this. One that is as important as it seemed was really not really needed. So it does not matter. This is the easier situation.

There are other times when you really want and you do not get it. After a while, and sometimes you find something better after a long time. Its subconscious power makes it possible.

Some of these things seem unbelievable for some people. There are some who commemorate certain things that have happened in their lives and they understand that ultimate minds use their power without being recognized. And yet, those who know and use their subconscious power to enjoy the better life of life.

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