I've always been interested in the power of the mind and in particular of the effect of polarity. My goal is to write this article to explain, without being related to spirituality or religion, because my understanding does not require you to subscribe to a certain belief system.

I think it's important to clarify that I do not think positive thinking removes all the obligations of action, simply because the action step (though seemingly insignificant the action seems to be) is the step that solidifies the idea. In other words, your thoughts could be called intent, and our actions / decisions / decisions were believed to be action.

Simplifies steps to resolve the problem or to the desired event. They will take unconscious steps and number conscious steps.

"A pessimist sees every opportunity to see the difficulty, the optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty."

a. "See Possible Results – It's important to note that this step is often ignored. This is where the negative mind filters out the goals that current beliefs make impossible and the goal is excluded before you get to Step 1 Therefore, the final exit never attempted

1. Selecting Result – The result of the step is to select the target

b. Creative Inspiration – It is possible that the rational / logical mind takes away instead of trying to figure out what the logical mind can focus on, simply by impulses or inspirations that fall into their heads. "Negative Mind Is Over focus on the "problem" to notice this step or just permanently ignore it

Plan 2 – Step b executing or ignoring the small details that require the completion and the general process.

c. Visualize – yes. Even if it's only a fraction of a second. We "see" or not. We believe it or not. This is the point where the negative mind, more often than not, has already chosen the failure. True, before we do the action, the mind sabotates our plans.

3rd Activity – Despite the feelings in step c, most of the time the action continues. Sounds silly, but we always do it. We do the process when we think it will work or not .

d. Confirmation – Here we strengthen our faith, limitations and attitudes. The negative mind says: "See said you twisted!" and positive minds say, "I knew how it would work! It was even simpler than I expected!"

4th Review – What followed the plan, did it work?

"A positive thinker sees the invisible, feels the ghost and reaches the impossible."

Okay, what's the catch? Will it always be successful if it is positive and always unsuccessful if it is negative? No. It depends entirely on the constraints and beliefs of each scenario. The difference between a positive mind is more freedom, more opportunities and most important – much more fun. The negative mind keeps the walls of constraints and failures until you see the way.

The good news is we have a choice. The bad news is that we have a habit. In order to preserve conscious control from every aspect of our lives, our unconscious mind provides us with an autopilot. The autopilot arrives from work, the teeth are held in the same order, dressed, and unfortunately – positive or negative.

If you change your mental polarity, you must realize that you have to make a conscious effort to change your habits. Be nice in your mind, just do what you did. You know about your thoughts, with the ambition to focus on them and change them, and your autopilot will be positive.

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