Stress management is simpler and easier … Just follow Cliff Kuhn M.D. sophisticated formula

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Stress Management is a hot topic; Stress-related illness and suffering in America is always high and growing each year. Cliff Kuhn, his work with human powerful natural healing, revealed the primary criminals behind the symptoms of unhealthy stress and the simple, healthy stress management solution.

Ptolemai (85-165) astronomer-mathematician is the theory of planetary movements that put the earth in the center of the universe. The Sun, the Moon and the planets sprang into the Ptolemaic universe. This concept was adopted for around 1500 years. More about it for a moment …

Shelly needed stress management that was dissatisfied over a long time. Shortly after I became a patient I could help Shelly, like Ptolemai's theory, to become the center of the universe, thus causing life-threatening stress. We started a system of Fun Factor recipe, which enabled Shelly to have proper stress management, reproduced joy and happiness, and balanced his life.

Shelly's problem was frequent; I see more and more people every day who suffer from unhealthy stress. Whether it is insomnia, weight gain, mood changes, hair loss, worry, agitation or any other symptom associated with stress or stress-related illness and suffering, America is always high and growing each year. Fortunately, my humorous, natural cure work revealed the primary criminals behind the symptoms of unhealthy stress and the simple, healthy stress management solution.

My medical practice, which performs decades of work chronically and tired, has clearly identified our painful stress symptoms – severity. Severity means you take too seriously yourself; seriousness means too thoughtful – takes responsibility for things beyond your power, for example, the results and results of all hard work. As a consequence, he misplaced himself in the "center of universe". Severity has so much pressure that the effective stress management that I have taught this article will become impossible.

The antidote for comfort and healthy stress management is the natural remedy for humor. The unbelievable power of humor is maximized by the unique Fun Factor recipe. Based on my entertaining commands, which I have forged with some of my incredible patients, the Fun Factor recipe can make such a profound positive change to your health and personal success that people will soon be whispering: "Always this happy?"

In this article I explain that the Fun Factor recipe can be applied directly to your stress. You will be surprised how much easier and happier you feel each day, while doing the next fun commands in your life. You bet that you discover that the natural remedy of humor results in imperfect stress management and ending the symptoms of painful stress.

The Fun Factor Stress Management Formula

First Step: Laughing With You

My First Stress Management The Fun Commandment: Laugh With Yourself. This commandment is not about humiliation or complacency, but abstinence is the ultimate one because it teaches you to appreciate the "perfect imperfection" and to have a gentle entertainment in yours. And when it comes to stress, there is a lot of fun to help you deal with stress.

Here is the first fun thing to stress: you can not live without it, but your health is too bad. Like many basic things in life: we need a certain amount of stress to survive, but too many can kill us. For example, we will die if we are without water for a few days; but we dive into the water and die much sooner.

They say we can die of boredom. I do not think there is scientific evidence for this theory, but one thing is certain – stress alleviates boredom. Stopping boredom is actually a form of stress relief. An entertaining paradox, no doubt!

Without stress, we may not eat. Hunger is a form of stress that our body must occasionally recall that we need food. Stress causes the function of the adrenal glands. Athletes would not be doing the best with stress-induced adrenaline. All activities cause some degree of stress. So inactivity. In fact, to be totally stress free, we must be dead – not a highly recommended stress management technique!

The idea that stress is a killer, exaggerated, is also humorous. Too much stress can be a killer, and too much stress in our lives must be protected against us. Fortunately, we are with the best possible stress management mechanism: the natural cure for humor and the ability to laugh at ourselves. Better and safer than Valium, this is our built-in stress management system

When you learn how to laugh with yourself, it will be like an athlete who is entertaining the mile or marathon,. In fact, since too much tension can be made to muscle tension through negative stress, you can even increase your performance by laughing yourself. This entertaining commandment works wonderfully at many levels.

Step Two: Choose to Motivate Your Fun, Do not Be Afraid

The second step in the Fun Factor stress management formula is one of my latest fun commands. Motivating fun and fear makes it a decisive step, allowing you to commit yourself to fully impact healthy stress management.

This is the only real choice we have in life. Is inspiration for fear or fun? One of our choices is our health, wellness and fitness – fear or fun. All this stops. It is your job to choose one or the other.

