It's a courage to talk about the truth

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The inspiration of this article revealed to me that on November 17, 2005, at the National Cathedral in Washington, at the National Cathedral in Washington, I watched a video of the Marianne Williamson cave video. Some anonymous blessed soul sent me the link and thank you, you are.

Ms. Williamson is one of my favorite phenomenal women and I have a virtually all fixed conversation he has given me and he is listening regularly. But my goddess, this strange talk that has been given to hundreds of women in the US as a very important milestone, has definitely caught the water and is definitely the "goosebump" variety. The only thing I can compare with electrifying intensity and deep resonance is when I hear the live recording of Aretha Franklin "Amazing Grace". Everywhere I knock my spine and the tangles up and down.

I want to be "queen" like Marianne, Aretha and Bette Midler (just a few of them). But unfortunately, I'm still struggling to get rid of the "princess / martyr" dress I designed for when I was very small. Unfortunately, it is very tight and difficult to get out, but it's getting loose as they grow into the woman I wanted to be with. And exactly what do I want one day? What are these "diva" or "queen" women not yet fully developed? You can sum it up in two words:


You see, the difference between the divas / queens in question and myself is that they have abandoned the terrible habit of always figuring out and "shrinking so other people do not feel safe around them "(a wonderful line from a famous Marianne Williamson poem). Simply put, ALL THEIR EFFICIENCY AND USE THE WORLD TO USE IT RIGHT.

What separates the princesses from the queen? I would say that this is one thing and only one thing: GUTS. The voice of the queen and of your righteousness means courage; also known as COURAGE. You need to talk in your mind when others disagree and try to hit. There is a need for courage to protect yourself and your children from having to say "NO" if they are threatened with financial destruction, abandonment, and the loss of approval of others.

I have a theory, and I'm sure this is not unique. But many of my clients find it useful. Here are: women are getting stronger, more flexible and wiser with age, and as they are, old fears begin to melt and find their true voices and do not stop being "perfect" wife, girl, mother, brother, friend etc. which they thought they should be. In other words, they are no longer interested in what others think of them. For me it sounds like Nirvana!

This is especially true for women who have undergone menopause. I am very happy to get many such fabulous women as clients and taught so much. I can not tell how many times I've heard a menopausal customer say that they have come to a place in their lives where they finally gave up trying to please the & # 39; 39; to all and basically to those who love or shrink around them "(ie, they became a new woman)

I tell you I can not wait that day I & I am sick and tired of how others think about me or how they see me. Very hot flashes do not sound so great and they do not lie in bed every night who can hardly sleep with blank eyes on the ceiling, but the feeling of self-confidence is basically certain.

At age 36 I realize that menopause can be a long way , so in this sense I do my best to become more courageous by saying more and more to my conviction, I do this in baby steps, but I am proud of myself if I succeed and I encourage customers to do the same and they They also live with greater confidence,

A recent example is a very pregnant woman who is only with her husband and baby boy al and his doctor wanted to provide the child with red to show upcoming birth. Finally, some support and coaching could tell family members that this agreement would "not work" for her husband and prevented the catastrophe. Even though they did not like them, they respected what he was asking for. It becomes much more relaxed and controllable.

I'd like to leave some tips to help you enter your inner "lion's shepherd" and raise the courage to talk about your truth … [Este] Top Five "

Moving from Princess to Queen" Tips:

first Try to pretend that you do not care about what others think of you or you are behind your back. Your brain does not know the difference. In other words, "false to do it".

2nd Write courageous statements on an index card and in practice when you say them twice a day – in the morning and before awakening before you wake up. One example is: "Every day I am stronger in my conviction and I can speak my truth regardless of the outcome."

3rd Keep yourself in the brave women who followed the same path and came out the other side (tip: menopausal women can be great role models).

4th Get up and talk about your truth, even if you're afraid of $% @ and you. Start with people who are not completely intimidated and work up there.

