There are two ways of thinking

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There are two types of thinking that predominantly govern the current globalism of the mind. The first states that reality is completely independent of us; external and objective, so it is freely measurable and controllable. This means that our faith has no effect on it. Regardless of what we consider the world as peaceful or violent, the fact that it does not actually have any impact on peace or war.

The other claims that reality is completely subjective, so we can not separate the thoughts and perspectives that affect it at any given moment. This means that we can not look outside to understand reality because our thoughts are right now, at this moment. If we think that the world is peaceful or violent, we are in fact thinking that it is constantly contributing to our conviction.

If reality is completely independent of their thoughts – which in this case no longer have value – it is worth studying the outside world to understand what we believe and conclude because we see what it is. The best thing is to do it as accurately as possible to fully understand and make the best possible life in accordance with our predetermined destiny. If it does, it does not matter what we think, because the universe itself is stable and exists regardless of whether we are studying it.

But if reality is part of our thoughts, we can not only look at the outside world because we think things are created at the same time when we observe them. There can be no passive and impartial observation if we are not meditational and empty because our faith is constantly transforming reality. What we believe, we see. If this works, you have to carefully choose our thoughts with the utmost care as they affect the whole universe.

Which of the two realities do you really live in?

Many of us behave as if they were living in a purely objective reality. However, it is easy to see, but only from the inside observing that this perspective is not entirely correct. Those who believe in a purely objective reality attach themselves to a field of thought where their conviction creates a higher degree of individual objectivity that exists in itself and which retains creative power in its entity. Our creativity is therefore an illusion, because in order to use this human ability, we must first think that at least theoretically is possible.

Many behave as if they were living in a purely subjective reality. However, it is easy to see, but only in case of external observation that this perspective is not entirely correct. Those who believe in a mere subjective reality attach themselves to a sphere of reflection where their conviction creates a higher degree of individual subjectivity that exists for itself and has its own creative power. Our creativity is therefore absolute, which creates the world. But this is an illusion because it is enough to look around and see that it is not the case.

The third way of thinking confirms the simultaneous coexistence and synthesis of both previous methods of work, since the possibility of a real hypothetical fourth reality combination where objective and subjective agents work harmoniously for the forging of the cosmic present. At this point, who knows that there are many other ways of thinking, it is probably infinite.

Whatever the mindset we associate with it, this is a basic approach that is common to all three, four or infinite, and what we believe in. Consequently, this is the least common multiple and the most common sharing, and this presupposes choice, choice and assumption. The pure and simple observation of reality is therefore no longer valid because in every case we are actively involved with this thorough axiom and then created in our image and likeness.

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You Need to Learn How to Reduce Your Stress – Why You Kill and Do not Know

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Yet another study shows that stress is deadly. If you do not have enough reason to do something, you will do it now. Learn more in this article.

Stress has long been said to be harmful to your health, and every year more evidence is seen.

For example, today the European Heart Journal physicians have found that 68 percent of those with a high level of stress are at greater risk of developing heart disease. Does that sound like you?

But how could it be exploited badly?

First, if you have a stress, you are more likely to eat more if you want some happiness to counteract stress, you probably are less likely to exercise. These things give you more cholesterol in your blood and you will also get a bigger abdomen and this kind of fat is well known to be related to heart disease.

And stress also affects you directly. If stressful, your body releases cortisol into the blood stream. The terrible animal attacked by nature in the wild will soon destroy the cortisol from its system because it runs and burns. But when you are sitting in the work and stressing it, it will not happen and stay in your system for a long time. It is also known to have bad heart and blood vessels too.

But do not worry if you decide to do something, you will definitely reduce the risk in the future. I know it will be hard not to emphasize – you can not leave your job, but there are things you can do to "treat" stress.