The question is, which is the responsible choice? Which of these two is a massive drug that makes you healthier and motivates you with greater success and maintains you over time? The natural remedy of humor is the answer.

Undoubtedly, both fear and fun are a powerful incentive for behavior in the short term. So the issue becomes one of sustainability. Is fear or entertainment best to maintain our excellence over time? Which of these two is a powerful alternative treatment that you can learn to use for your health, wellness and fitness? (This is a trick question)

Meet a man-eating bear!

The fear of eating alive encourages us as fast and as far as we can when a bear chases. This experience has little fun. It is merely fear, but the energy it provides maximizes the possibility of maintaining life at this moment. In such a life-threatening situation, fear seems an effective and effective choice. Though the stress is full, it frees us from the direct threat.

But take it one step further. After I survived the meeting with my bear in Puszta, I returned home in the urban environment. The next morning, when I go to work, I'm desperate for the car, jumped quickly and locked the door.

When I arrive at my workplace, I'll get into the building. Before I go to work, I'll have lunch over the desk. I insist that all doors are locked and secured. When asked why I replied, "I just do what has come through me through my week-end puszta experience and I do not want to eat with her bear." 19659002 You thought I react too much a little bit, and you would be right. You could say that stress relieves my anxiety, but my anxiety is based on a lie that my fear raises and holds. It's not the biggest of stress management techniques.

The Three Most Dangers of "Run-From-a-Bear" Stress Management Techniques

We live our lives as if it were an emergency every day; like a bears would always chase us. Three reasons are regrettable:

2. We now know that such a steady state of "caution" or unrest roughens our coping mechanisms over time. You can not maintain fear-based behavior without breaking or burning.

3rd Among the stress management techniques, this is the absolute worst choice because it only increases stress! Reduces the effectiveness of natural drugs for humor by zilch.

A more dangerous error occurs. We begin to think that avoiding every fear is the same as fun. Happiness is synonymous with avoiding fear.

The absence of one thing does not indicate the presence of the opposite

If this seems ridiculous, allow me to make more familiar terms that are acceptable to your health. In rare cases, in our society, we agreed that health is synonymous with the lack of symptoms. Do you really think that your health is just a lack of symptoms? The Fun Factor recipe teaches that not only the lack of symptoms is not synonymous with health, but also never fall into this lie again.

You never have to settle for Secondary Health! You can use its powerful, humorous, natural cure to eliminate the severity of "attenuating effects"

. That is why the problem is balanced. Entertainment is the fear of fear. The final question is not that you are "without fear?" But "Is your entertainment balanced with your fears?" If you are not 100% uncertain of the "yes" answer to the later question, you should STOP – NOW NOW – and you must take the last step in the Fun Factor stress management formula to ensure that your life is as healthier as [19659002] 3rd Tell The Truth

The last step in the Fun Factor stress management formula is Fun Commandment, Tell the Truth. This commandment refers more to self-reliance than to the "treasurer" honesty. Being accustomed to telling the truth, humor has a powerful positive effect on stress. Stress management becomes your second nature if you are honest every day because you can apply one and two to your life instantly, simply and easily.

By telling the truth, we focus on our purpose when your stress level rises. As noted in the second step, everyday activities usually result in the underlying stress, and this stress is generally alleviated by everyday routines (for example, if you experience, eat hunger). The third step of the Fun Factor stress management formula teaches you to recognize signs of unhealthy stress and instantly rectify the action.

Here are some simple stress management techniques when self – esteem indicates growing stress:

1. Start singing the day on the top of the shower. Upload a song that includes the idea of ​​taking a glorious day when great things happen. I can not sing? Good! Can not rhyme? Who cares? The words are just for you. This is not a competition. It's as crucial as it should be … unless you're Placido Domingo.

The most important thing is to be loud (the inner ear must hear), optimistic and convincing. The subconscious believes what they say. Start the day by saying that it will be a good day and you will be more than halfway to do exactly that. Think of singing, not singing, but as a stress relief game before the stress has the chance to turn your ugly head backwards

. Are you traveling alone to work on the same boring route every day? Fill out a game as you play as you look at the car, bus or train window. For example, how many dogs do you see in the work?

Try to figure it out before you go and see how close you are when you arrive. Reward yourself every time you correctly find a certain number. Drivers: We restrict ourselves to dogs (or green elephants) that can only be seen through the windscreen. This game does not work well in the subway; there are no green elephants in the metros.