5th Finally, give yourself a pat on the back when you follow your courage and tell yourself that the right way; that this is only the beginning of the bigger things.

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New Year Decisions: Avoid Mistakes + Successful

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Most people look to the beginning of the year as a chance to change their lives.

Nevertheless, I have seen that those who make new year resolutions or great goals for the New Year are unsuccessful.

The reasons are that people put so much pressure on themselves to make New Year's choices. or they think their life is changing in the midnight strike. Such extreme pressure prevents it. Most people on January 1 in the fog are not even thinking about getting started because they are tired or stressful.

For example, I had a client who said for a couple of years to stop smoking for New Year's Eve. He never did because he really felt pressure and did not really want to stop in his heart. It's so common to make such great decisions because people feel they expect them to make decisions like weight loss, cessation of smoking, or other habits they do not think much about the rest of the year.

How can you increase the probability of resolution or new habit?

Whether it is a New Year's Resolutions or Goal Setting, people are more likely to be successful if they only spend time at the end of the year or when they reflect the target adjustment. People last year or last month have to reflect a baseline or point of reference for what they did with their lives and where they are now.

Heart sensation: questions are the most important.

You have to reflect before deciding on your choice.

first Write down what you did last year.

Put them in different areas of their lives, such as work, relationships, and self (self-care).

2nd Ask yourself: What is missing in my life?

What have not I done yet?

3rd Ask yourself: What do you want the best in my life?

The picture or image you want the most in your life.

How would I feel in the next few years if I did not follow my dreams and goals?

Do not worry if you have a negative thought or reaction, be it inspirational dissatisfaction & # 39; motivated.

The likelihood of achieving goals and new habits is based on the issues that need to be made before targeting. If you do not take the time to ask yourself these questions, you just shoot with arrows in the dark.

4th Goals:

After that, questions like you're ready to score 2 to 4 goals.

Keep in mind these tips when you reach the goals. To begin building new habits that support your goals or just want to change, I suggest:

1. Begin with small incremental steps or steps.

example. If you want a new career or skills, do not stop working to go back to school, take part in a course and see if you like it. Drag the target to the tangible parts.

2nd Sorry about the Excuses

What may be a real cause for your goals and new habits does not work, really "agony anchors" are holding back. These are feelings of fear of change.

I've heard from customers that they are too busy and this week I did not have time. and other self-asserting allegations. It's never empowering. My clients receive a calendar, or they are plugged into a mobile phone calendar daily or evening and are working on new goals and habits.

Example: If you want to go to the gym, schedule it in the calendar. Plan ahead and plan this meeting with you. I'm so excited that I have a crowded gym in January, and many people do not finish it because they gave me a lot of confusing opportunities. in their lives. when he participates.

3rd Do not share your purpose or some with those who will work critically. Just tell those who will encourage and support you.

Being happier and confident – avoid emotional vampires. Unhappy people allow "emotional vampires" to blame their skull on their positive feelings. Emotional vampires include people who smoke, criticize or cheat or sabotage your dreams and aspirations. Never let the sniper or the negative people shoot holes in the ship. This sort of man frees life.

Take a survey of your life by listing the people and situations that you are discovering. Then throw or restrict people, habits, or situations that prevent an optimistic and happy feeling. In other words, "Bridges" and "# if needed."

Example: I was young at the beginning of the 30s who was running a half-pillar, he was very excited, and told her mother what she was planning and her mother looked at and said, "this can not …" He was very upset and learned very quickly this principle to include those who are only positive and supportive.

Follow these tips and will not only be successful New Year becomes happier and more optimistic.

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From content to content

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"[Love] does not keep records of mistakes" (1 Corinthians 13: 5b NIV).

When we love, we feel wonderful. Do you remember when you were in love? I. It was a creative and growing time. Then I married and started recording. Bad!

