Self-esteem and stress management come in handy – a great time. This is especially true when we desperately ask for approval from others. The truth is we can be our own approval sources.

You have noticed that stress-free people often have the highest self-esteem. They have a quiet self-confidence that is independent of external circumstances. You do not have to like other people.

Stress management seems to be, of course, part of the way of life. Self-esteem is not really a big problem. The strange thing is that many admire and love them.

As we progress, we have to control others and external circumstances less. There is calm and confidence. Nobody's impressed. Stress management becomes easy.

Your Personal Stress Management / Self-Evaluation Clinic

It's so simple that you will not believe it! And it's so easy that you often have to remind yourself to do it.

Do you really think you have to approve others? Are you the mercy of other people? Do you want to?

Well, here's a big secret. You can give your approval. This beauty is that you control your feelings. And it works very well.

A few years ago I met a guy who deliberately approved her for three hours. He is one of the safest, most peaceful and most powerful people I've ever met.

This has a cumulative effect. As you use this stress management technique, you feel better. Your self-esteem will continue to rise and rise.

You can start approving yourself by giving words or praising yourself. Finally, he will be able to do so only with emotions. Feel that you are great. Feel that you are capable. Feel wonderful.

This is not the same as how many others you are. You can do this for yourself. Others will catch it without damaging them.

It feels so good that you can allow yourself to be regular.

Copyright 2006 by Jim Kitzmiller

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