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Using colors reduces stress and increases happiness

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Did you feel emotion when you looked at color? If the walls of the house were dark brown, would that make you feel happy when you entered? What about the yellow color? Do you think you're thinking of happy thoughts? Is the red excitement? The colors affect us physically and emotionally. The Egyptians have treated many problems in ancient times.

You can use colors in many ways to improve your welfare state. Think about the colors of things – your clothes, furniture, walls, car, and jewelery. If you have more work with the same color, this color is likely to be something that is happy, calm, confident, or excited. Colors may react in a certain way to the body. Did you know that different colors can help alleviate stress and anxiety? The colors are related to frequency energy. Choosing certain colors can have a positive effect on our emotions.

The following colors create separate energies and effects in our body : : It helps to feel in our minds and to clean our minds.
The Light Green creates spontaneity and refreshment. Rich Green is the energy of love and has a harmonizing effect.
The pale blue has a communicative power and has a soothing effect.
Pink creates unconditional love and has a liberating effect.
Gold developments self-esteem and revitalization.
Silver activates internal knowledge and reassures it.
Violet provides insight and inspirational effect.

Use colors to help you get the stress out of your life:

Think about how your color may affect when choosing what to wear every day. Add accessories in colors that help you create the desired mood. You may wear yellow scarf or topaz jewel when you really need to concentrate on work.

Add some gold jewelery to increase your self esteem if you're going to an interview. Festse your office in yellow to help concentrate and explore the sun. Wear silver jewelery for soothing effect.

When adorned, use colors such as pale blue, silver and rich green that create a soothing and relaxing environment. The rich green plants are poured around to create a harmonizing space for love. Bring an emerald necklace, ring or earrings to make you feel.

Wear a violet scarf when you need to make a new idea or method. Get a pale blue kitchen table (or maybe a pale blue or pale blue floral canvas) to increase family communication. Buy a silver car to calm down as you drive.

Festse your bedroom in pink (many pale shades) or rich in green to help you in love. Buy some rose quartz jewelery to get the feeling of unconditional love. Put a light green suit to get a refreshing effect. Wear amethyst jewelry for insight and inspiration.

Think of the color when you live. Choose colors that make you happy. Add the soothing and loving colors at home. Change colors that do not make you happy. Color the world of love.

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How to cope with unemployment?

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Unemployment can be extremely stressful. Not only do most people have to cope with the inevitable financial problems, but also have to deal with the negative impact of self-esteem and self-confidence. It is important that we cope with unemployment so that we can handle it rather than give it. Stress management is about self-help, even fun.

There are some enjoyable ways of stress management such as meditation, music, dance, aerobic exercise, and social support. All of these lead to an increased sense of wellbeing, which is particularly important in tackling unemployment.

Simply experimenting with things you've never tried before can not only relieve stress but also feel the result you need to increase self-esteem.

To be able to cope effectively with the stress of unemployment, you must be your best friend. You need to be supportive, constructive and appreciative of yourself and your strengths. Create a list of all your personal skills and resources and think about the situation of your life that you have been using.

Think of the times that received positive feedback and of the results that make it proud. Think of the things you enjoy the most, and remember these times, considering how you can choose them.

All your skills, capabilities, attributes, attitudes, and knowledge are added to your devices. How can you use these tools to take on new employment?

Now think about key external resources – people, places, and things that are part of the support system right now. How can you use or develop these resources to help you cope with the stress of the unemployed?

Another excellent stress management technique when you're out of work to make productive questions. For example, ask yourself what is good about unemployment. This may mean that you now have the opportunity to spend more time with your family and friends, study or interact with other interests. Even thinking on the wrong side of unemployment can be a positive experience in managing the associated stress.

There are some aspects of your situation in your management, but there are always some things you can do to reverse the negative. Instead of feeling lonely, for example, you might think about the steps you can take to create a daily structure that involves interaction with the expert group. Or you can find situations in your everyday life where you can apply your professional skills, such as volunteering or donation to charitable businesses.