In a booklet I wrote, Why Stay, I have proposed ten commands to keep the church untouched:

1. List your spouses just for the good points.

2nd Give your own negative contribution to marriage.

3rd Read the word of God together, if possible. If your spouse does not associate with daily devotions, read and pray privately. Daily reading: 1 Corinthians 13: 4-7.

4th Use your creative imagination to see yourself as your spouse. At the moment when a bad thought or image enters, it prays to the Holy Ghost. And be busy!

5th Do not be the last word. May God's Word be the last word for you. If necessary, write a rational and careful note in those times when you can not speak verbally.

6th Forgive God forgive all of us.

7th Thank you very much for God for this person and then thank you.

8th Do not talk about marriage problems with "sympathetic" friends you know marriage is a big mistake. This may be death.

ninth Be grateful for these circumstances, and in this situation you will also be able to gain spiritual development.

10th Make the first step, whatever it takes. You can simply say, "Sorry," or "Please Forgive Me". Sometimes it works!

I'm writing in the booklet about IOU – we're gathering mistakes – we collect and put the drawer and pull it out during stress. Instead of tracking our spouse IOUs, we may try to put our own space in place: IOUs are responsible for a family; IOU, that she loved me enough to ignore my mood; The IOU, that I let myself go without hobbies; IOU to absorb financial burdens; IOU is willing to stay alone at home when I'm hiking; IOU, because she's kind enough to leave me alone when I need that solitude. Do not forget that love loses the pleasures of controversial and ultimately content.

Believe me, the longer we love, the more we live.

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Success in a small percentage – financial inspiration

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What if I told you he did all 100 things, only two would be successful. Probably no more attention and no inspiration, why should you continue to read this article? Failure is a part of life that has no glory, and thanks to the success it gives people money, satisfaction and additional inspiration.

If we could only manage 2% of the time, this could actually be enough to create a financial realm beyond what you'd ever dreamed of. I'll call your attention again. Let me give you an example of what I'm talking about.

You start things that are not expensive or complicated, and most people can easily acquire knowledge. You become a real estate agent and you sell two homes to every 100 people you meet. Each home earns $ 500,000 and receives a 3% commission. It's $ 15,000 each, it will encourage you to find the next 100 people or even figure out a method to increase the percentage from 2% to 4%. Sometimes small percentages can lead to big gains.

Would you try to sell those houses that sold more money? The 3% sales commission of $ 2 million would be $ 60,000. It has just quadrupled your income. Now they have reached a small percentage.

Success at all times comes in large numbers, high percentage, with incredible inventory, but sometimes we have to go through hard times with low percentages and small stocks. If you have written a book and is one of the most respected books in your first 50 books, you can earn millions of dollars in the rest of your life.

The problem was a small percentage that required too much effort to succeed. Most people want a quick, successful success when they write the first book or meet their first customer who is looking for a home, discouraged, and never attempted again. Do not let this happen to you, continue your passion and enjoy rewards.

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Inspiring Thinking of the Sun – Never talk about yourself

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Have you ever been spared, and then you found yourself contradicting and pulling yourself out? Something like that happens. Your friend says, "You look fabulous in jeans," and your answer is, "I look a lot better if I lose weight." It will tell you for a long time how fat and ugly you are and how you will never lose weight. So how do you feel right now?

Why do we do this for ourselves? Your boyfriend paid you a primary compliment that made us feel good. Instead you went and drifted around it, pulled it off the sludge, and finally both of you and your friend felt badly. What you should have done, accept the compliment and enjoy it. It was not good if someone noticed how it looked good?

One of my gold rules will never talk about myself. If others talk badly about me, I may not be directed. However, it is easy to check what I say about myself. If you talk badly about yourself, these negative words become negative thoughts and lead to negative actions. Something I've read somewhere to love, you first have to love yourself. Nothing can be that you love yourself when you talk badly about yourself. You really really have to work because it's so good that you are positive and think good. You do not need to blow your own trumpet, but do not stay up for good.

