Meditate on the Silva method or any traditional Eastern method, or with bin aural rhythms and quietly sitting.

You imagine your goal and you see in the picture as many of your senses are activated as much as possible. Look at your breathing. This is the connection to the present and the energy around it. Your relationship is within, but if you can not find it at the heart center, you can still send any message to the higher mind. This can be achieved through his subconscious mind.

This is what I want or better … Allow the universe to enter and give something better. Get clear pictures of clear results, or better to get the best results.

If that's done, you've programmed your upper mind to provide the manifest with the Unity.

Techniques of Interventing the Unconscious Mind

The unconscious's theory is millions of times faster, bigger, and more resourceful than your consciousness. Why do so many of us depend on our conscious minds? Because we trust more. Every school teacher who insisted on "show work" at the math class, and every time your parents suggested that a plan was planned for the project, they would move from your ignorance to your consciousness.

can at any time meditate on high Alpha, so any meditation that is more concentrated than usual when you do the pots. High alpha and beta brain waves are places that normally occur when you are at work or at work.

If your normal daily brain wave pattern is below it, it will not reach the Ego level, your subconscious mind.

There are no harmful stress in the present

Stress can be good or bad. Good stress is a challenge that motivates you and energizes you towards your desire. Bad stress paralyzes you. Based on what happened in the past, we react as we do. Fear and anger are controlled by the escape or combat response. These are the memories of the past. Hopelessness and helplessness are extremely harmful emotions, from our past. When was the first time she felt weak or under control?

The moment you feel the stress, ask yourself what causes it? This child can be reassured by an adult who can change the emphasizing thought to a question: "How can I best handle this situation?" This is one way of programming your mind. The program is programmed for solutions rather than more problems.

Intuition is permanently active

You can also adjust your intuition to alert all options that bring you closer to the goal. This is an excellent way to accelerate your progress, but you have to pay attention to intuitive gestures or gradually stop.

Many ask how to recognize the difference between Ego's rush and intuition? His intuition is clearly displayed in short declarative sentences, such as "here". You will not argue with you or give you no reason. It simply makes suggestions or directions.

Self-reflection is unsafe and always gives you the reasons and the story of the suggestions. Uncertain when you are listening.

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