It is important to look at your most important beliefs when we cope with unemployment, as they are driving our many thoughts and actions. You have to consider how you interpret your situation and if your thoughts are realistic, pensive and balanced.

Ask yourself if you take into account all of your experience when you are examining everything and finding all the information you need. If you share the most important beliefs with someone who is interested in you, do you think they will accept your interpretations or offer an alternative perspective?

Only then can we cope with the impact of stress if we are more responsive to reality than an imagined negative scenario. Focusing on reality, however, prevents us from having a negative self-confession that is stressful and helpful.

Instead of asking, "What's wrong with me?" consider the potential employer's value. Instead of asking if your situation is up to now, ask yourself what little step you can do now to help yourself feel better.

Approach every day in this positive way, and finding unemployment is a much easier solution to unemployment stress, which is in a better position to find a new job.

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Emotional stress: What is it and how do we deal with it?

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Stress management is almost one for almost everyone at some point or another. After all, life consists of challenges that test us physically, mentally and emotionally. However, if a person has to deal with this kind of blow to the present, constant fracture from such pressure can indeed affect the mental and physical well-being of man. This can be to the point where your health can be affected in the short or even long term. This is called emotional stress. The following information should help to determine whether they are facing this type of anxiety and how to overcome it.

If you have trouble with your sleep habits, sleeping just as well as sleeping for just a few hours and sleeping hardly, you may suffer from emotional stress. Often, this is due to anxiety or depression, especially if there is no physical reason for sleeping problems.

If you experience severe changes in body weight in the short term, especially if you have not altered your diet or exercise, you may experience emotional stress. Additionally, if you are constantly eating food or avoiding eating constantly, these signs may also be indicators of emotional tension. Depression may cause anorexia.

The body sometimes helps you and others to let you know that you are suffering too much from physical illnesses that you can not explain the cause. If physically done and the physician can not find anything physically bad with you, emotional stress may be causing physical pain.

Another insecure sign that you may be too tense, if you're always in a bad mood, always have a bad mood for others and always get overwhelmed for little questions or events. Both physical and mental health can be at risk as well as physical and mental health of those who are around you.

What can you do if you show the above signs? You must first identify and directly deal with stress or stressors that cause emotional angst. You should try to look at the positive aspects of your life, and you must determine if you really want to worry about stress (s). You might be making these issues bigger than you really needed.

You must also take time and enjoy the fun activities to help free the mind's pressure; no one can go with great constraint over a long period of time without affecting him. Also, get to know your family, friends, and doctors about what you care to help everyone to increase tension and see the positive outcomes of your life.

Emotional stress can put a heavy burden on those who deal with it, both in terms of mental and physical health. They may be more irritable, sleep habits are in trouble, less associated with the usual, and may experience severe fluctuations.

By identifying and recognizing what he suffers, the family, friends, and the doctor can deal with the right attitude, approach, and help.

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Be yourself and Zap Stress!

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Ask a hundred different people about how to deal with stress and probably get the same answer …

Which can lead to more stress …

And there lies the key.

Stress is often caused by too much information in too many places.

There is more information from day to day than a person who has received it a few centuries ago throughout his life. And that without taking the Internet into consideration.

No wonder we're tense sometimes.

Of course, other people's opinions may also be interesting. But you do not have to take them all on board. If you try, you'll just be crazy.

It's so important to be calm every day to stay alone. The answers you find are in your hands, you just have to set it up. Something Better & # 39; it just seems to bubble up & # 39; from within. So if you're disturbed, do not hesitate to chat with your friends if you feel better. Just do not think that every opinion has to be taken into account on board.

Never feel guilty if your opinion differs from others. The biggest misery of life is trying to fit in with & # 39; another dharma. Dharma is just another name for life. A good example of this is the story that often occurs in the film:

The child is upset because his mother / father must follow his footsteps. Never estimate how traumatic this is. If something does not suit you and you try to recover it, it can cause a lot of pain …

Just think about trying to fit the ugly brothers in the Cinderella slipper!