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Tips for reducing stress through time management

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The essence of time management is not to waste time on non-productive activities. In order not to waste time on trivial activities, the most important is the design, ranking and organization of home and office work. The priority of your work ensures that you only fulfill important activities and tasks. This helps to reduce stress.

To focus on important tasks, you need to keep a journal or journal where you can list your goals and schedules. This can help you evaluate your duty and focus primarily on important things. This not only helps to reduce stress, but also causes you to reject other unplanned tasks that try to take your time.

Schedule and Schedule

Always try to write or list the tasks you should do. Are you doing the grocery store first? When will you take the baby home? Sometimes, time is still the smallest task you can take to fulfill the other task time consumingly. To overcome or reduce stress, you must learn how to successfully rank.

Start the day every day by selecting the most important task you need to do and finish. If we are new to making lists, never place more than five in the list. So it is more likely that you have completed all the tasks for the day and ensures a sense of performance and a greater sense of control. Then, by the time you get to the stuff, skip the second five items.

Another good tip for reducing stress is through good time management to learn how to delegate your work. There are times when you feel you have too much business, but you have so much time. If this happens, note the things you can transfer to your family or colleagues. Learning to transfer help helps to avoid stress build up.

At work, do not forget to say that there is no other job when you find yourself in a situation where you can not deal with any task as it is already. You know its limitations are key to time management. Those who can not fully strengthen their ability can emphasize more than others who know their own limitations.

If your tiredness is not, then the small proclamation is always the best choice. In case you have too much business and your boss needs more tasks, give the boss the choice he wants to do first. Be flexible, but be solid too! Tell her she can not do the job she asks her to do without giving up some of the tasks. I'm sure your boss can make a tip.

Ask your husband or wife at home to make their own sandwich if they do not find time to do this or ask your daughter to go home after his football practice. All these simple requests from others who ask so many of you can help reduce or reduce stress.

Other Time Management Tips

Do not Stop Perfecting It! Perfecting people often can not help if they feel stressful every day. If you're perfecting, you have to give priority to the task, which requires careful attention to the details and first. Always complete the items on the first list before going to the second. So you can avoid moving from one list to another.

Keep in mind that everyone needs some rest and relaxation. Include holiday breaks in the list or schedule, and things that can keep you physically and mentally away. Finally, try not to make decisions if you feel too tired or tired.

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There are six ways you can manage your stress and work for you

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first Stress is expected and pervasive.
Stress is normal. Everyone feels that work, relationships, family decisions and decisions, the future, etc. Stress affects everyone every day, and above all, stress offers the pressure we need for an urgent situation.

2nd Stress is a motivator and challenging.
Given the pressure mentioned above, stress can be positive. There is a need for a certain amount of stress for the best work. The key to stress management is to determine the appropriate amount of stress that will result in energy, ambition and enthusiasm, as opposed to a bad amount that can damage your health and well-being. Positive stress is a motivating factor that is challenging to act creatively and ingeniously.

3rd Handle inappropriately instead of handling stress.
Some easy ways to treat stress: Realistic; do not look too far; be flexible; Timeout; exercise; lead to a healthy lifestyle; touch spirituality; easy to criticize; and communicate.

4th Treat stress for personal benefits.
Confirm that stress is good and cause tension to your friend. Because of the natural battle or flight response of the organization, this energy waste increases its performance at the right moment. A professional sporty player should never relax completely before a big game. Use stress wisely to make it a little harder if it matters.

5th There is no stress-free life.
Stress is part of life in both small and large quantities. Comes to life with every day inconvenience and irritations, such as traffic jams, long lines in stores, dealing with a demanding boss and arguing with the spouse or child. Stress also involves crises and life-changing events such as illness, marital problems, financial difficulties, divorce or death. All of these events will force you to stop, regardless of whether you are prepared or not.

