Politicians' mental fluctuations and motives, in the current political syndrome, depressing and shocking. In fact, the "circus is merely a comedy". All developed countries are biased and undeveloped countries are labeled "Banana Republic" (not many words). All developing countries are generally mute spectators or members of the rich and powerful group (reasons known world-wide). The poor and the weak, within their group, depend on each other and are independent of each other, expecting the benefit of the masters. Collisions within and outside the political environment give cause for serious concern.

Analyzing political maneuvers is a heartbreaking perspective from a common man's point of view. Of course, these people are hardly familiar with these developments. The reason is very simple; these huge groups are aware of the mentality of ordinary people who are naive and ignorant. In fact, they are faithful and carried away to be sentimental. It is an acceptable norm for politicians to be strange cannons. Totally unreasonably advantageous and selfish motives. They all agree to deny the rights of poor countries. If they do at all agree to extend the mood, which should not be allowed. This soft corner has many stringed and attached twisted tactics. In extreme and exceptional circumstances, even rich and developed countries are harassed by only a few rich and superpower groups.

In the modern era, it is difficult to hide something without promoting knowledge, professionalism, political, social, academia and technology. Even coverage is subject to sufficient evidence. However, the tragedy is that the political agreement and the media privileges of self-interest are coupled with the connection with greed and highs. They do not support the true cause because they do not cover the facts that prevent what is too obvious and impossible to hide.

The bones of the statement are that countries that have no courage and courage often become victims of the circumstances. They blame themselves for the lack of self-confidence and do not face huge and arrogant groups. There is no doubt that those who fear and show weakness are often in the receiving area. Strong and weak nations are different in thinking that show incongruous mentality, resulting in confusion and chaos. The result is in the form of policies and planning that usually laugh among themselves.

Juggling starts when the electoral fever starts until the political comedy reaches the desired result. These masses offer fewer opportunities to vote. You must choose the best candidate from the worst. That is why the circus comedy is created and the results are obvious among the most advanced and most developed countries as well.

The climax is how one effect effectively influences the material that is visualized, implemented and substantiated in different situations. History recorded the events and world witnessed that all illicit acts and acts were ultimately exposed. It may be time elapsed, but reality is at the right time in itself.

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