3rd Do you have routine work? What do you find boring? Do you experience stressful symptoms, such as tapping your fingers or touching your toes? Maybe you have to show off the fun workday.

For example, if your work requires day-to-day thresholds, how can you do something else to give variety, which may otherwise become unanimous? For example, can you place any new device on the others to make a pattern together or describe my friend's name? How many hours do you do? Could you have another hour to do it safely and with the same high quality? Make a stress-reliever game from your job and you will feel less work and prefer the thing.

4th Smile. Do you feel yourself? Smile. It's a simple activity that's so easy for babies to do. Just for the kicks, count how many times you smile in an hour. Nobody says it? This stress-relief game is even easier for you and more important than those who always smile. (No wonder they do not feel the same stress as you!)

Your smile does not need a big grin to warn you around the men's white coats. But this is a mental grin; your face muscles must be aware of their smile.

It's possible to put in just the same amount of smile on his face that is nothing but a smile. After a while his subconscious takes over, eases his mood and smiles are easy and naturally coming.

It's best if you can think of something that can give you a real smile when you call it. All of us, regardless of depression, have something in life to celebrate.

5th They recognize that stress is a choice. We can accept and arrange it, and damage can cause our body. We can avoid it, but this can be a difficult choice; especially if it means we stop the only job we know about a hard job market. This choice can easily lead to worse stress. Or we can cope with it and defeat it. This is not as difficult as it sounds if you decide to use the Fun Factor recipe for everything you do. This does not necessarily mean laughter, jokes, and the fun of the village idiot – although all of these activities alleviate stress. You can have fun, without breaking a joke.

Kids or grandchildren 's tickling game can be entertaining and joyful to them and your joy. Tap football or the less energetic lawn darts or horseshoes can be fun. For others, it's a walk, a treat for friends, a miracle of the beauty around us, or a hobby – especially if it's a stunner.

The Attitude of Everything

The most important thing is to recognize the symptoms of stress, recognize what causes them and use the Fun Factor formula for healthy stress management. Because fun is the best natural stress reliever you know, you feel good about incorporating Fun Factor's stress management formula into your everyday life.

But do not worry. Do not strain by removing stress. Be contented by removing some stress and taking the edge to work as a healthier, happier, and more productive humor. After all, perfectionism produces stress.

Shelly did, however, learn to ease lightly and not suffer too much stress symptoms. The paradox he loves is that he does not take it seriously, actually allows him to assume his responsibility more seriously than ever. The natural cure for humor offered by the Fun Factor recipe allowed Shelly to simply and simply treat her stress and enjoy life that others envied.

As the Polish astronomer, Nicholas Copernicus, overthrew the earth-centered universe of Ptolemaia in the 16th century, the natural drug of humor argues that he must suffer from becoming the center of the universe. Remove yourself from the pressure and stress of life, where it is all around … to start the Fun Factor stress management formula and other Fun Commandments today!

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Stress Management – Stress Anxiety

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If you have had stress disorder recently, you have time to remedy the medication while still being able. Exploiting a lot of stress not only loses energy to do things, but also leads to more difficult situations.

For example, depression is usually caused by bottled feelings of stressed anxiety people, but he did not want to ask for help early. Many believe that serious illnesses such as cancer, sleep disturbances and heart problems are caused by untreated stress anxiety.

If you do not want to face harder situations in the future, it is important to solve stress while still being handled. After all, you can only find out that the stress experienced is more than when it's too hard. Stress-anxiety attacks are unpredictable.

To prevent this point from occurring, follow the following stress relief procedures:

1. Reduce caffeine intake. People get a bad idea that coffee, color soda, teas and other caffeine drinks improve stress management mechanisms, but this can be controversial. Caffeine increases the body's activity level, while the nervous system can not keep up. This increases the stress.

2nd Regular exercise. This improves the flow of blood, making you think better and perform better without stress being loaded. Those who do more exercise demonstrate that they have greater stress-bearing capacity than others.

3rd Improve your meal. Too much rogue food – too much oil and too much salt – increases the body's strains experienced. Facial cleansing, kidney problems and heart problems are part of the effects of salty and fatty foods. Eat enough vegetables and fruits. Meat is recommended only at regular intervals.