6th Do not hesitate to ask for help if necessary.
If stress is not properly treated, the stuttering agents have a constant and cumulative effect, both small and large, with great impact. Do not hesitate to consider counseling. It is not a sign of weakness in aid but rather a desire for personal growth and an increased ability to cope with the living conditions.

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Why should I deal with stress?

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One of the most important factors of stress is the most chronic diseases such as hypertension, stroke and cardiac arrest. Often, people with high stress can reduce immunity to infections and lead to serious health conditions.

In very stressful situations, the brain increases the production of chemical elements such as epinephrine, noradrenaline and dopamine which may affect the normal processes of the body. Extreme levels of chemicals in the brain may contribute to increased blood pressure, increased heart rate, rapid cell growth and impaired body immune system.

Stress may also disrupt the digestion process as it becomes acidic in the stomach due to anxiety that is usually caused by the companies. If stress levels are not minimized, ulcers and other digestive problems can occur. Sometimes a person may experience irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), where bowel movement may be irregular.

It's not uncommon for those who suffer from a lot of stress to have sleep problems. This can further increase your inclination to the disease as the body does not get the amount of sleep it needs to function regularly.

High levels of stress may also affect the normal functioning of the brain. It may be difficult to focus, justify, and organize regular, daily tasks as a result of stress. This can cause anxiety and panic attacks and may lead to depression. In the worst case, depression may also lead to suicidal thoughts.

Another effect of stress is hair loss. People who are often exposed to stress are more likely to lose hair than they did before.

It is imperative to treat stress on every day's stressful effects. Do not let stress affect your life so much that you can not function properly. If you feel that stress factors carry too many things to you and you have too much responsibility to be able to take care of it. analyze the areas in your life that you can give them. Learn about the priority and learn how to say & # 39; no & # 39;

Do not take stress easily. Find advice from a qualified doctor or therapist who can suggest how it can effectively reduce stress and live a happier, more complete life.

Take a terrific 34-page free eBook on "Managing Stress Management":

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Stress after 3 months after tragedy, change or trauma

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Think of everything that has happened in the world in recent years: 9/11 and thousands have lost their lives, terrorists who live and breathe to take liberty, hurricanes that have completely taken over the foundation of many states, mud slides , which destroyed the homes and floods that killed and destroyed the earthquakes, which erupted all the cities, riots and armed men who were terrorizing the people, the war that was escorting every day and the list resumed. Hundreds of people have been promoted and forced to move elsewhere to take their lives and deal with the more stressed world of millions.

Like someone who has been in more crisis? such as the baby, up to 4 weeks after being placed in the hospital for 28 weeks, in NYC on 9 September, as a result of which I lose my business and 2 leaves from the state in the past 5 years. I know a bit about trauma survival and stress management.

Hard. Shakes his head, but that can happen.

Here's what I can expect: I thought it could take up to 3 months, because numbness really runs out and stress has hit. It overturns like a flooded feeling, then the nerves begin to take over, then POW. Full blown TENSION.

I remember when Oklahoma people participated in TV counseling for NYC residents after September 11th. They said they did not worry about them immediately, but after a year. I remember hearing this, and I did not know exactly what it meant. Then I did. Christmas on 9 September was the worst in history for everyone I knew about. After talking to my friends in NY, they all admitted that coexistence with the family during the holiday season was full of anger, fights and losing. Everyone seemed happy to return to their nest after the holidays. I remember that. My sister and I were the biggest blow in our lives. My parents had to relay and remember that I regret some things I said.

Stress strikes families. Parents struggle and the children are suffering. Kids go to school and have other people to do it. Since we're all in touch, we get everyone.

First, recognize that everyone is through their own personal trauma. Tell everyone who has experienced some difficulty that will happen. Take care not to stop.

