In the simplest way, personality means a certain combination of the individual's emotional, behavioral, and behavioral response. (Wikipedia)

Personality profile is a management tool that employers use for employee attributes, values, motivational points, leadership quality, and so on. Knowledge / Evaluation. Profiling helps to do the right job for the individual and helps you better.

For example, a person who created personality profiles about leadership qualities, emotional quotient, treatment of stressful situations, behavioral patterns, and so on. Dependably on a specific job and after good and individual combination of attributes can help you get better and show good results. If a person has leadership qualities, he can perform well with a team and be motivated to add more members to his team after finishing certain tasks. For others, money, fame, opportunity, research, or any other argument that motivates them to perform. The personality profile helps employers find this and work out staffs that can help them achieve and grow, indirectly increase their business turnover or profits.

Personality profiles are performed using Personality Testing. Many of them fill in empty spaces, multiple choices, ending the story, simple questions and answers, and so on. The most important aspect is not to be correct or wrong in any of these tests because every situation is perceived very subjectively by each individual. These tests contain so many situational questions to help you find the current person. These tests also have questions or situations that they try to ask in a variety of ways or ways, which are some kind of lie detectors. You can not give a real feeling at the same time, but always give you the strongest and most appropriate feeling of the situation in recurring situations.

High or low score is not a transmission or a failure. As mentioned earlier, profiling will only help position and match. So the individual does not match a particular requirement or position at a company, but it can be a company related to some other position or job.

These tests have five main features, which are: (Wikipedia)

-A freedom (inventor / curious, consistent / cautious)

-Conscientiousness (effective / organized / light / careless)

-Extroversion (outbound / energetic vs. lonely / reserved)

-Agreeableness (friendly / compassionate vs. cold / malicious)

-Europeanism (sensitive / nervous, safe / self-confident)

It is very important that not only the employer knows about his colleagues but it is equally important for the employee to understand himself and his personality for better performance

that only a personality test will not help you choose the perfect job. Their education, expertise and ability, as well as other external factors such as the situation, the availability of similar profiles at the workplace, the state of mind of the time frame, etc. They all play an important role in helping her get her job

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