4th Herbs. Many herbs have proven helpful in relieving stress anxiety. St. John's Wort, Ginseng and Camomile are just a few of these herbs. St. John's Wort reduces depression and stress attacks. Ginseng increases the energy level while improving the nervous system's functions. Chamomile allows a person to rest and relax.

5th Relax. Although it may be very busy, it is important to relax and relax. It is necessary to let your body renew its energy and vitality. If you can not do this, it can lead to illnesses such as sleep disorders.

This is just a few basic steps to alleviate stress anxiety. Taking full advantage of tips can prevent stress-induced anxiety.

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Six Steps to Enhance Twitter Followers

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Not really sure about Twitter?

Are not you alone. In 2009, according to LinkedIn Harris poll, "Twitter thinking, what's your closest opinion?" 69% of voters replied, "I do not know enough about Twitter to give an opinion."

In 2009, Twitter had an impact on the world. One of the most memorable events occurred in April 2008 when James Buck, the University of California at Berkley University, was arrested while protesting against a government in Egypt. Buck successfully sent a quick beep from his Twitter account, consisting of a single word: Arrested.

Followers came into contact with the University, the US Embassy, ​​and the media organization, which together put pressure on the Egyptian authorities. The next day, Buck sent an impulse token: he was freed.

Now tweets from your organization can not be as dramatic as Bucke, but Heather Mansfield, author of Social Good for Social Good :

1. Find your voice – let personality and community community. It is, of course, delicious and useful for your followers to exert content, such as roadblocks, traps, and actual parking numbers, but the best Twitter sounds are character and friendly. These voices share the opinions and contribute to the discussions. Send a wide variety of content, including photos and videos. Of course, resist the temptation to automate your tweets or direct messages. Inspired quotes and robust statistics are high tweet (and retweet) appeals.

2. Track your links. Use the third-party app, such as Google URL Shortener,, or, to track your links. Not only are these free tools shrinking long links, giving you more characters to tweet, but also provide useful statistics about how many people clicked on the links. Those tweets who do not follow their links are simply blindfolded. The prime work of social media is to find out what content your followers are asking and give them more.

3. Do not just display your table of contents. Blend ! Articles or blog posts from favorite newspapers, bloggers, and partner organizations. An insurer I know is a local sports team who sympathizes or asks the followers to be on vacation or to attend a county fair. The key to social media is commitment (and not one-way communication).

4. Retweet and Answer Frequently Follow the Golden Rule. The more you organize with others through retweets and responses, the more you redefine your business and mention it. This is one of the fastest ways to grow your follower.

5. Follow the 1: 1 ratio. If you have 1000 followers, you have to follow 1000 recalls. Why? Four Reasons:

a. There will probably be more followers if people find out they are in return.
b. People can not send you a message if you do not follow them.
c. People are less likely to mention or rewrite if they think they will never recall or mention retweet.
d. People get an email that says the body is following them now.

6. How often should I chirp? Chip life is about 90 minutes. Most people just browse the tweets in real time. Tweet every 4-6 times a day and place your tweets all day long. Twitter is the most active 9 through noon.

To learn more about how to use Twitter to promote your organization, go to .

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Natural stress relief tips and how to relieve stress

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The economy has deteriorated, the divorce rate rises, and stress-related illnesses become a serious health problem. Stress-relieving tips are even more demanding than ever. How does it dissociate what works is not. All stress-solving tips are the same, and you have the ultimate anxiety relief that seems too difficult in today's serious world.

Finding stress relief tips is as easy as the closest search engine for work to another issue. One thing is to be cautious about sites that have all their products and no content. Natural stress relief, while accessories and other techniques are very handy, has many aspects. When it comes to searching for content and suggestions without any posting sales level. So what are the valuable stress-relieving tips? Here are just a few that I found extremely effective.

Meditation Stress management is just as easy as learning stress-management methods of stress meditation. While it sounds like a very new step, it's about learning "concentrated relaxation" and how to quickly reduce stress. Aromatherapy Home stress management can also come from a very passive method that is called aromatherapy. Using certain odors, they generate chemical responses in the brain to increase the amount of rejuvenating chemicals in the brain.

