A couple of years ago, a friend from England came here in business, but managed to integrate for a week. He came to me and of course we had a wonderful time. One of the things he wanted to do first was to visit San Francisco, and especially the Golden Gate Bridge.

He said that he had talked to his mother about a trip that his family was 14 years old in the United States a few weeks before he left. He told him that the long-lasting memory of this journey looked at the Golden Gate Bridge and looked at Alcatraz at the bay.

"What are you talking about?" his mother asked. "We visited Los Angeles and San Diego in other places, but we never went to San Francisco." His father and sister agreed with his mother.

This is certainly one of the tricks that the mind can play. The practice of recovering repressed memories is still alive and some therapists are working well. Different hypnotic regression techniques are used to find out what actually happened & # 39; person.

As I said, hypnosis is your favorite tool, but the law no longer allows you to recover witness reports. In particular, hypnosis should never be used in & nbsp; memories of exercising psychotherapy. Why? Simply because the memory does not work that way.

It may seem that human memory is like a tape recorder that can be recovered and expects to accurately reproduce events as it actually did, but that is not the case.

Memories can be reviewed during hypnosis, of course, and sometimes very strongly, but we must remember that our memories have been modified by events that have occurred since the original memory of events. Therefore, what we remember is changing with time.

In 1974 two interesting researches were carried out by two psychologists, Loftus and Palmer. It has been shown that the language of memory recall plays a minor role in their memory.

A random group of people was asked to look at a car accident. A week later, these people asked questions about the film they saw, etc. Loftus and Palmer found that participants were much more likely to write a broken glass if they were asked about the car. 39;

In fact, there was no broken glass. However, if & quot; hit, & # 39; or collision, & # 39; the glass has never written any description.

So definitely shows that the therapist's language, even if he does not use hypnosis, can change people's memories.

Memory is therefore strongly influenced by the proposal.

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