The latest discoveries of dreams, according to scientific method, reveal our wild conscience. This means that our primitive conscience still intervenes in our human conscience.

Fortunately, we also support the wise unconscious mind that produces our dreams. Our dreams contain important messages that need to be translated to understand what to do to solve problems while avoiding our wild side.

The unconscious mind will lead you into your dreams of being a parent who helps your children find peace and mental health.

The psychological development of a child depends essentially on the love that parents receive, especially in the early days of their lives.

The love you give your child while still very young will help prevent conflicts when your child becomes a teenager, even if he is ready to solve problems without losing his patience.

When kids become teenagers, they come into contact with their wild pages because their sexual instinct begins at a conscious level. His sexual instincts also come with the violent tendencies of anti-conscience and their wild side.

This is the reason why every teens are aggressive.

Anti-conscientiousness is constantly trying to destroy our human conscience to get rid of our humanity and just be a beast that does not respect human rules.

When your children become teenagers, they first come into contact with their wild sites, and this is often disastrous. They do not know how to and constantly irritate this situation. You need to show patience and understanding.

The solution for children is to transform their personality through the interpretation of the dream according to the scientific method; before they are struggling with psychological problems.

They will learn how to eliminate the dangerous impact of a wild aspect, transforming into a positive part of their human conscience. This means that they will never get mental illness in their lives by eliminating the roots of violence and immorality from the psyche.

Intelligent ones are also becoming, since unconscious psychotherapy is like mind development, which means they will be able to solve all the problems.

When the whole world understands the importance of this scientific discovery, every child learns to learn the school translation of their dreams.

You have the privilege to learn how to give your children the freedom to live out of mental illness now if you are watching the importance of dreams. Be a conscious parent because your children must be supported from the beginning of their lives to avoid traumatic experiences and learn how to be wise.

Depression and neurosis affect most of the population, while hypocrisy covers the truth in front of her inert eyes.

With dreaming translation, everyone will be healed. Future generations will never face the horror of terrible mental illnesses such as psychosis or schizophrenia.

So we will save the whole human poem from suffering and self-destruction.

The people of our planet will stop mental illness and wisdom and happiness will enjoy it.

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