How often are there problems in your life? Like buses, you can go without age one, then three arrive at one time. This is because the problems are cunning, smart predators. Packed in packages. If you focus on settling finances, your relationships are hanging in the background.

This is the most depressing game from Whack-a-Mole. Bop is a problem and occupies three places.

How are you doing when nothing helps you?

There is a huge Hydra in Greek mythology. When you cut off your head from the terrifying snake, two will grow in place. So, you wanna swing? It is difficult if all efforts only make things worse.

So you give it up? Leave your sword and let Hydra run out?

Are you looking for a better solution?

Hydra's problem is the fire. Cut off your head and blow the wound. Accept the problem and stop coming back. It's okay to fight a reborn snake, but how can you do the same thing in your life?

The fire trick deals with the source. The head is not the problem; they're the symptom. The real problem is Hydra itself.

Just as every problem in your life has a common cause.

Sometimes it's obvious. For example, lack of trust can undermine your career, business, and love life. And this is usually pretty obvious when that is the case. Other reasons are harder to notice.

The good news is that you do not have to identify them to handle them.

I worked with a client who had problems. So they defined them "problems". They were like a big, black, swirling cloud. They knew they were bad, but each one was so close to the others that none of them knew it. And he did not know how to begin to solve.

This is so common when your problems are in the packs.

The solution?

I asked him to explore the cloud of problems. This requires patience as it may be slow. It requires discipline. If you give up bad thinking about the problems … well, you've just created a new one. You have to look at the problems critically and disassociate as a curious scientist who reveals a certain aspect of the natural environment. This made it possible to tear the fog and reveal a small seed. This seed was the source of its problems – a common factor behind its current concerns, injuries and mistakes.

What was this core and how did it solve it? It was not easy to find. But since it was just an obstacle, it was easy to get started.

So you solve your problems. Like fighting against the hydraulics, you can not rely on the raw power. You have to be smart.

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