1 20 Americans suffer from depression, so it is important to know the short and long term effects of depression. Read on to learn more about how short and long term effects of depression can affect you

  • 1. Common short-term effects. In most cases, sufferers experience the following symptoms: loss of energy, loss of pleasure and enthusiasm for life, loss of short-term memory, dizziness and lethargy, difficulty concentrating, unable to show love. In extreme cases, people suffered from reduced sexual violence, resulting in impotence of men and the elimination of women's periods.
  • 2nd Long-term effects on health. If you do not get help, the short and long-term effects of depression can have a devastating effect on your health. In the worst cases, sufferers have experienced … short-term depressive symptoms, chronic fatigue, constant pain and pain (psychosomatic) exacerbation, increased sensitivity of the disease, immune system weakness, agoraphobia and panic attacks (anxiety).
  • 3rd The emotional state of depression's short and long-term effects. If your untreated emotional state almost suffers. In the worst case, the sufferers have experienced the following: they do not want to leave the house, no longer want to participate in social activities or see friends, cause sexual orientation and lack of love, which can cause grievances in connection with appearance, self-harm and suicide attempts.
  • 4th How to lead a healthy, normal life. Depression is lighter than ever. There are so many options available, all you have to do is find the right one for you. Drugs have helped change, some suffer from life, enabling them to avoid short-term and long-term effects of depression and a healthy lifestyle. Drug treatment is not always the answer, but a great way to regain life. Counseling and therapy helps you understand your depression and understand and guide it better.

I hope I helped you better understand the short and long term effects of depression and find that you do not have to suffer these effects. There are many benefits, so it does not deal with depression alone. For more information, help and guidance on short and long term effects of depression, click the links below.

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