In this very important article of human condition, let us briefly discuss the subconscious mind, and that the inner workings affect our lives in a significant way positively and negatively. We also discuss and arrange practical steps to re-program it to substantially improve our lives and those around us. By examining the role that this mysterious part of our mind plays in shaping our very composition, we can better understand why we react in a certain way every moment.

In addition to examining the effects of many conscious minds about the world views and actions, we also offer valuable systematic steps and procedures to start the subconscious modification in order to improve any area of ​​our lives. By better knowing and changing the effect of the subconscious's inner work, we are better prepared to rise above mediocrity and to live a life that is filled with more respect and splendor. Clear awareness always coincides with an event of an awakening that moves the individual into new, mapped realities of perception. And that's when we try to change the living, subconscious answers to life, which can limit what we perceive perfectly at a given moment. Indeed, consciousness is the starting mechanism that controls the proverbial "wake-up call".

I am convinced that a great conscious awakening, which essentially does not apply to the influence of the ego, is at present the essence of our current world paradigm shift. We could say that the current planetary zeitgeist, which we are playing today, is the merging of the various aspects of human psychic that our collective responses have created for life as a whole. Now it seems that the shared minds, the soul, and the ego are mixed with our spiritual souls as a "full" and unimpeded, fully expressing person. If we are in agreement with this basic promise, we should also consider that our subconscious minds play an influential role that drives a thinking process and actions that serve the other egotistical aspect of the ego itself.

Although we are truly fragile people, we do not have to demonize the role and importance of ego in our lives; rather is recognized by the subconscious primary source of fuel, which partly helps the ego's life. In the context of psychology, there is a sense that our personal identities are closely related to our egos, and without knowing the relationship between the subconscious interdependence, life is often automatically governed in many ways by our self, and not primarily of eternal, higher order or true spiritual nature. Within this paradox, easy attachment to a wider interconnection view of life is fairly easily ignored. This is a fair explanation for the false appearance of separation and / or disassociation.

Life is sometimes a disruptive matrix of influential energies and thought forms – conscious / subconscious, egoic, higher / lower vocals, etc. which seem to unite with chaotic dance, some leaders and some follow each other while life's music goes on. Fortunately, music is becoming clearer, more synchronous and more harmonious every day, making it easier to recognize and personalize personal enhancements. What's the subconscious?

It simply stated that the mind is divided into two distinct regions or separated: conscious and subconscious. The conscious part of the mind actively works in its primary function when it reads these words that help to interpret the meaning of the report. On the other hand, simultaneously and under the "radar", another part of your mind, the subconscious, absorbs and collects this information and draws your own conclusions based on historical references stored in a personalized, sensory or monitoring repository.

While its pre-programmed business is tirelessly undergoing conscious consciousness behind the scenes, this wonderful and extremely powerful part of our makeup is in many respects responsible for how we react to all aspects of life. Each life event is continuously and automatically classified logically into the subconscious without the dry sponge absorbs the fluid. She does not say anything. It is amazing that this collection of information begins at the earliest time of our childhood and never ceases to exist. For example – why do children feel so sensitive? Guess it anymore. The child's subconscious mind is almost empty because of limited life experiences from which to gain ground and greatly influence decision-making awareness.

The same applies to individuals who, for whatever reason, have minimal experience of life-changing events or unconscious mental concepts. One of the most important reasons for this unique feature is that it is very similar to the cruise control or an autopilot that is deeply hidden in the mind. Thanks to this collection and assimilation process, the subconscious's theory quickly and continuously fills in the data repository, which results in strength and influence by responding to the actual activity of the conscious or awakened part of the mind. These two minds are the cross science of intellectual activity as a completely natural activity and refer to a healthy soul under normal mental conditions.

The subconscious part of the mind seems to be a delightful part of personal makeup for the first time. In addition, as we have just read, the reason that appears to be blurry and unattainable comes partly from its mode of operation. As life experience is built, the vital power of the subconscious also directs our lives without fully understanding its existence or influence in life. Many do not recognize any of their activities, and as a result, the significance or value of the subconscious mind is difficult to reach, as we generally have access to this special place within our consciousness. As an alternative, due to lack of consciousness, we do not have the tools or knowledge to change the content you want.

