Rubik's Cube Statistics

Rubik Erna Rubik's understanding of the Rubik's mechanical puzzle is understood by Architect, Sculptor and Architect Professor. Originally labeled as "Magic Cube," Rubik allowed Ideal Toys to sell in 1980 and won this year's "German Year of Play" award. From January 2009, 350 million cubes have sold their catapulting world wide to the world's best puzzle game.

In the classic Rubik cube, each of the six faces was covered by 9 stickers, including six uniform colors (traditionally white, red, blue, orange, green and yellow). The articulation mechanism allows each surface to rotate independently to mix the colors. For the puzzle to be solved, each face must be united.

Rubik's Cube is an effective way to improve spatial intelligence and is a perfect brain training. This is a mechanical puzzle and comes in four different versions: 2x2x2 ("Pocket Cube"), 3x3x3, 4x4x4 ("Rubik's Revenge") and 5x5x5 ("Professor's Cube"). The 3x3x3 version, named "Rubik's Cube," has nine square faces on both sides except the invisible cube in the center

A few useful tips

Half a dozen general strategies have been developed The most commonly used method was developed by David Singmaster and published in the book Rubik's Magic Cube Notes in 1980. This solution includes a layer of Cube Layer Layer, with a layer called the top layer, the middle layer, then the ultimate and the lower layer.Other general solutions include the "first corners" or the cross section of other methods.

IQ stimulation

Research shows that Rubik's cube zzle solution can greatly enhance the spatial intelligence of a player by addressing the understanding of the organizational components of structure and spatial transformations needed to achieve the desired goal. It also brings players co-regulation and visual / perception capabilities.

Spatial intelligence, a close relative of visual / perception skills, manifests in a variety of ways. Understanding and translating, transforming or depositing spiritual images is a spatial ability. When a hiker stops with the map and the compass, spatial intelligence spells the way. In the spatial sense, the painter's "leg" is the tension, balance and composition of painting. A potter, a sculptor, an architect, an architect, did everything to use their spatial intelligence for their work area. Spatial abilities are "the more abundant wisdom of a chess master, a combat commander, or a theoretical physicist," as well as the familiarity with subjects, faces and details.

"Spatial" is not merely "visual" but involves abstract, analytic abilities that go beyond just images. Mind maps and contours are spatial methods of visualizing the organizational structure of thoughts. Such visual thinking can be used to link the realms of thought, thinking, overlap, or side-by-side.

Sexual differences are much more pronounced in spatial skills testing than in any other intelligence. Males scored more than women. It was assumed that genetic selection based on hunting days may be the cause.

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