Brainwashing is a term that has a negative connotation, but this is the only way we can improve our lives and achieve the desired goal.

The concept of brainwashing is to wash the brain, that is, thoughts, beliefs, personality, and replace with new thoughts. Determining brainwashing, whether good or bad, determines what is pure in the mind when it is clear. If you objectively examine your mind, thoughts, and beliefs, you will find that there is a lot of dirt that can draw benefits from washing.

The common view of brainwashing is the process used by cults or propaganda, personal thoughts, and replace all mental makeup with the thoughts of a cult or organization that may be a marketing company to sell new products to the church or to the government. Self-directed brainwashing uses the same principles, but only the selected beliefs, the negatives are removed and replaced.

One of the attributes that we try to wash our minds is subjective thoughts. The instantaneous automatic negative response is anything that can be used positively, a powerful poison. I like to use brainwashing to keep checking ourselves to see if there is any untouched negativity that is without an automatic objective reason. Brainwashing, like any other, is good and bad use. We will now consider that this is the only way to overcome the barriers to negative thoughts and personal limitations.

We know your thoughts control your life. Not only do your thoughts determine mood, emotions, energy levels, self-confidence, etc. But they also affect how other people perceive you. If you are negative, you do not like to be around them, but if you have a positive, magnetic personality, and attract people. As people are attracted to or refused, your opportunities are as well. If you are looking for work and repelling people, you are unlikely to receive many bids. Likewise, if you are positive and magnetic, you will call people who bring you opportunities. If your mind is sharp, you will see the possibility of keeping your head high and not depressing, looking to the ground.

The mind focuses on all the thoughts he has his habit. It is that simple. Your thoughts are normal. You have to get used to changing your thoughts to think differently. The core of thinking device is your mind. The brainwashing term is a misnomer, in fact, the washing of the mind.

You have to reprogram your mind.

  • Your mind is, in a sense, positive or negative.
  • Your mind can be transformed from the moment you are.
  • From its current formulation, it automatically formulates ideas about its nature.
  • Mind is based on habits.
  • Habits are re-formed based on repeated impressions and experiences.
  • If you are confronted with negative thoughts of fear and war, you will be to some degree paranoid. If poverty is your environment, you are likely to accept it as your destiny and fulfill the destiny.
  • There are always exceptions but rare.

In order to wash your mind:

  • Changing Conversation
  • Create new positive thoughts as a habit. Leave the habit of thinking positively when repeating positive thoughts and preventing yourself from thinking or speaking any negative thought or word until your mind is thinking automatically about positive thoughts.
  • Intentionally make an effort not to let or so-called factual news or fiction for the so-called pleasure.
  • Based on the nature of the mind, you will think, change the nature of your mind to a positive thinker.

Brainwashing is a positive way of thinking if it has a positive effect and creates a plan or goal that is very positive and repeated.

In order for this effort to be effective, you need the magic component, which is the emotion. You should add emotions to your thoughts and efforts in brainwashing. This is the key to success. The emotion may be love or anger or frustration, anything that focuses on the destruction of the negative nature of consciousness and goes away to become completely positive.

Emotion is a rocket maintenance that can drive a restricted environment of your life in which brainwashing will be negative. Remove these effects. Examine what you consciously accept to spend your time on your mind. Newspapers, TVs, radio, etc. Everything in the name of the information allows themselves to be brainwashed to be a negative thinking mind.

If you are serious about good mental cleansing and changing your life, you must undertake the serious efforts of self-directed brainwashing and remove certain stimuli and replace them with other stimuli. Study the cultic methods of brainwashing to learn the best tricks. Keep in mind that emotions are brought into the process by affection and acceptance by fear.

It is a habit to be aware of your thoughts and deliberately put positive thoughts into any nature in your mind as you recognize negative thoughts. Do it with such intense emotions as if your life was dependent on it, and indeed indeed.

Learn techniques from the long history of successful brainwashers.

People's choice of methods with negative intent:

* Disintegration of individuals,

* Sleep deprivation, partial sensory deprivation,

* Psychological harassment,

* Another technique of religious brainwashing was the bombing of love, not torture.

Selected methods of people living in different parts of the world in a spiritual moment, the ancient mystical schools and the greatest spiritual masters of the past and the present who independently control brainwashing: 19659002] They live artificially and their bodies are covered by ashamed man down, and spend long nights meditating in cemeteries (inhumanizing people by lashing)

* Stay awake for a day or two, stay for a long time for a period of weeks, stay in a dark room, in a monastic cell or cave for weeks or months (sensory deprivation)

* Zen Koan practice, which seeks to solve an unsolvable puzzle such as applause of a hand (psychological harassment)

* People see it as an all-encompassing thing that God loves and the unity of the school (love bombing).

If people can be washed so much that they can take their bomb bodies or fly or reach enlightenment and spiritual culture, imagine what we can do to our own mind if we just want to have a positive thought and reach the goals. Find your emotional catalyst and do this simple exercise by transforming your mind in any or all of the exercises.

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