So, if you are in a state of stress, ask yourself:

"Am I or am I trying to do something the other wants me to be?"

The path to happiness is your true self. This, in turn, makes the people around you happier because they give them the permission. & # 39; to be themselves.

So spread happiness if you are right for yourself.

Have fun!

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Blogs: Why, how and what?

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I wondered why anyone would have a blog. Now that I have been playing for many months, I've played quite a different melody. Obtaining a blog is required! Anyone with a reason to share something can use a blog to scatter their passions, products, or services in the world! It's cheap, fun, and appealing and professional.

Do you have a story to share? Continue and keep changing? The blog is perfect for you! What about a product or product family? You can use the blog for marketing and educational purposes. Do you have a service you offer and know people to help them? What better way than a blog to get the word out and tell people what to do and how it will benefit them!

Who would benefit from getting a blog? Individuals who want to write and get their word! Businesses can use blogs to care for their internal communication and culture, marketing, PR or branding. Clubs and societies can create blogs to promote their interests and causes. There are political blogs, project blogs, music blogs, technology blogs, travel blogs, skiing blogs, photographic blogs, and the list and the list. The opportunities for blogs … okay, I mean endless.

You can create blogs for free, or hire professionals for a high-tech appearance or interactive capabilities. You can create a basic blog in 60 minutes, even if you know nothing about the process. Just follow the steps and 1, 2, 3 …, again and blog. Blogs are in fact very easy to use and can be added or modified at any time. It's as low tech or high tech as you want.

How are you doing? There are several different platforms. The most common and simplest of the most commonly used are and . Trainers and support are available and both platforms have flexible design templates and capabilities.

"Blog Entries" is the content published in your blog. If you're trying to assess your exposure to marketing, conduct keyword research and make sure you're using the results. Blog posts can appear in Google's search engines when people search for certain keywords. In other words, you can reach your target audience in advance with a little research.

How do you get the word? There are several ways to get the blog to the world. First, make sure your blog is ready for "blast off". When people visit your site, you want them to stay for a while and get to know you. Share your personal story on your blog. Make sure your profile is complete. Personal images are a great way to help people get to know you. If you're doing business, you can combine your personal story with business blogging. Inspiring quotations are a simple way. Share your knowledge and information to help people who will spread individuals. Inspire the world! After all, rumor is a very powerful marketing, especially in today's interactive world of the Internet. Combine this with the power of the image.

With your emails, articles, videos, current posts, and so on, you can paste your blog site to sign it. Invite your friends by email, Facebook, and Twitter to have your official blog. Share your excitement, opinions, valuable and useful information. Improve your copywriting skills. Submit your videos to your blog. If you want to write, publish your articles, press releases, stories, etc. On your blog. If you think you can help solve someone's problem, send it!

I'm still using and marketing ways to use or distribute your blog. Always make sure you are honest and ethical. Yeah, it's probably humorous if you're in it. Start small and keep learning. Whenever someone links to your blog, you should definitely leave their thanks to their blog. Readers can only see their blog!

The blog serves as your "home base" where people get to know you, find useful information, laugh, reflect, share, enjoy, discover ways to solve their problems … whatever you want them to do. Sets goals and parameters. Keep yourself on top of the newly-found tool and make sure you keep updating your blog, keep in touch with your followers, and heaven may be the limit.

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2 Effective breathing techniques for anxiety

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Anxiety An Effective Breathing Technique

Anxiety induces many discomforts in the body. These reactions can be overcome with adequate breathing techniques for anxiety that can help endorphins reassure. When breathing techniques are restored, mastering the right approach is key because chest ventilation is not very good. Shallow breaths can only overturn the oxygen and carbon dioxide stability, which is critical to being relaxed.

