Without question we can practice many exercises to increase our psychological development. We all have some psychic ability. To what extent it depends on how open and how willing you are to exercise your psychic development. Many advanced psychological exercises use the psychological development skills daily to keep you tuned and at the top of the game. We will discuss some of the basic psychic development practices that anyone can use who has been eager to move energetically and develop more powerful psychological powers.

Practices for Development:

  1. Adapting to White Light – Practice every morning that you imagined it was covered with beautiful white light. Imagine the white light falling around you and forming a defensive circle around your body. Learn this white light until you do it. Over time you learn to work with this white light for protection, healing and awareness.
  2. Setting Chakras – Use this exercise to imagine the colors of the chakras on your body. Starting with the violet on the crown, the indigo on the third eye, then the blue on the throat, green on his heart, yellow on the sunset, orange on the sacred and red on the base chakra. Be coordinated and familiar with these colors and learn from them to balance them.
  3. Build a Psychic Shield – When you start using and working with your psychic energy, you need to build a personal psychic shield. We do not want the energy to be let down by others or other negative effects to penetrate our spiritual energy. Imagine a shield that surrounds your radiant white light. Ask this white light shield to protect you from any negative or invasive energy. Ask that only positive, elevating energy can be allowed. The three spiritual development exercises may seem very simple, but they are absolutely necessary when you start your journey to the use of psychic energy. The first step is to be in line with you and start playing melody. Do not forget that psychic development is often done through your own life. Do not be a rush, let it grow into the spirit, and you will be surprised how powerful you are.

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