Whenever you write articles and use resources that use books or online, reference should be made to the direct quotes used. This does not mean that you have to place a complete bibliography or work on our site, but you must link the quote to any web page and refer to the book and page number from which the quote comes. It may not happen in many cases when using quotes, but learning to learn can save you a long headache for a long time.

Why reference or refer to a quote

Whenever someone uses other words as part of the article, everyone should know that these are not words. Plagiarism is more than looking in the eyes of the writer community, and they have to face even if they don't refer to quotes or use other words. There are so many websites to check on plagiarism articles that it is not worth trying to use others than their own. If you find that other articles are stealing in practice, you will lose your customers very quickly and will never make money as content or article writers.

How to insert a link or internet link

The reference to a quote is not difficult and only comes with a few clicks, so there is no objection to why you don't get it more often. First, if you quote a book, you must enter the title, the author's name, the copy date, and the page number, and the quotation is then included in the quote. If you refer to a website, it's easier to add it to your site simply by highlighting the website name, clicking on the link link, and copying and pasting the link from the site. Once you've placed the hyperlink tab, click OK and done.

Save yourself from plagiarism worries or accusations, and make sure you ask for and quote an exact dialogue from a book or website. This keeps you from getting the money still. If you decide not to do so, you will find that you are losing customers and your writing business is terminated!

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