The following breathing techniques help relieve anxiety:

1. Breathing in the abdomen

This technique is designed to transfer the breath from the upper chest to the abdominal area. You will need a quiet environment where you can It will not bother you for 20 minutes. You can set it to set the alarm if you do not want to lose the time.

Sit comfortably and lift your chest to expand your chest. Place one hand on his chest and the other on the abdomen. Consider how the abdomen and upper chest are moving while breathing. Concentrate on your breath and try to gently nose your nose. Your upper chest and stomach should still be free; this allows the membrane to work more efficiently with the abdomen instead of the chest.

2nd Deep breathing for relaxation

This is one of the most powerful breathing techniques for anxiety or stress. Deep breathing has a soothing effect on the body. It is not yet clear why deep breathing soothes her body; but there is the possibility that a few minutes of relaxed controlled breathing in a stressful situation offers the opportunity to relax in a way that is often not possible at the moment's heat.

Relaxing deep breathing involves several strategies, the simplest when sitting in a chair while the arms rely on the armchair. It takes a very slow breath on your nose, which lasts for up to 5 or 6 seconds. Hold for a few seconds, then slowly breathe out in the mouth and approx. Exhales for 7 seconds. To be effective, repeat this process at least 10 times.

Deep breathing can be a difficult strategy during initial sessions, but time and practice become much easier. Over time, you will find that deep breaths in the 10th breath reassume your body and soul and also lower your blood pressure.

The above breathing technique of anxiety requires patience and practice, so do not expect them to work immediately. The longer you practice them, the better you will be. This will make it easy for you to relieve panic or anxiety attacks.

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Emotionally Stressed? Try the daily free technology

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"My day without technology was a nightmare," one student exclaims at the beginning of the final lecture on technological, natural and inner experiences. This exclamation was so entertained that I repeated many times the day I wrote the project to other students and colleagues at St. Francis University, a small university located in the hills of the Allegheny Mountains in Central Pennsylvania.

In my class of environmental sociology, students have to log two different, yet interrelated experiences: two days without technology and six times in nature, alone with no mobile phones or iPods. Reactions responding to this kind of experience are all surprisingly deep and surprisingly life-changing, but they are actually life-saving. In this article, I will learn about my experiences with days without technology.

I gave them a job for the task, but I let them know how they want to determine the "day" without technology. Knowing that the majority of college students are dependent on their mobile phones, laptops and iPods for FaceBook, I do not want to tell them how long they should be without such support. Some students actually stretch themselves and determine the day as a real day – from day to after dinner. Others can only do that by calling an hour "sun". I ask them to study the following questions and write them down in the journals.

How Do You Feel A Day Without Technology? What is the effect on the mood? Your mind? Feelings? What are the differences between the technology day and the day without technology? Similarities? What do you like about a day without technology and why? What did not you like and why? What was the impact on social interaction without technology? To explain. Please describe any other observations.

In our culture, most people depend on communication technology in the form or the other. And most of us depend on the technology, without knowing how much we rely on it. For example, we are writing text friends, blogs, and Facebook (and creating a new process in the process). I was surprised by college students and I was touched secretly about how often they called their parents. Many students claimed to call their parents every day. Others said they were called their parents, usually between their mother, each class. Some students complained about missing appointments or exercises without a technique (their daily schedule seems to change and so they are informed).

On the other hand, I'm also astonished to see how much computer interaction has replaced face-to-face interaction with college-age students who live right in the corridor. They reported to me that they might be their friend, not just walking in the corridor to say hi.