Since the subconscious's theory automatically influences our thoughts and actions, the programming instructions or the language that it works by consciously re-writing our subconscious minds that are receiving more control through the perceptions of our beliefs, physiological experiences, and the world around us in our lives. Why should we re-design the mind?

Taking into account the enormous, influential and powerful component of our mind, we are constantly expanding positively, individually and as a natural by-product, as part of the welfare of others. After this noble desire has been seen in a practical sense, the effects on life-enhancing life will ultimately be profound, as we are less aware of each other's unselfishness.

By linking the two minds and recognizing interactions, we can begin our subconscious mind to reprogram those parts that are responsible for self-sucking our best, highest intentions and desires. During normal, daily life, we have repeated, seemingly hidden symptoms in our consciousness that prevent our highest goal, which is usually more pleasure, productivity, success and a balanced life. This point begins when consciousness arises and I begin to recognize that something affects our actions and sets the conflict with us with the best intentions.

This turning point is full of great opportunities! The best examples of deafly concealed symptoms caused by the subconscious are those who have a significant emotional power to "memory signature". One of these stored examples is the feeling of refusal from someone you care or love. In the next situation, which suggests a perceived potential rejection, the conscious mind will soon be drawn from the unconscious to an embedded conclusion to justify why the rejection is being made. While this is a false assumption, you may be ignorant of rejecting any opportunity to experience the full acceptance of what another person or situation may offer. The same applies to the high, low emotional low self-esteem of conflicts that you have ever experienced when you experience feelings of inadequacy, assumed failure, or when someone implied, improperly, lazy or worse or called you.

All these negative connotations produce very powerful images that in many areas of their lives lead to a lifelong struggle unless they compensate for or completely remove their subconscious makeup. Redesigning the subconscious to counteract negatively embedded responses is not so difficult if you are willing to apply some simple procedures that, over time, greatly improve your mental balance and outbound response for a lifetime. Fortunately, for those who want to figure out how to change to the right, some well-established approaches are readily available for successful re-programming your subconscious theory. . These methods overwrite unwanted responses by replacing them with deeper or more positive orientation in the mental structure. Your subconscious programming did not evolve from one day to the next, but solidified and strengthened each time you provided a proper answer and offered you a response to a conscious thought response in wakefulness. Given this fact, the basic key to remembering these methods is exponentially more efficient and results in rapid results through consistent application. Below are five effective (and advanced) methods for starting the reprogramming process.

  • Visualization

The subconscious responds very well to visual stimuli. Viewing images that make up the appreciation, joy, and gratitude of pleasurable and emotionally elevated thoughts will build positive images in the subconscious, just as if they were physically experienced. The subconscious can not distinguish reality from the imaginary being, because only emotions affect it. Collect pleasant images from sources that make positive feelings. Repetition of these images provides an event where physical images are not necessarily needed and can be recalled at any time in the mind.

There is no easy way to submit positive messages to the subconscious. Create simple statements that have a future interpretation of this voltage NOT . For example, "I am" and not "Me". There is no future sense, only the present moment for the subconscious. This is a very important difference. Paste the words with the appropriate emotions and their associated images. Repetitive replay is the key to success with well-designed statements so you can express it orally or internally anywhere and anytime. They are very effective when done correctly.

  • Environmental Effects

Some people say that we're reflecting on the company or the environment. True, everyone is living with the expected reality. External interactions with people, places, or events can potentially positively or negatively impact the subconscious. The best guidance is to balance with consciousness and heart, giving the right emotional response to external influence, regardless of the initial emotional reaction. For example, if you face potentially unwanted experiences, filter your answer if you are looking for something positive. The emphasis continues to focus on positive aspects that neutralize the negative response or the unwanted effects to fit into the subconscious.