Practice There is a lot of stressful treatment in the form of practice. The effect of reducing stress is that the body causes the release of the same endorphins as many other techniques, but it helps to evolve. The other stress reliever tips to look at nutritional supplements. Some foods, such as Turkish, fish and nuts, have many natural benefits that help reduce stress. One word carefully with nuts, but because too much selenium can be poisonous on your system, do not override it. You can also find many vitamin supplements and natural herbs for natural stress relief. However, read the herbal remedy or the nutritional supplement before you start taking it to make sure it has been tested and has no side effects.

Other free stress-solving tips and tips on natural stress relief []

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Lose Stress – These 7 Powerful Stress Reduction Strategies Are Free

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Years ago I asked a friend about his favorite stress-relieving tips. Two best tips for the skull and the Bahamas vacation. Well, that's great if you can. However, the 7 natural stress relievers are free. They work tremendously and carefully to restore health, harmony and peace

1. Breathe slowly and deeply.

Breathing is fundamental to life. Our body requires oxygen. If we do not get enough air in our lungs, it does not work well. When we are in stress, tension, worry or fear, we often unconsciously restrict our breathing. By breathing enthusiastically and deeply, we consciously expel us and provide our bodies for survival and development.

2nd Practice regularly

Movement is essential. Nothing works without practice. You could eat a perfect diet, meditate regularly, pick up a lot of herbs and diets, and still have to be lifted. (This is what I know from the personal experience of the years.) Physical exercise promotes life that is vital to the circulation of blood, balanced metabolism, energy, strength and a healthy outlook for life. Forgive yourself and others.

Weighing is about the past. We chain them to something that is not real. The past is over. Let go. Proceed.

4th Laughter.

Humor is one of the best solutions to stress. Renews biochemistry, strengthens our immune system and transforms our own and others' perception. So our stress is generated by our inner concerns and feelings. Humor brings emotional sunlight to dispel anger, fear, and darkness. This gives you instant attitude.

5th Meditate.

Leave time for quiet reflection. The habit of regular meditation creates the oasis of peace and sanity in our lives. A few more minutes a day can be a big difference.

6th Pray

When we pray to God, we turn to our negative emotion and our many concerns that we think we are beyond. Practically, sometimes we gradually learn to trust in His loving mood. And when we do, our responsibilities and work do not disappear, but emotional stress.

7th Remove the sugar from your diet.

Last saved. I know it sounds extreme, but it's extremely effective. The consumption of sugar and sweets results in dramatic, unnatural highs and lows in our blood sugar. Think of buying a donut or pasta, which means buying a ticket for several hours of emotional roller coaster. Many people realize that their depression, anxiety and fears melt when they stop fading out the perfect sugar content and focus on natural healthy eating.

These 7 tips are deceptively simple. They are yours for free. They can alleviate their tension when used regularly. Are you going? It's up to you.

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Understanding stress – the three types of stress!

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When people think of stress, they usually think of a bad thing, certainly not good, but stress can really be useful. Stress can be divided into three types: Eustress, Neustress and Distress. They differ from what they have on a person or individual. Let's handle them one by one.

Eustress is good tension. Stress gives motivation and inspiration. This stress stems from many situations. For example, when we proclaim or win a new job, there is a small stress on man in the sense that he needs to adapt to new working conditions and new relationships with new employees must be developed together with the workplace performance expectations. However, you put great emphasis on motivating you to do your job well, and the promotion or job offer itself is a reward or a reward for hard work.

The second type of stress is anxiety. Basically, the whole opposite of Eustress's impact on the individual. This kind of stress can cause illness for a patient, and people usually talk about stress. If you talk about stress, you're almost always dealing with negative anxiety. Emergency causes despair, pain and sadness or simply disturbs the body balance. Anxiety-causing stressful events, for example, the death of a spouse, serious health problems, or a greater loss of property or position. In the worst case scenario, it certainly causes pain and depression and will often be a life-threatening event.

The last type of stress denominator is called neustress. Neustress comes from the "neu" prefix, which is neutral and basically a kind of stress that lies in the neutral reaction zone. It is a stress that does not cause any particular harm or pain to the individual so much that it causes suffering. This is not necessarily a positive or motivating change in stress.