This task was used by hundreds of students in dozens of dozen classes. I am always surprised by the transparent awareness that this simple exercise brings to them for their social interaction and lifestyle. The following are a SELECT FEW of your own personal reactions:

Creation: "One day without technology, you will be completely focused on what you are doing and who you are. It's no distraction to take you out of the place" 19659002] Socializing: "This activity more it was reported to society because in order to see how much time it was for dinner and when I had to go to people and asked them (d) how beautiful this campus is. "

" Technological Days (They) Have Improved my social interactions and conversations with my friends and daughters in the dormitory, just to sit in the room, talk in an instant message and in a text message. It's a lot more personal face to face than sending IMs and texts. "

time wasting: "Finally, he takes his time, I wondered," What can I do with the use of technology? "[19659002] Tec dependency on hnology: (7.5-hour bus ride in the basketball game without any technology), "I do not think I'm going to do it. When we stopped at the first rest, we were tempted to ask the bus driver to open the bottom of the bus, but my teammate encouraged me and decided not. When we arrived at the hotel, I immediately came to the phone bag because I really wanted to see missed calls, text messages and voicemail messages. I felt like a drug addict. I figured I was obsessed with my cell phone. "" (Without my phone), I did not know what to do with myself. I felt like I was crazy. I probably confused my feelings, and at some point I felt sad, but I was still happy because I managed to get my hands off my tools on the bus. "

Time spent with family: One student extended the Tech-free day to her family:" When I sat in the living room yesterday, the phone rang. I looked up and watched the television. Our caller ID is displayed in each house. As he looked back at the laptop, my sister immediately asked who was calling. At this moment I realized how my family depends on modern technology. Later that night I told my mother about the story. You know I'm in my sister and we live in separate rooms and we'll tell each other if we need something. So I asked that after a night four of us do something like a group. He thought it was a good idea! "

played SORRY 2 games and 1 SCATTERGORIES game." To our surprise, we were entertained … Who knows? Perhaps this is our new tradition! "

Let's start with a new tradition in the household! Tech-free, stress-solving, and maybe fun for a day

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Simple stress techniques to ease anxiety and enjoy a longer, healthier life

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Thousands and thousands of people today suffer from the stress of stress and anxiety. Regardless of whether you are at home or at work in a stressful state, these thoughts and feelings can cause different types and levels of personal problems. Many of these problems may have different relationships with family, friends, colleagues, employers, and romantic relationships. Regardless of the situation that may cause a sense of stress, you can learn natural stress techniques to ease anxiety.

Attitudes to depression associated with stress or anxiety may seem unbearable. Such suffering can increase pain and pain. Some may even feel that they are thinking and feeling self-conscious. Some people may feel so uncomfortable around others that they always retire from them. If that happens, it can be very depressing. Not just for the individual, but for those who care about it.

Find it again

Do you remember when you started feeling depressed about the different aspects of your life? Do you remember being light-hearted and free-minded? Missing these wonderful feelings and want to be back in your life, but you do not know how or where do you start from? Help is available when you search for time. For example, you can find valuable resources locally or online. However, online search may be much faster when it comes to achieving results.

Natural Stress Techniques to Facilitate Anxiety

Looking for relief in trying to overcome stress and anxiety, you can find different tools that contain various stressful techniques for light anxiety. For example, you can enjoy a number of online newsletters and e-libraries that contain information about life. Other stress techniques can include the many things that can naturally alleviate the amazing thoughts and feelings you may suffer. Some of these techniques can include things like: [pozitív gondolkodás] The power of positive thinking is a great thing that can help to create the acquired and deserved way of life. He probably already suffers from negative thinking. Keep in mind that negativity only results in more negativity. You probably started thinking about yourself as you think others think about you. Then again, maybe the childhood is about situations where you have been listening to the negative words of others, and now they go deep into their own subconscious mind and replay themselves like a tape recorder. Learn the different techniques of positive thinking in the place of negative thoughts.

– Breathing and Resting Exercises

If you want to learn how to relieve stress and anxiety, breathing and relaxation exercises are the most beneficial. There may be tension in your mind and then you may be emotional, physical and mental suffering. This can cause insomnia, headaches, muscle disorders and low self-esteem. Therefore learning the various stress removal methods is useful only if you learn and practice breathing and relaxation exercises.

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