Most Stress Generated From Within

Some people think that the major causes of stress are the events (disasters) that are happening to us. When thinking of the biggest causes of stress, they think that they are divorced, ill, have child death or close family members, lose a job, and so on.

No doubt these events are very difficult. The Holmes Rahe Social Adjustment Rating Scales list one of the biggest causes of stress. Why? Because they require us to change. Significant changes in our lives are challenging us for adaptation and growth. They are often stressed.

But the biggest reasons for stress are not actually these events. The biggest reason for stress is our response to the challenging events of our lives. If we react to negative emotions, such as anger, anger, fear, worry, and guilt, we create tremendous unnecessary stress

Stress research has reinforced the relationship between emotions and stress. Walter Cannon's groundbreaking anti-stress research has shown that there is a strong link between negative emotional states and the fight against our body or a sense of arousal. Hans Selye, another well-known early stress researcher once said, "It's not the stress that he kills us, but our reaction too."

When we are more resistant to the inevitable changes in our lives, there is a lot more stress. When we react with acceptance, creativity, and peace, stress is less. We can use a number of natural stress relieving techniques to create greater peace and neutralize or reduce the stress of our lives. Many of them are free of charge

There are 5 Strategies to Reduce Stress Quickly

1. Slowly and deeply inhale

When you feel like you are in a stress response, breathe slowly and deeply. When people are stressed, they tend to short, shallow breaths. In contrast, slow deep breathing restores the biochemistry and interrupts the stress cycle. This is one of the simplest and most powerful stress-reducing devices.

2. Use the humor

Find something to laugh. Humor is invaluable. It helps us to see ourselves and our lives in a larger perspective, with greater acceptance. It is impossible for most people to laugh and be angry at the same time.

3. Try Exercise

Moving the body helps centralize and ground and eliminate the excess of stress-response hormones. No ironing pump required. A simple push up, a good walk or a relaxing yoga class can help you focus on here and now. When it is established in the present, we automatically pull away our fears of the future and the anger of the past. This is a major stress disorder. Most of the stress is rooted in judgments about the past and the future

4. Find Your inner Happiness

Remind yourself that the true source of your happiness is in yourself and not in your external circumstances. The real source of enduring happiness is never another person, work or possession. Prayer, meditation, and even simple forgiveness are an effective way to seize the inner source of happiness you always have. Find the Positive

Change your perspective and find the positive. No matter what happens, ask this simple question. "How can I learn or evolve from this situation?"

So do not "give up" simply because challenging events occurred in your life. It's all happening to us. To react to these events is even more important than what is actually happening.

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