For example, imagine a person in a store who can hear someone else's conversation. This person can speak about the boy's illness or misfortune or even death with their friend. While a person can react to him and feel with the person concerned, but only at the last minute and does not affect him negatively or positively, he certainly will not be the same or the same as the person concerned knew he would affect them and would therefore have a neutral effect considered. We simply say that this is a judge hearing a murder case, the judge does not attend, but only examines the facts and decides what is right and fair.

However, the ultimate impact comes from the stress types of how you perceive or see the stressor in the light of your own opinions and world view. Which does not affect a person at all but has a great impact on the other. Whether you're good, bad, or neutral, well … well … at the end of the day … with you.

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Stress Diluting Tips for Better Life

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Today, many people are under stress. You may be your busy neighbor, your mother, the boss, the baker nearby, your pregnant friend, and the list goes on. Ironically, though, most people want to get rid of stress in their lives, but their lifestyle is actually the top contributor to the problem. Well, it's time to live with stress-solving tips, discussed in this article. Read on.

first One of the most important considerations is to realize the stress trigger. What is this something that actually leads to trouble? It may be your job, your fast-paced way of life, your professional husband and many more. It is important to distinguish the problem from understanding how to fight it. That is why most psychologists ask their lives if they find healing for their problem. This is a way to find out the main causes of the problem

. Take some time to liberate the mind from stress. This is one of the most important stress-solving tips. It helps to pause, so you need leave from time to time. The breathing helps a lot. Take the time to do things you enjoy, especially those that will not cause much trouble in your mind. How about a good spa or massage?

3rd Do not worry too much about things you do not have control. You are especially worried about your husband, who seems to meet all the girls in the city. Keep in mind that although you have the right to tell him to stop, but you must understand that the will has to start with your husband. Never worry about things you have no control.

4th Love your life, yes. Stress-seeking tips include to remember that you are grateful in your life. You are a unique person, and although some of the problems are coming, you have to understand that this is not really so bad that you have to be angry with your life. Be grateful with things you have and do not worry about your limitations.

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Stress-relief tips during the recession – How to cope with recession and unemployment?

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During the recession, tips on stress relief will in any case help to effectively address the current economic downturn. Companies are in fact looking for a recession haven and offering pink peaks to their efficient staff. Workers who are faced with the fear of losing their jobs are increasingly suffering from stress and many other problems. Moreover, such drugs can not be prescribed for stress relief.

Tips for dealing with stress in recession and unemployment:

. Stay in a Motivated and Positive Attitude :

In critical situations, pessimists can be very dangerous. Indeed, it may refer to physiological play. If you are motivated and you know what your purpose is, be sure. This factor, however, helps to avoid mood fluctuations and to achieve goals at a very high rate.

. We always welcome and flexibly stand and get to work easier :

A large proportion of people do not like to change. But what if this recession has become unemployed? What do you want to do? Would you like to wait a few more months to get a job or to try it out right away? You should try it right away, because waiting in such a situation would not be good for you. In fact, the level of frustration will increase and the result may be grim. I'm always ready to change and try to adapt themselves as soon as possible, otherwise they would have to ask for support.

. Always be careful :

To be able to work, you must be very attentive. In fact, this recession made your unemployed, just as you opened many doors to you. Now you can test your skills and reach the climax of success. Strict competition would be additional obstacles on the road.

. Talking around you

The most effective stress-relieving action talks to people. It will help you to adapt to work-related issues and to ease the purpose of your goal easily.

. Subsidies may help you to some extent : You can not choose meditation or receive support to overcome financial instability. However, this stress-relief measure in any form is very welcome in such a situation

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Creating pressure, stress and anxiety

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Psychiatrists begin to understand that the mind has a very strong built-in protection mechanism. We look at two scenarios how it works.


One parent tells the child that he was disobedient, shouting and told him to go to his bedroom. In about half an hour the parent feels a bit guilty and goes to the room to get hugs and let them get back to the ground floor. When they open the door, the kid plays very happy and does not care about the toll. He still knows he was punished, but he did heartily in his mind and forgot. This is called a rejection. Keep in mind that the keyword here is deliberately.