  • Hypnosis

Here's a scientifically proven method that has resisted the time trial and has an immune potential in the right environment for help. Under a trained physician, hypnosis can trigger subconscious re-design if it actually circumvents the conscious, filtering part of our mind. This time-saving, short-cut method is very effective for many, as it quickly changes behavior by incorporating specific modifications or beliefs into the subconscious. Typically, you are looking for a well-trained specialist in hypnosis to facilitate personalized sessions to achieve results.

  • Another very popular method, a similar effect on hypnosis without hypnotizing, grasping the mind. Thought-hypnosis. Modern science reveals unique, changing frequencies in our heads in different mental states. If someone is unintentionally heard can not be heard through influential statements or positive affirmations, while such a special brain is in vacant posts, such as states in deep meditation, subconscious changes can be implemented quickly. Again, repeating use is very important when using this method. Many good sources of brain transfer audio are readily available, most designed to target specific, specific changes in the subconscious. Equally important is that some recording sounds can be well designed, as they are mixed with pleasant sounds.

    Reprogramming Checklist

    There are 17 light sources to remember, tell, and apply as usual while requiring changes in the subconscious. Indeed, this is a lifestyle and noble business that generates a rich reward both personally and in the larger environment. So below are well-known and less-known, easy-to-use thoughts and actions that help you to ease new, improved ones! Find what resonates with you and detects these feelings (no positive or negative) when reviewing the list. This sensation-based response provides you with a valuable emotionally guided insight into the items that will improve your life the fastest if you apply it. Your higher self is always the best guide. This ringing tone will never mislead you. Relax this higher, unbiased guidance and enjoy the phenomenal improvement in all aspects of your life. As they say – Good to check your neck regularly.

    • First of all, believe in yourself.
    • Understand what's going to hold you back over.
    • Spend time in silent self-reflection, prayer, or meditation at least once a day.
    • Take care of everything you enter and leave.
    • Find out what you want very specific.
    • Remove all the sources of negativity from your life.
    • Surround yourself with positive, successful people.
    • Create a realistic plan to reach the deepest desires.
    • Every day, you make positive steps to attract what you want to attract.
    • Focus on the present – as if you've drawn the things you want.
    • Create visual reminders of your goals and intentions.
    • Take a picture of your favorite affirmations or buy a self-hypnosis CD.
    • Avoid conflicting messages by matching your feelings with desires.
    • Write a paper about your success as if it had already happened.
    • Be a proponent of yourself that can give you a compliment and compliment.
    • You always have to choose a positive attitude. – A grateful attitude.
    • The Role of the Conscious Mind

      In closing, we do not take the conscious mind in this. This also plays a valuable role in the sometimes illusive subconscious transformation. One of the best and most deserved attributes of the awakened state is that we are aware of all kinds of seemingly confusing facts that are familiar with our thoughts and reactions about everyday life. You can imagine the conscious part of our consciousness as a proverbial gates.

      While this seems simple, really for those who want more joy in life, simplicity has great value and should not be thrown away in this brave effort. Take advantage of and explore the left analytic part of the brain while not ignoring the intuitive influence of the right brain. With this, he has a powerful, momentary alert ally who can instantly observe and help you advance.

      Allow the conscious mind to remind you of your thoughts and responses, even the activities you make between everyday activities. Intentionally fine-tuning your thoughts as an important key to your event, which provides the type of search you want. With only a handful of practical, conscious application you learn here, it becomes very little in time to become the second nature and the open doors of the higher mind, which flood the mind with the more positive redirection of the subconscious. In a short sequence, actual improvements and related changes can be visually observed both in and around you.

      First and foremost, let's get acquainted and thank you for having read this so far, because this testament is the willpower and the desire to wake up better. We are all on this journey together to be easy with this and be easy on your own. Avoid suicide, which sometimes accompanies the unwanted tendencies of the subconscious generated through the ego.

      Remind yourself that this whole process is not so complicated, and some stubborn personal property you want to change takes time to get through and change your subconscious. You just decide to be willing to participate and start the process. And do not forget that it's too good as eternity to achieve perfection!

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