Then look for those who have gone through a change to seek advice. If you come from a friend, a specialist, a priest, or a rabbi, then anyone gets HELP. It helps to talk about what happened. If someone says the words, hope can be made. The worst thing is to try to deal with stress and pressure internally. That is, people are snap! Let's build stress and POP. Natural. Think of a balloon. It can only handle as much air as you can until it stops. People are the same.

Hard practice must be part of every day. Aggression by running, walking, weight lifting, or punching a pouch is a very therapeutic thing.

And most importantly, spiritual support is the most important. We know that God understands our fears, our pains and our pains. If you have to deal too much, read the scriptures that can give you so much comfort and then give it to God. Then let him go and believe that He is working. He can give us ideas that can help solve our problems. He can bring people to our path that can help us according to our needs and think about us when our brain seems frozen.

Our world is currently in a boiling pot. People's relationships and life are endangered by too many occupations. It is time to reach others if they are comforting comfort and peace now.

All you have to do is ask your neighbors, "How are you?" If you see these people, you find people who are in need of it. Then God can do a good job for you.

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Lack of sleep and stress

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Are you too busy to get good night's sleep? Do you enjoy your night for jobs that you did not have time during the day?

Some activities, such as caring for or caring for dependents, are generally considered inevitable. This is because they are usually these! Other activities such as socialization and entertainment, though optional and discretionary, are still the most necessary for a lifetime.

Sleep is often locked out over time, after all else has been involved or spoiled. Did you still have a laundry at 2:00?

Will sleep, however, give priority if you know that this can help you better achieve your desired productivity level? Or how can you strengthen the immune system and prevent the prevention of diseases and conditions?

Proper sleep and healthy sleep patterns prevent Alzheimer's disease from appearing later in life and can help improve chronic stress. Anyone waking up after a hard day knows exactly how it feels when stress seems to be relaxing. The relationship between stress and sleep is a very two-way street. Although stress makes sleeping more difficult, lack of sleep can greatly contribute to stress and the worsening of the effects and symptoms. Whether you are a long-term truck driver or a college student who just pulls one night out of the night to cope with the appointment deadline, the lack of sleep is certainly a matter of physical and emotional health.

Shift Work Sleep Disorder act. We are not night creatures. That is why those who work in the night shift often find themselves struggling to overcome their natural day patterns and sleep on demand. Lack of sleep is very common among those working in the night shift. It has become enough to have its official name "shift sleep".

According to the Book of Principles and Practice, night workers have five to ten less sleeps a week than those who are on a regular basis on a regular basis. Medscape Neurology and Neurosurgery meant that people working in the night shift are in a more stressful situation. On the other hand, there are more prone to stress-related health problems such as various types of heart disease, hypertension, infertility, weakened immune system and stomach pains. How does stress affect sleep quality

Most people are having difficulty sleeping at night, when it comes to stressful thoughts. Many scientific studies have shown that stress can have a huge impact on the quality and quantity of sleep. People with insomnia have experienced more stressful events in life than those with insomnia.

Studies also show that personal judgment or stress assessment can increase or decrease the inclination of insomnia. This means that even if you have not experienced situations that others feel stressful, but these things are perceived as stress, you are more likely to suffer from insomnia.

This confirms the understanding that sleep and stress has a negative impact on the other. The point is, the rest or lack of restraint has tremendous influence on the stressful events you are likely to experience and how well you can deal with them.

Suffering from sleep affects the perception of an individual

Lack of sleep strongly affects the perception of events in your life. To support this claim, a study was made in which we asked the participants to attend a mildly stressful exam. The results showed that participants in sleep deprivation experienced higher stress during the examination, compared with those with difficulty sleeping. Other research carried out outside the laboratory has also shown that lack of sleep leads to psychological strain and stress.

The good news is that you do not have to have a lifetime of sacrifice for lack of sleep and stress. Try to assess lifestyle habits and make healthy changes. Delicate changes in behavior and eating can increase the amount of sleep and the quality of sleep. This leads to improvements in productivity and short-term and long-term health, particularly in order to combat stress and its effects

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