A motorcyclist is involved in a car crash that gets into the car. As he pulls the car, he lies on the road and severely crushes his body. He remains conscious and his position next to the road talks with the claimants until the ambulance arrives. On the way to the hospital, the ambulance talks to the bikers and talks until they arrive at the point where they are running for control and recovery. A few weeks later he talks about the collapse with friends. He describes his arrival at the corner, he sees the car and arrives at the hospital. However, he does not remember driving the car, land on the road, talk to the station or ambulance. For him, some of the script did not happen. What happened, the conscious mind found the incident so horrible that he was deeply turning the memory into the subconscious where he did not have to face it. This is a much more extreme version of the rejection and call

The big problem is repression that the negative energy this is now stored in the subconscious – it was not released. Mostly this energy keeps the road away. However, there are times when something triggers or activates to become distant. Our motorcycle may encounter a motorcycle whose motorcycle crashes and feels dizzy immediately, which may in some cases last for a few days. The motorcycle thought it was under the crash – she remembers the car, she remembers coming to the hospital. That's okay with her. What happened, the image that sparked the terrible part of the collapse of consciousness on TV, as part of the crash of motorists, did not know that it was. This is then exposed, not as a memory, but as emotions such as fear or anxiety. This is a very obvious trigger, but the trigger can be something that is not related to a motorcycle or crash that makes the anxiety that is more disturbing. For example, suppressed memory might include a motorcycle riding a pink bridging woman after the accident. If you see a woman with similar jumper, it would change the inexplicable feeling of fear.

Karl Jung said: "Anxiety is widespread"

Blurred memories are not norms but general daily stresses are stored in the body's energy system and in the subconscious. And there is really no difference between the energy generated. So when the stress is with the partner, moving house, Christmas preparations, extreme concern about the exam or the breaking of the leg, the actual stress in the body is similar. Severity may vary, but stored negative energy is the same. The body can not cope with this stress and at any time when accumulated stress levels reach the critical mass they are trying to free up. This is called extrovery.

The ongoing stress can be traced as any of the aforementioned symptoms – from mood swings, anger, fatigue, and physical pain. Accumulation of stress has a more serious effect and is exacerbated: phobias, in extreme cases diseases such as cancer and heart disease, and neurotic conditions such as compulsive and compulsive behavior. You can see the importance of regulating stress not only for your mental wellbeing, but also for your physical health.

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 How To Relieve Stress and Live a Longer Life

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It is no wonder that so many people have been looking for ways to relieve stress as it has proven that stress shortens life in many ways. Not only will it make you restless, it can ever bring about depression, and even severe problems such as memory loss, weakening of the immune system, and even the development of Coronary Heart Disorder in some cases. While there are various drugs that can be used to relieve stress, there are various physical exercises that you can do to relieve stress on a natural way.

How To Relieve Stress – The Importance of Breathing

Most of us go through our daily lives without even realizing that we do not take the time to breathe properly. While you may not realize it, controlling your breathing can actually control the rhythm of your heart, meaning the slower and deeper your breath is, the more relaxed you are going to be. However, when it becomes a question of how to relieve stress breathing deeply it will only take you so far, as you will more than likely forget to do it after a couple of minutes. Instead of trying to consistently breathe deeply, you should instead try the following exercise.

This is what i refer to as the 4-7-8: you breathe in as much air as you can in four seconds, you hold it in for seven seconds, after which you take eight seconds to exhale everything and empty your lungs. Not only will this exercise clear your lungs (to a certain extent) and provide your body with a large, fresh dose of oxygen, it will make you feel extremely relaxed after doing it two to three times in a row. Take part in this exercise as often as you please, but be sure to at least do it once a day.

How to Relieve Stress – Exercising and Relaxing Your Muscles

Those of you who remember your biology class probably know that whenever you exercise your brain releases endorphins, which are basically natural painkillers. Apart from reducing the pain, they also provide a feeling of extreme relaxation, which explains why you feel sleepy after exercising heavily. Well, as it turns out this little mechanism can go a long way when it becomes a question of how to relieve stress on a natural way. Apart from simply exercising heavily, there is something more specific that you can do as an exercise.

I just like to call this contract and release: as you lay flat on your stomach with your hands and feet stretched out, flex all your muscles as hard as you can for ten seconds, and then relax and let your limbs fall to the ground. After doing this a few times, you will feel a very pleasant and relaxing sensation surging through your entire body, effectively reducing your stress levels.

All in all, while it is true that you can make use of various drugs and medicines when it becomes a question of how to relieve stress, there are some simple and natural measures that you can take that will make your life much less stressful, allowing you to live longer.

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